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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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Why do women cheat and how to prevent it? - Alpha Male Nation

Why do women cheat and how to prevent it?

Now, we’d all like to stay away from that part of a relationship but unfortunately, some of us get to that point when a third person pops up. This time we’re not talking about guys cheating on women but on women cheating on men and how to prevent it.

It’s well-known that guys are more likely to cheat and the reasons why a woman cheats on her man are different from the reasons that drive a man to do that. Here are a few reasons women say to be the “what” that makes them fall in the arms of another man.

Cheating out of resentment

It seems that resentment and desire for revenge are the most common reasons why women cheat. There might be some truth when they say that hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Even women who are faithful may cheat on their partner if they’re heartbroken or haven been cheated. Cheating might not be a thing she would usually go for but you never know what anger and desire for revenge can lead to. Resentment might result from you cheating on her or you not treating her well. A woman might cheat on you if you cheat on her as well as if you’ve failed her in other aspects.

So, the best way to prevent this is to solve your problems if any and discuss the issues that might arise. Don’t leave them unresolved since they will only fester and make things worse. Your partner is likely to interpret your indifference regarding those issues as lack of affection and caring. And you know where that leads to, don’t you? So, do what you gotta do!


Women respond to romance

And if you don’t offer it to them, they will find it somewhere else. It’s a well-known fact that romance and courtship diminish after marriage or a long-term relationship. So, if you replace flowers, kisses, compliments and taking her out with complaints about being tired or not having time for her, she might soon respond to the guy offering all this to her.

Plus, women seek intimacy and this is where a major difference between men and women comes into sight. By intimacy, women understand holding hands instead of being smacked on her butt, being held by you instead of having sex, cuddling after sex and not falling asleep right after and so on. Women and men are different. It’s nothing wrong if she wants to lie lovingly in your arms and you want to watch football. But if that happens all the time, something might start to creak.

Therefore, if you don’t want her to be taken by someone else, don’t forget about give and take. Save your relationship and keep it away from infidelity while you can. If you don’t pay attention to such details, you’ll soon look for tips and ways of how to get her back. Little things that made her fall in love with you should still be part of your romance menu even after 30 years of marriage. Such little things make the difference between a wife/girlfriend and a cheating wife/girlfriend.

Because of not too many “I Love Yous”

If you tell her you love her too often, you might somehow trivialize the feeling. If you almost never tell her that, she will obviously feel unappreciated, unloved and lonely. The perfect recipe for responding to that guy who flatters her and gives her a lot of attention.

Many women cheat when they don’t feel loved. Women want to be reassured that everything’s ok, that your love and appreciation are the same as when you’ve met. Don’t forget to show her that you love, desire and appreciate her. Say thank you not only with your words but also with your actions.

Sexual dissatisfaction

You might be surprised to learn about this one particular reason why women cheat. Well, yes. Some women do cheat because of long-tern sexual dissatisfaction. Sex is part of a romantic relationship and it is important for that part to work as well. If you think only about yourself when it comes to sex, you’re not into foreplay or oral sex, you don’t have sex as often as she wants and so on, your woman will look for sexual satisfaction else where. And it’s so easy to prevent this from happening. If she’s the woman you love, this should come easily. Talk openly with your partner about her likes and dislikes regarding sex. You can thus both find out what the other one wants if you don’t know it already. Showing that you’re interested will highlight your love for her again. Bonus point.

The above-mentioned reasons why women cheat are the most common. There are many more obviously. If you do care about your relationship but you feel that something no longer works as it used to, talk. Solve the problems that occur. Issues happen in almost any relationship and the first tool to help you see such situations solved is communication. As long as you know what the problem is, you will find the solution too since it always comes with the problem itself. You can even consider asking for professional help if things go bad and you strongly want to save your relationship. Marriage/couple counseling does work. And if that’s what you need to do to see things solved, do it.