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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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XT808 LED Flashlight Reviews - Alpha Male Nation

XT808 LED Flashlight Reviews

Overview about XT808 LED Flashlight

XT808 LED Flashlight is a multi-functional flashlight that is powerful and extremely bright. It produces a dazzling light which is good enough to startle and even blind someone for self-defense if it’s kept in the right setting.

XT808 LED Flashlight comes with a case which can be carried anywhere. The case is portable and protects the flashlight so that saves the risk of losing it. If you have this flashlight in your bag, you need not worry about getting lost in a dark area or being in a load shedding. This flashlight will come of assistance to you right when you need it.

  • Introduction

XT808 LED Flashlight is a LED flashlight which provides a very bright light, that is 800 Lumens of light. This suggests that the power ability of XT808 LED Flashlight is one the highest of all flashlights. It provides a dazzling brightness and is widely used by the military and police officers in order to carry out their duties. It is required by adrenaline junkies, outdoor men, campers and almost everyone who goes for adventures.

XT808 LED Flashlight is not simply a flashlight that flashes a beam of light in the dark, it is more than that. It is a tool that helps one survive. XT808 LED Flashlight has been launched quite recently and it has become popular very soon as one of the best tactical flashlights.

It is an industrial grade flashlight which has been made from the high-quality material. The quality and efficiency of XT808 LED Flashlight can already be guessed judging from the fact that it is an equipment that the policemen and the military men use.

Primitive Survivors have a wide range of products which are backpacks, clothing, tents, lights, optics and all other products that one requires for camping, adventures, and trips. XT808 LED Flashlight is one their latest releases which is unique in its features and offers a wide range of benefits. XT808 LED Flashlight is well known for manufacturing high-quality products which can be trusted and relied on.

These days, smartphones that have assistive light are also used widely instead of flashlights. However, there are several disadvantages of using it. The light won’t work if the phone is dead on the battery.

The light is only good enough to illuminate a certain distance and it is not strong enough for long range sights. Therefore, it is always good to be prepared with a flashlight that has great features and is of the best quality.

What is XT808 LED Flashlight?

XT808 LED Flashlight is a tool that has multiple purposes apart from it being a strong flashlight. It can be used as a defensive tool which comes handy. Hence, you can carry it as a weapon as well as a flashlight to guide you through the darkness. It is a flashlight that has versatile uses. It has been manufactured with superior quality materials and parts that are highly durable, strong and efficient.

Unlike most flashlights, XT808 LED Flashlight is not made from medium quality plastic. Instead, it has been made from aircraft aluminum, which makes it durable. It is a material that is light and strong at the same time. Its body is sleek which makes it easy for you to grip and makes a good fit in the hand.

XT808 LED Flashlight is made out of aircraft grade aluminum which makes it very light for you to carry around. Therefore, you don’t have to think of an extra baggage for it. You can simply put It in the case and toss it in your handbag. It has a polymer seal coating which makes it water resistant. Therefore, XT808 LED Flashlight is suitable for all your outdoor activities, military purposes, and police activities.

XT808 LED Flashlight can be used to zoom the focused beam and can be magnified from 1x up to 2000x.  You can choose from 1x focus, 250x focus, 500x focus , 1000x focus to 2000x focus. Therefore, whether you need to point the light on an object that is very far away from you, or very close to you, you can make adjustments of your focus.

Since it has 5 modes of illumination, it lets you use the proper amount of light that you require for your purpose. You can switch it to any of the modes as per your convenience. XT808 LED Flashlight has a lamp life of 100,000 hours. Therefore, the user does not have to think about batteries running out.  It is light in weight, compact in size and highly durable.

The features of XT808 LED Flashlight are as follows:

  • Light weighted
  • Compact in size and has a sleek body
  • Long lamp life
  • Strong, durable and military grade
  • Made from anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Have 5 tactical modes including strobe light mode
  • Has telescopic zoom of 1x to 2000x
  • Water resistant

Does XT808 LED Flashlight really work?

XT808 LED Flashlight has many features which make it an excellent flashlight which comes with many features. You may be having thoughts whether the product is as good as it is said to be. Well, there are ways to understand the product, one of them is by analyzing its features and reading reviews.

It is made from aircraft aluminum alloy which makes it durable and light weighted. It can withstand heavy weight and tough situations. Since it is light weighed, it is not a hassle to carry it around all the time.

The flashlight is resistant to breakage even if it dropped from a high altitude. It has a telescopic focus which allows the focus to be zoomed at different magnifying levels starting from 1x focus to 2000x focus. Therefore, one can actually choose the amount of light one wants to focus on a close range or a wide range object.

