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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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Women Want an Alpha Male - Alpha Male Nation

Women Want an Alpha Male

We’ve all heard and read this phrase numerous times, but is it true? Some would say yes, others would disagree. Should all men that do not fit the profile be desperate? Not necessarily. It all depends on how you define the alpha male. The term is so vast, that it might be easier to define what he is not.

What the Alpha Male Isn’t, and What Women Hate

  • A doormat – We’ve all seen our share of cases when the women get on her knees in front of her husband and say: “honey, please come out from under the bed.” We’ve all seen men who are incapable of making a decision without asking their partner’s permission, who forgive cheating and lies out of love, or simply because they believe they can’t find a better partner. Even the strongest woman wants a man stronger than her, a man able to protect her, worthy of her respect.
  • Mommy’s boy – All women want to maintain a close relation with their children, but they surely don’t want their partner to remain under his mother’s skirt for the rest of his lives. No one denies the responsibility to be there for one’s parents when they need it, to show them love and respect. However, the family should come first, and after a certain age, family means the spouses and their kids, not their parents.
  • Easy to manipulate – You have to appreciate a man who listens to those around him. However, it cant’s be good when that man borrows other people’s ideas without thinking, when he can’t think for himself, or he cares more about what other people think than he cares about his partner’s feelings.
  • Cold and uncaring – Women want to fire, not ice. They want a man who can’t remain indifferent to their charms, a man who wants them and cares about their feelings and passions.
  • Unfaithful – Some women are weak and forgive infidelities, but that doesn’t mean they want a man who thinks they’re not good enough, who prefers other women in their place, who lies to them and makes them feel unattractive.
  • Incapable of providing for himself and his family – Sure, life is hard, but a real man will never give up, will always fight for himself and his loved ones. He won’t care if he has to break his back and start from the bottom if the situation asks for it, and will do everything necessary to succeed.
  • Selfish – A woman will give everything to the right man, but, in return, she expects to see that man willing to give up some things for her. Men who think of themselves before they think of anyone else are missing out on the pleasure of giving and making someone else happy.

Defining the Alpha Male

Women are complicated; we all know that. Their expectations are just as complicated. How does a woman perceive the alpha male, the perfect man? Grab a cup of tea or coffee, turn off the TV, and try picturing the following:

  • A man who is the most handsome in a room full of men, and as ugly as hell in a room full of women (Just kidding! The man should be handsome, but immune to the charms of other women, and men too.)
  • A man who always finds the right words to comfort his woman and wipe out her tears, but can afford to be sensitive and need her comforting touch every now and then
  • A man who sees the best in his woman, and makes her feel as the center of his universe, without smothering her, or preventing her from enjoying her share of freedom
  • A man who makes his woman feel like running, yet charms her to the point where she can’t leave his side
  • A man who will protect his woman against all harm, or, when that’s not possible, will stay by her side no matter what
  • A man who will put his wife and children first under all circumstances will treasure their time together and will do everything to make sure they stay together until the end of time
  • A man his woman can look up to without feeling less, she can talk to without worrying that he will judge her, she can trust with her most intimate thoughts and feelings without worrying he may use them against her
  • A man who can rock his woman’s world in bed and outside of it, when she needs it and when she less expects it.

At this point, you might think the alpha male is just an impossible dream, but it is not. Every man has the potential to become an alpha male. It just takes the right woman to discover that potential and work on it, to bring the best to the surface.