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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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What to wear at a summer wedding - Alpha Male Nation

For a special occasion, but not flashy, elegant but comfortable - see how to compose the perfect outfit for a summer wedding.

For a special occasion, but not flashy, elegant but comfortable – see how to compose the perfect outfit for a summer wedding.

Weddings are very important events which often puts in a real difficulty for choosing the clothing not only the bride and groom, but also the guests. Because you should not get stressed excessively for a wedding that is not yours, we have for you a few tips that will help you choose the right outfit for the wedding you’re invited. After all, you want to enjoy the moment, not to worry that all the wedding guests comment your outfit.


What you should wear and what not, to a summer wedding


What you should wear:

It is a joy, a fulfillment of love, and afterall it is summer, why adopt the same neutral tones: beiges, grays? If you are still afraid of strong colors, even a print or one of the two pieces of clothes to be in a strong shade.

Each of us knows at least one color which feels great in it, in which receives compliments, in which one finds themselves, which communicate in a perfect way. Choose to wear that strong shade near to your face, so it can be the collar, the dress or a top. That color will be reflected on the skin and it will bring that tone which will fade your skin imperfections and it will bring bloom to your cheeks.


Rules that won’t fail you!

Wear summer colors like turquoise, coral, pink, yellow and pastels. Wear shoes or sandals with heels if the party takes place inside. Wear black, if you like, if the party is taking place at the night. Wear dresses with sexy details, but tasteful – a plunging neckline in a long dress, backless dress, a cleft on the foot, etc. Wear a chic hat – a cocktail one for a wedding in the evening or a wide-brimmed hat to a wedding in the garden.

Let’s see how you can be chic and comfortable even if outside is hot and you feel like you are melting: what can save you from this excessive heat is the material the dress it is made of. Colors must be open to avoid attracting the sun. A hat, a refined and elegant attire can bring you out of anonymity and protects you from the sun. For your dress, opt for a classic line, not too tight to sit more comfortable. If you choose a sleeveless dress, do not forget to take along a shawl or something that could cover your shoulders when you will go to church, even if the month of August.


What you should not wear:

Probably the thing you hear most often is that you should not eclipse the bride’s outfit. And the first rule is that you should not wear white! But an exception is made for beachfront weddings on the beach, where on the invitation is mentioned all white dress code. Only then can everyone wear white from head to toe.

Do not expose too much skin. Even if you’re single and you had lied your eyes on the best man, stay away from too short, too moldings, too low cut. No need to dress up to please a grandmother, but neither it should appear that you did not have enough material for the dress. Show that you have class and opt for a long and airy dress!

Do not be seduced by black. Even though black is an elegant color, at a wedding is not suitable. In addition, it will probably be another 20 guests who had already opted for a little black dress, so it is not bad to stand out. An illuminated color will make the difference.

  • transparent dresses: test whether you can see through the dress / skirt and do it now, while you can still do something, not before the wedding
  • underwear( the right one, comfortable, less visible)
  • fabric behavior( it should not electrify in an extreme way, so the dress will stay glued to your feet all evening – seek to wash it with a fabric softener to prevent this, not to crease very hard)
  • length( if you choose a long dress, then beware of the heel at all that can hang it, at the feet of the dancers etc., if it is cutted to see the ankle, then make sure the dress shape and thickness of your ankles creates a thinning effect, not the contrary)
  • challenges in choosing a dress may be higher and more than for a wedding, but it is worth it!
  • avoid buying suits, I did not mean them when I talked about the two parts. Central part( a sequined top) + a skirt / trousers complementary to sustain, if it helps, keep in mind the guidance of stores advisors. Sometimes it is good to have two complementary piece of clothing options to choose from( our mood before the wedding dictates). Do not forget the length here, linens and fabric behavior.


Accessories that catch the eye


Ladies, just that as the words are flowing, I realized that I approached the clothing topic, without bringing in the jewelry. When I refer to accessories, I also think of clutches( medium or large purses because do not belong at a wedding), but also at shoes or accessories that can be put on the head.