It produces 800 Lumens of light which makes it one of the brightest flashlights available in the market. XT808 LED Flashlight is used by the military and by policemen. This fact alone is evident that XT808 LED Flashlight is one of the best and is made of high quality. It can be used for self-defense as well.

XT808 LED Flashlight has 5 modes in which you can set the light and switch it on based on your requirements. The strobe light mode allows a very high power light to stream out and if it focuses on someone’s eyes in a flash, it can cause temporary blindness in the person’s eyes.

Besides that, XT808 LED Flashlight has beveled edges which are strong and pointed. This makes it a very effective tool for hitting dangerous targets if they are in a close proximity. Thus, XT808 LED Flashlight can be used as a tactical tool for self-defense.

Apart from that, XT808 LED Flashlight is waterproof. If you are using this flashlight for adventures, it is possible that the flashlight slips from your hand and falls in a puddle of water or a lake.

If something like that does happen, you need not worry about it being damaged since it is waterproof and will work just fine as soon as you put it out of the water. The reason that it is waterproof because of its polymer seal, which locks the water out of it.

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XT808 LED Flashlight other Features

XT808 LED Flashlight is one of the best flashlights that is available and it has several advantages and benefits over other flashlights. It has unique characteristics and it is made from the best quality materials. Therefore, it is also used by the military men. Being military grade, one can guess the quality of the flashlight.

XT808 LED Flashlight weighs 4.9 oz. Its length is 6.18” if it is zoomed out and when it is zoomed in, its length becomes 5.1”.

The features that come with XT808 LED Flashlight are as follows:

  • Rechargeable batteries

XT808 LED Flashlight comes with rechargeable batteries. You can recharge your batteries whenever and wherever you want. The XT808 LED Flashlight has a lamp life which is very long. It can work for about 100k hours. Therefore, you need not be worried about its battery running out. The rechargeable battery comes for free.

  • Tactical box

A box comes with XT808 LED Flashlight for free in which you can put your XT808 LED Flashlight, the rechargeable batteries and the charger unit. The box can be carried anywhere. You need not arrange a space separately for this device. The box is very handy and you can put it in your bag whenever you are going out.

  • Charger Unit

A charger is present along with the XT808 LED Flashlight and rechargeable batteries which come for free. The charger is used to charge the batteries.

  • Aircraft grade aluminum material

It is made from aircraft aluminum grade material which is very light weighted, making the whole device weight 4.9 oz. This material makes XT808 LED Flashlight very light as well as super strong. As it is strong and durable, it ensures its longevity.

Is XT808 LED Flashlight safe?

XT808 LED Flashlight is a product released by Primitive Survivors as a part of their latest collection. It is said to be bright enough to be able to blind a bear. It is a perfect device that you can carry yourself with on long journeys, camps, and adventures. It produces 800 Lumens of light.

XT808 LED Flashlight does not have any negative side effects. The only, possible side effect is that, on switching on the flashlight with a mode that produces a high powered light, can cause temporary blindness. If that happens, it is advised that you close your eyes and rest for a while. If the problem still persists, you must visit your doctor.

This is a self-defense tool. It has pointed and strong edges that allow you to hit the target who is in close proximity to you. But you must be careful so that you do not inflict it upon yourself or a friend by mistake.

Apart from that, XT808 LED Flashlight is perfectly safe and secure to use. It provides you with additional qualities like self-defense apart from serving as a great and a strong flashlight.

Women, travelers, and adventurers must carry a flashlight as strong and durable as XT808 LED Flashlight with them at all times. In times of emergency, you might need a tool for self-defense or a flashlight that produces a great beam of bright light.

XT808 LED Flashlight is the perfect choice in a situation like that. It is made from high-quality materials, it has a tactical box, it has a charger and rechargeable batteries. It is light weighted which makes it easy for carrying and do not really add any more weight than 4.9 oz to your bags and luggage.

XT808 LED Flashlight is safe. You can take it with you on your adventures. It can assist you in your ways and help you tackle potential threats. It is a great tool to be traveling with, at all times. Since it is resistant to heavy weight, you can be free from worries about t being easily damaged. XT808 LED Flashlight is water resistant too. So it gives an extra security.

What are the good points of XT808 LED Flashlight?

Here is a list of advantages of XT808 LED Flashlight.

  • XT808 LED Flashlight’s light has High brightness:

XT808 LED Flashlight has a higher power which is equivalent to 800 Lumens of light. The total power is focused on the single beam which is projected out of the screen of the flashlight, making the beam extremely bright. Its brightness can be used to blind someone when the right settings are used. Thus, it can be used as a self-defense tool apart from illumination purposes.

