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Alpha Male Nation | February 25, 2018

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What womens like to brag about

Things That Will Make a Woman Brag About You to Her Friends

Things That Will Make a Woman Brag About You to Her Friends

Any man is dreaming about how his girlfriend is talking about him with her friends, when he’s not around, right? What confidences and secrets she’s sharing about you and your qualities? I am sure that you are anxious to know all about the girl’s gossip, especially if you are the subject of their chit chat. 

Men are as much curious as the women are, even they don’t admit it. And what can be better for a man than hearing full of praise words from the woman who loves him? Let’s discover what qualities and virtues should have a real man, for deserving the girl’s attention.

Qualities of a real man

First of all, let’s see are the qualities of a real man? That is a pretty tough question when you think about it. It may have been a while since you’ve asked yourself, maybe you never have. Being a real man is something you must be proud of, isn’t it, but what does it take?

It’s something which you must struggle to be with everything you’ve got, but how do you go about it? Men’s advice in this area is practically zero, and let’s face it, without the right degree of self-confidence and a lot of self-esteem, you are not going to obtain what you want from your life.

As a man, there are some specific qualities that you can improve, for helping you to create a lifestyle full of positive experiences, rather than a life stuffed with regret and resentment.

There are literally millions of women out there who are dying to find a great man. For making a difference, you need to pay attention to the qualities that a girl is looking for a man. If you’re failing to live up to the following statements, or simply don’t know what the qualities of a real man are, you better shape up. Let’s analyze the list of qualities together.

Girls, you can check if your man is matching on these lines, then you can brag about him proudly to all your little fellows.


A real man is a leader. He is a confident person, determined and sure on himself. He first thinks then act, being sure that all details are in order, he is not afraid to take decisions and he is able to command.

You don’t need to be the Boss in your office in order to prove that you rule the game. Is enough that your girl see you how you can manage the situations and she can trust in your leader’s abilities. There is a type of man who manages to combine the strengths of power and sympathy. These men are kind at heart, but somehow brutal in battle.

They don’t start fights, but they are finishing them. That’s the type of man that a woman wants because he is the man wise enough to pick and choose the best of force and compassion. He is not afraid to win and knows the value that comes with losing.  


Women love independent men. A real man don’t need a woman in his life to enjoy and have fun, but when he meet the right person, is able to share all precious moments in life with her.

A man who stand up for what he believe, a man who don’t seek approval and keep himself pride, will be responsible for his actions and will protect his convictions.

Quality time to spend

For a woman, time is the key. She adores that her man is present for her, for her children, family, and friends. A man who can support them in the right way will be definitely appreciated.

The generosity can be divided into two types, and both are incredibly desirable to all women. The first is being generous with possessions, giving gifts or money to charities or to the poor.

The second is being generous with your time spending time with people in need for a shoulder to cry on, or with the special woman in your life. If the job doesn’t let you spend too much time with your woman, try to spoil her in holidays and be with her in all difficult moments of her life.

Honest and successful life

To live a good life, you need success because success is the standard we judge everything by. You don’t need to necessarily be a millionaire or a world champion, but little successes throughout life are pertinent to women, for appreciate your value.

Real men invite cooperation and adore competition because they know themselves self-worth and they are estimating right their capabilities. In fact, any competition has a winner. If he won with his charm, that mean he deserves to be the one!

One important quality is honesty. Being straightforward is the right path for a real man. A woman always searches a faithful man and she will never accept lies. In a woman’s mind, lies are equal to betrayal, so be aware not to fall into the trap of lies.  


Planning the future is a dream for any girl. Since childhood, she is dreaming of her wonderful princess wedding, and she adores making all kind of plans about it. You don’t need to bring her the ring for proving that you know what you want.

Just be yourself and let her see that you are able to make long-term plans and you are never surprised by unexpected. Women will appreciate that you are decided to improve your life and if she will follow you, you will build a future together.

Commitment is an absolute must for any long term relationship or marriage.  If you are not committed then there will always be a doubt in the back of her mind, asking if you are really serious about the relationship.

Sense of humor and personal skills

How about the sense of humor?  Is a very important issue, believe me. If you have a man who doesn’t make you laugh and smile, then you should end the relationship right now. To be honest, you probably shouldn’t have ever been in that relationship, to begin with.

A man who enjoys spending time in the kitchen is sexy. Any average guy transformed into a kind of Master Chef -inspired with best cooking skills, will gain the attention of all girls.

All women agree that more than the sexual appeal, a man who can cook often, tends to eat healthier. If you want that your woman brags about your skills in the gastronomical area, improve your knowledge.

She will adore you if you take the time to prepare for her a delicious dinner, is a sign of appreciation. Even she’s usually the chief in the kitchen, you can surprise her.

Love and care

If a woman doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you, she will never be in a sexual relationship with you. She might want to be your best friend. Without sexual attraction, a girl won’t have the desire to be your lover. Sexual attraction, desire, and lust, this is what makes a woman want to have sex with you.

Being nice or friendly with a woman might make her like you as a person, but it will never make her want to be in a sexual relationship with you. Many guys make the big mistake of acting like they want to be “friends” with a woman.  

They are worried about being too straightforward, turning the woman off or even ruining the friendship. She will then have a sexual, loving relationship with a man who makes her feel sexual attraction and who isn’t afraid to guide her towards kissing, sex and a nice and hot relationship.

