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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Workout That Tests Your Mental Strength - Alpha Male Nation

Workout That Tests Your Mental Strength

Many people speak about mental health and rarely do they speak about mental strength and its role. Mental strength means the ability to regulate your emotions and to control your thoughts, so that no matter the circumstances, you behave properly. It is not enough to have willpower for a great mental strength, but to work hard and to have commitment, as well.

There are exercise you can do top test your mental strength. Workout is one of the best ways to test your mental toughness. In this way, we will be prepared for the most difficult situations and circumstances.

We can try out one of these types of workout, to see how tough your mind is and how well can you behave in one of the most uncommon and unpleasant situations.

Perform grappling martial art, including wrestling, judo, and jiujitsu

There is no better way to test your mental strength than by exercising martial arts, especially grappling. This is a good way to build character, because no matter how strong you are in grappling martial arts, you have to be humbled. It is not easy to be good at grappling and probably you will lose a lot and you will be disappointed, but the important thing is to continue, because this is what makes good character.

We can consider grappling martial arts a lesson of life. It requires a lot of effort, dedication, and strength of spirit and mind. In the end, you will be able to get the desired results, if you work hard enough. When you will fail, you know, you must do your best to be better, and eventually you will succeed. When you will become good at grappling martial art, you will have the feeling that nothing cannot knock you down. Thus, you will prepare for the worst situations of life.

Spar boxing and kickboxing

Who love to be hit or kicked on the face? Probably nobody loves to be hit, because it is unnatural and painful. People get scared when they are hit in their face and the normal reaction is to cover up, turn away or to close your eyes. The difference is when you spar, because you are trained to fight back and to protect yourself.

Thus, it will be natural to look at the puncher right in the eyes and to punch back. You will forget about your instinct and act as you are trained to do. This is a way to test your mental strength, but to increase it, as well. We are not all tough, but we can work in order to be strong. It is a good way to increase your self-confidence.

Try a cold shower

Probably it sounds stupid, because seems easy to take a cold shower and does not look like the best way to test your mind toughness. The fact is that is not as easy as it seems. Most people take warm shower, because it is more comfortable. Mental strength does not mean only comfort; therefore, you should try a cold shower.

Taking cold shower it is not good only for your mind, but for your immune system, as well. Studies suggest that cold showers increase the number of white cells. It may be difficult at first, but the longer you resist, the more you will be able to withstand.

Do things that make you uncomfortable

Comfort is great and we all love it. Every day you are surrounded by objects that increase our comfort. The secret of mental toughness is to do things that make us feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you should try things from outside your comfort zone and see how you behave. Are you able to do them or you just turn back to the comfort zone and forget about everything that bothers you.

It is true that we are not at war, but life can put us in difficult and unpleasant situations. If we are a little more spoil, it will be impossible for us to face these situations and we surrender. If we prepare for the worst, then everything will be possible.

Our need for comfort can be the main cause for our difficulty to push our limits, that is why we have to persevere always and be stronger. The taste of the failure is not very pleasant, this is why we have always to persevere and be as strong as possible.

Complete the things that you have started

We are also so easy to be distracted. Therefore, you have the habit of starting something and then leave it undone. The fact is that we need willpower to complete something difficult. Why being comfortable and lazy when we can every the things that we have proposed, no matter how difficult there are. The secret is not to give up, no matter how hard it is.

Run an ultra-marathon

A great way to build your psychological will is to run a hall marathon. Although the first meters will seem very easy, the more you run, the harder it gets. In order to finish an ultra-marathon, you need more than physical fitness, you need mental toughness. At the end, you will feel like a champion, which will be great for your self-confidence.

Delay immediate gratification

When you want something bad, you do your best to get it, but there is another way to do it, if you want to develop your metal strength. If you are able to delay immediate wants, it is a proof of a strong willpower. You can start by delaying immediate gratification for about an hour and then continue to move onto one day. After that you can move onto a week, then onto months and then onto years. It may sound a little too much, but you can become tougher than you was. For example, when you have cravings for junk food or eating at night, try to resist. In this way, you will become stronger and m ore disciplined.