Jewelry: assort them to the clothing or give them the status of the focal point of an outfit. Anyway use them to draw attention to your physical strong points: fine hands – bracelets, harmonious face, smile – earrings, nice cleavage – necklace etc.

Fascinators: any hair accessories, if you make the step to wear them once, you will want them a second time, the effect that they create is fabulous. Every summer wedding is worth honored with a fascinator like you partying at the Royal Court.

Shoes: with high heels if you are used to them, if you are so comfortable with them; medium heels, kitten heels have a retro flavor that I adore, plus they are comfortable, even flat shoes, possibly in bold colors or with enchanting applications. The sandals are desirable in the  summer weddings, but they are a personal choice and depends on your budget.

Clutch: As we talk about some vintage, with embroidery, beads, tapestry etc. or about the harsh, pillbox, or about any shape, the pattern will catch the eyes, they are welcome to help keep the necessary minimum of decency, and as an accessory that will complete the outfit.


You need to wear a good mood


The desire to socialize, meet new people, to leave you filled with joy meeting the love of the two, enthusiasm for discovering new tastes, surprising images, to gather memories, live to dance, listen to music, conscious of living a celebration of all that it involves.

Exercise: breathe deeply as you prepare your wedding outfit, fully enjoy the moment, like a girl who wear new sandals! Kiss yourself in the mirror, make yourself compliments, feel through every pore how beautiful you are, how good you feel in your own skin!


Dress up depending on the time and place


Wedding parties that take place in the afternoon tend to be less formal than the evening – look good on invitation and check the time specified for reception. At noon, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear summer dresses or pastel skirts, while at 18 o’clock, a satin cocktail dress or chiffon will be more suitable. If you need to present yourself to the religious ceremony and after to the party, a day dress to church, and then change yourself into evening wear.

Before you choose the dress that you will wear to the wedding, it is very important to read carefully the invitation. Wedding invitations are not all identical to one another, as you think. Sometimes even contain relevant information. For example, the grooms might inform you that the wedding will have a dress code, such attire can be formal, like black-tie or even a casual attire, beach, depending on long it will be, where the wedding will take place, so if you peruse the wedding invitation you will ensure that you wear the appropriate attire to the event.

Now, when the outfit suitable for wedding is casual, it does not mean that you have to get your jeans and a shirt. You know what they say, better overdressed than underdressed. Better  you are more elegant than others than feeling bad because you’re the only one who was dressed in jeans to a wedding, especially you who have a reputation as a true fashionista. So choose to wear to weddings that informed you that the dress code is casual, your cocktail dresses that are a perfect match for the wedding. This way you can not go wrong.

Match your cocktail gowns that you will wear to the wedding with a pair of stiletto shoes or the must-have shoes of this season, sandals with thick heels and be sure that you can not go wrong with such attire. Moreover, thick heel sandals are very convenient, so you can dance all night and feel good without the next day to complain of unbearable pain feet. Now doesn’t that sound perfect? Hopefully you’ll have more  casual weddings this year because this way you feel will good and you will spend an unforgettable evening.


Appropriate dress for a summer wedding


Dresses with prints! Floral dresses are not suitable for events that occur in winter, but at the same time, nobody can forbid you should opt for one, if you feel it necessary. Such dresses are designed for warm seasons, and if you’re a sociable, might such a subject bound to be even the first discussion you have with people you meet at events.

Very important is the fact that although these dresses attract glances, they do not have the power to eclipse, however, the bride. Opting for any light colored dress and as colorful as possible. Either we are talking about dresses with polka dots, prints or works of art with floral prints, nothing is too much for spring-summer season.

Whether you opt for a flared dress in 60s style or, on the contrary, opt for a dress molded to emphasize your shape, you can complete your outfit with a jacket and a discreet waist belt, that will highlight this area. Accessories must maintain the office register, so choose to wear a pair of heels and a average classical purse in neutral shades.

A floral print dress can be the basic piece of a summer outfit. Whether you prefer short dresses or long ones, opt for loose materials, natural and delicate prints. For a cool air, choose to complete your outfit with a belt in delicate tones that will emphasize the waist.