Be passionate about her completely – show interest in her, not only in a sexually way but the emotional field as well. Take an interest in the things she is passionate -from her work to her volunteer work, her hobbies and life goals.

Having a relationship is awesome, but there are times when women (and men as well) want and need to spend some alone time.  Women need also time for thinking, reflecting, relaxing or simply doing nothing.

Don’t be offended if sometimes she wants to go out without you, it is nothing personal. Give personal space to your partner and they she will appreciate it. Physical appearance is an important detail. Even you are not Adonis, the way you wear your clothes can define a pleasant personality.

If you match her fashion taste, you have a chance for a nice relationship. Old couples confess that a secret of their long-term relationship is a match of their fashion styles, even same favorite colors are important.

Hobbies and responsibility

One quality of men that women often notice is the passion for their own projects, hobbies or interests that fill the spare time. A girl mostly likely finds one (or many) of these things that you do very attractive. This aspect will make you incredibly desirable. Women search a man who can give them the occasion of a peek into another world.  

You can teach them something they don’t know about a field you’re passionate about. Of course, there’s a fine line between that and boring them to tears with technical details and professional jargon, but if she shows a little interest, indulge it. There is nothing more desirable than a man sharing his passions with a woman.

Being a good father (or at least may show the potential that you will be capable of being, sometime in the future) is extremely important to a woman, especially those who enjoy a warm relationship with their father.

This behavior involves some qualities like patience and compassion. These qualities are what a woman is searching for in a partner, for their own needs and for the needs of their future kids. Think about how a man should treat kids and little animals. Maybe it’s time to start being nice to kids and pets.

Kindness and nice behavior

Kindness is an important and rare quality for a man.  Kindness is consistently believed as one of the best and sexiest qualities a man can have. A man who makes you feel good, who’s kind and nice to other people is a catch.

Girls like to tell stories about how kind is their man and what wonderful soul he has. So if you can develop a warm and understanding attitude, you will receive the gratitude of your beloved woman.

Women are sometimes moody and anxious, so they need a calming factor in their lives. If you can make them relaxed and confident, is a winning way to success. The ability to manage difficult situations without crying is well known as a manly characteristic.

Be reliable and solve problems in a calm and easy manner. Women want to know that you are listening, but also that you hear what she say. A woman wants you to respond to her emotions, not to try to offer to fix the damages.

You don’t have to experience the same emotions; simply the fact that you agree, and you are responding to her emotions will validate her need to be heard. If a woman or a girl wants your advice—she will ask you. She will feel loved when you really listen to her needs.

Successful life

A real man doesn’t settle for handouts or charity when it comes to his personal fortune. A real man isn’t satisfied to spend the family’s money. He is able to manage his own destiny. Any man who inherits goods from ancestors or parents takes his inheritance and turns it into 10 times what it was.

A hard working man who can earn enough for a satisfying life will be appreciated by women, who are proud of the skills of their men. The character that you build from doing this is essential to growing as a man in the most traditional sense.

It doesn’t mean your wife or girlfriend isn’t contributing, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a stay-at-home father. It simply means that you are carving out your own space. You are truly independent when you do this.

Weaknesses and flaws

Now, let’s talk about weakness. How many of us are truthful to accept our weakness? To handle our weaknesses we can either fight to abolish or minimize them or we can build on counter strengths which will weaken our failings.

Weaknesses too, are a part of life. No man can be perfect. Each of us can count a number of flaws and weak points which limit our abilities. The best way to deal with weaknesses would be to leverage the strengths so that our faults are minimized.

Procrastination is a major weakness.  Missed opportunities are often the result of this serious weakness. Life moves, no matter how active or inactive one might be but if you suffer from procrastination then the movement of your life would be lateral and not forward. Bad health and indecisiveness are what this fault might spawn into if not handled at the right time.

Fearfulness is another weakness of men. A person who’s full of fear would be unable to take risks in life. Fear is a killer weakness that can ruin your life. It does not let contemplate the life with a rational eye.

Fearfulness makes you miss even the opportunities which life serves you. It stops you from trying something new or exploring new possibilities. It makes men a pessimist.

Being unable to put across your point limits your potential and abilities is a big loss. Lack of assertiveness results in making you less pronounced. It may be considered as a major communication disorder.

The inability to say “no” when is necessary, put you in a lot of disadvantageous situations. Reacting without thinking is one weakness of men, which you will regret the most times in life. It compels you into difficult situations which you later realize that you could have easily avoided.

Speaking without thinking, not being attentive while listening and taking bad decisions are some of the worst effects of this weakness.

Without self-discipline, not much could be achieved. No matter how much favorable are the situations for you, if the disciple is missing, then all opportunity are useless. Lack of discipline leads to wastefulness and waste of resources like time, money or the strengths you possess.


If you have ever been disappointed because someone didn’t meet your expectations, think about the same thing that happened also to your partner. Women confess their difficulties much easier to other women, so she needs her group of friends to relax and support each other. Is up to you if she will brag about you and your relationship or she will criticize your behavior and style.

There is no such thing as the perfect man, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be one of them. The important thing is to be the best you can be, to trust that you can make a woman to be proud of you.

Now that you have a better idea what a woman is searching for a man, what qualities she’s looking for, it’s time to practice and perfect it. Once you show to the women what a wonderful guy you are, they’ll want to date, marry, or just make wild and passionate love to you all night long.

An accomplished relationship doesn’t need anyone’s approval, but is a great feeling to be loved and appreciate, so give to your woman the chance to brag  about you in a positive way !