Workout hard and push your limits

Howe many continuous posh-ups can you do in a set before without a stop? Multiply this number by 2.5 and complete this number of push-ups without allowing the knees to touch the floor. This work out will test your mental strength, because it is a more a mental exercise, even if your body will say it is more physical.

It is important to have a purpose, to be determined and to be resolute. Set a goal and do your best to conquer it. Once you set your goal, work hard to accomplish it, without being scared. People are mostly scared of pain and failure. Many people have no idea how to compete and when they try to compete, they give up whenever things get tougher. Giving up it is not a solution and you will never have a strong mind, if you give up each time something is difficult.

It is essential to be considumbbells-293955_640stent with your routine and avoid changing your workout. How can you do something well if you chance tour program every month? Repeat one exercise for a thousand times, because practicing is the best way to improve your performance.

Another great workout that will test your mental strength consists in grabbing an 8-rep weight and do not rack the bar until you have finished 15 reps. You rest only by standing with the bar on your back and inhale until you are able to do another rep.

The secret is to get out of your comfort zone and get familiar with your limits. Try every time you overcome your limits in this way, healthy, without to put your health at risk. No matter if you choose to make a simple cold shower, or an impressive number of push-ups, you will contribute to a stronger mind.

We are surrounded by people who prefer comfort and give up daily to different tasks, because they are a little more difficult. It is impossible to succeed something great in our lives if you surrender every time and we prefer to run than facing the situations, no matter how difficult they are.

Trying harder to accomplish something and setting goals will make us stronger and more prepared for the real world. We do not have to be soldiers, but to be strong enough to overcome obstacles and problems in life. Even if everything seems to be an exercise, exercise is useful, because it helps us to be stronger, more resilient, more capable, and ambitious.

Ways to increase your mental strength

It is important to increase your mental strength. For example, our core beliefs they influence our thoughts, emotions and behavior. When you believe that you will not be able to succeed in life, there are chances that you will not. There are chances that you will not present yourself well on job interviews and therefore, you will not be able to get a good job. If you have a good opinion about yourself and you think that you will succeed, you can accomplish everything that you want.

When you waist your brainpower by thinking about things you cannot control, we lose important mental energy quickly. Just stop thinking about negative problems that are impossible to solve and you will lose less energy.

Think only about things you can control, because it is useless to think about what you can solve. Make sure you save your mental energy for productive tasks, like solving problems or setting goals, instead of worrying about things you can do.

Another important thing you can do, in order to strengthen your mind is to replace negative thoughts with productive thoughts. It is not easy, but it is helpful. Thought like “I can’t do it”, “I am not able to finish this task” will only affect you and makes everything harder than actually is.

Do not let the negative thoughts to affect your behavior. Replace them with thoughts that are more productive, no matter how hard can be to change your thoughts. It can help you be more productive and more capable of controlling your mind.

People with mental strength have emotions, but they know how to control them. Mental toughness requires you to be aware of your emotions, in order to know exactly how to respond. Therefore, the secret is to accept your feelings, but do not let them control you.

In addition, mental strength means to understand your feelings but to know when is best to act contrary to your emotions. When you can do a certain thing because of the anxiety, try more to exit the comfort zone and accept new challenges. Sometimes discomfort is helpful, because you can get a better perspective upon things and new accomplishment.

We need mental strength and it is good to try to expand our limits, for a greater good. Never give up, just because it is easier or more comfortable. If you challenge yourself, it will help us discover what we are capable of and how many great things we can accomplish every day.

With practice, you can achieve the mind’s toughness we want. It is important that we practice, and we focus on what it is constructive. In addition, it is useful to test our mind strength whenever we can. If we workout in order to test the toughness of our mind, we can discover interesting things about us and about our limits. It is a way to know ourselves better, which is important.

Sometimes it can be fun to increase our mind strength and work on making us stronger. Sometimes it can be difficult and disappointing, but in the end, we can notice the results and that will make us go on and try again. Training your mind is a good thing, not only for making it healthier, but also for making it stronger. Therefore, it is important to increase our mind toughness and workout, so that we are prepared for the real world and the challenges of life. People who have tried are stronger and happier, because they feel that nothing can stay in the way of their goals.