  • XT808 LED Flashlight is Long lasting

XT808 LED Flashlight is a flashlight that will never cease to glow. It will never run out of batteries so you can always carry it for your adventures, camping, and outdoor activities without worrying about batteries. It has a very long lamp life that makes XT808 LED Flashlight unique and highly dependable.

  • XT808 LED Flashlight has several modes

XT808 LED Flashlight has five modes that you can set the flashlight too. Its variety of modes allows you to select a certain quantity of light required for a specific purpose. For using it in a poorly illuminated area, you do not need the brightest light. In order to use it for self-defense, you need the brightest light to blind the attacker. Thus, the five modes serve your purposes as per your convenience. The five modes are:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • SOS
  • Strobe light mode
  • XT808 LED Flashlight can be used for self-defense

The strobe light mode provides a strobe light. The strobe light is characterized by the energy of 10-150 Joules and the discharge time is very short of about a few milliseconds. The strobe effect of this mode of light can be used for self-defense as it produces a highly powerful stream of light that is quite sufficient for temporarily blinding the eye.

XT808 LED Flashlight has a pointed edge and it is very strong. When it on the vulnerable spots of the target, you can cause a temporary damage for defending yourself. Hence, XT808 LED Flashlight has features that can help you in situations that require self- defense.

  • XT808 LED Flashlight is of military grade

The fact that XT808 LED Flashlight is used in the military is proof that it is one the best quality. This high-quality tactical flashlight, which is now available for the general public to purchase, is of military grade. It has been made out of aircraft grade aluminum which makes it lightweight and strong. It has been anodized so that it is durable. It is also resistant to corrosion. Hence, you can use it for your hard and rough activities. It has been tested out and over. Even if XT808 LED Flashlight is run over by a truck, it will withstand it. Therefore, it has been manufactured in such a way that it is able to tackle harsh adversities and conditions.

Product Pricing and Refund policy

Primitive Survivors have reduced the price of XT808 LED Flashlight by 75% of the retail price.  There are several options that allow certain discounts.

  • If you buy 1 XT808 LED Flashlight, you buy it for $56.
  • If you buy 2 XT808 LED Flashlights, you buy it for $97 and save $15.
  • If you buy 3 XT808 LED Flashlights, you buy it for $134 and save $34.
  • If you buy 4 XT808 LED Flashlights, you buy it for $169 and save $55.
  • If you buy 5 XT808 LED Flashlights, you buy it for $196 and save $84.

If you looking for flashlights, this is the best flashlight there is. If you buy more than one unit, then you have the chance to save money as it comes at a discounted price. The more the number of XT808 LED Flashlights you buy, the greater the amount of money you can save. You get what you pay for or perhaps, you get much more than what you pay for.

Why choose XT808 LED Flashlight?

There are several reasons why you should choose XT808 LED Flashlight instead of the other products that are available in the market. It has several unique features that make it highly reliable, strong, durable, resistant and portable. The reasons why you should choose XT808 LED Flashlight are stated below:

  • You can carry it anywhere and not have the risk of losing it.

XT808 LED Flashlight comes with a tactical box that is for free. This makes it easier for you to carry this flashlight. You can place the flashlight, batteries, and other ingredients if any, all packed up in the box. This will save you from the hassle of separately carrying a bag or a unit for XT808 LED Flashlight.

  • You do not have to worry about its strength and resistance.

XT808 LED Flashlight after its manufacture has been tested several times and the strength has been verified by several testing stages. It has been proved that XT808 LED Flashlight does not break even If a truck runs over it. It is also water resistant. If you are using it for military purposes, you are bound to face difficult situations where you will need to use your equipment accordingly. In such tough situations, you need a flashlight that is as strong as XT808 LED Flashlight. You do not have to worry about t getting in contact with water because it is water resistant.

XT808 LED Flashlight has a long lamp life so you can be rest assured of its longevity.

XT808 LED Flashlight comes with batteries that are rechargeable. It has a lamp life of 100,000 hours. Therefore, XT808 LED Flashlight can be used for a long time. If you are going on an adventure or for a tip, you do not hav3e to constantly worry about its battery running out.

When the prime time of your need for a flashlight arrives, you will find XT808 LED Flashlight of great use. Its long lamp life is a great advantage over other kinds of flashlights. Also, there is a charger unit which comes for free along with the flashlight.

You can use that to charge the batteries. All these can be kept inside the free tactical box and you can carry the box along with you whenever you are going for an adventurous trip.

XT808 LED Flashlight is a device which provides you with a very bright light and a self-defense tool. Its features are exclusive. It is made of high-quality material and can be trusted and depended on.

It can be carried in airlines as well so you can always take it with you when you are traveling across the country. It comes in use during emergencies. Therefore, you should choose XT808 LED Flashlight if you are looking for a flashlight.

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