How to wear print dresses! Take courage with small clothing items. As with any kind of print, begins with a scarf, a shirt or a shirt. It will be easier to integrate them in the wardrobe, you’ll wear more often, plus they wear out easily or if you do not like your choice, you will not regret too much the investment.

Any color from the print may be associated with it. In translation, a skirt with magnolia flowers, which combines in the same drawing – lilac, purple, indigo, blue, pink – can be matched with a piece( shirt, jacket) in a shade unite from those found in print.

Pair them with neutral colors. I will remember two of them – white and blue denim. But as well you can wear floral prints with the entire range of beige’s, grays or black.

Flower size and positioning them according to your silhouette. Usually large prints on a white background creates an optical zoom, volume. But this does not exclude to stay away from them all, but bear them especially where you know you need more voluptuous curves: silhouettes appear in the torso, silhouettes without hips, butt in the thighs, slender silhouettes, toned, can wear them from head to toe. Anyway, the cut piece has to potentiate the effect of this volume.

For added subtlety, try stylized flowers on black, navy, dark green. They are highly suitable for veils, fluid fabrics, light that can be draped in evening dresses. Large brocade and flowers are terribly beautiful outfits for an evening occasion, etc.

The small flowers, the full prints, noisy, especially cotton, have a school air, especially from the 90s. But, they can have a retro charm on cotton or linen shirts accents – the cuffs, collar.

Floral accessories. The easiest is to change your bumper for your mobile phone, but you will enjoy more the hottest pair of leather shoes with flowers, also an envelope bag( wearing them separately!), possibly a bag with stylized flowers. It’s not about trend, because you will not buy them for a few months, but for years.

The flowers will be loved by you always and associations you will discover daily in the closet will make you think you have unlimited potential, which is true, considering that the designers manage to find so many variations.

And flowers embroidered on organza always and always will find their place in your wardrobe, they are extremely feminine and gives a luxurious look to any event outfit.


Don’t forget outfits with lace!


If you want to look more serious and that outside the box, lace is the ideal option. It can be worn in many variations, depending on how you feel and how comfortable you are. You can dress up in a long dress or a short lace dress that is backless. Whatever the choice, you will surely attract many looks at the wedding. During summer wear lace in any color and any model. Any piece of clothing that has lace makes you look more elegant to the event!

There are several kinds of lace, or different colors or various patterns, if you’re not sure what suits you, you can choose a piece of clothing made of lace that is cream, nude, white or black – so no you fail your outfit and you’ll be dressed after the latest trends. Moreover, if you do not want to risk so much to buy a skirt or shirt of lace, wear at least one piece of clothing with an application of lace: usually shirts or tops have it.

Although it doesn’t seem, lace is very malleable and can be adapted to any outfit. Thus, you can wear lace to elegant outfits, casual or chic with long pants or shorts, and even in jeans, with long skirts or short dresses or jackets, boleros or charts.

When you want to match a piece of clothing made of lace, you must keep in mind some rules:

  1. Lace attracts attention and can be considered the centerpiece of the outfit.
  2. Do not blend with lace outfit that includes another piece of clothing that have geometric or floral prints. Lace can be matched with solid colors only.
  3. Jewelry should be simple, even minimalist, they should not compete with the lace: choose simple earrings, a chain with pendant, small bracelets( may be more) and, if you like, a simple ring.
  4. Do not wear black tights on a dress or a skirt of lace that is white or cream, unless you want to get a strange look.
  5. Footwear must be adapted to the outfit, depending on the occasion.

Ideas for dresses:

-Beige lace dress. Beige lace dress with precious applications is perfect for an important event like a wedding party, or a cocktail. You’ll certainly turn heads in this dress.

-Green lace dress. Accessorize the dress with a statement necklace and a waist strap and go! Ready to go without too much hassle!

-Gray lace dress. If you like molded dresses, then this is perfect for you. Due to the bright inserts t you won’t need too extravagant accessories.You can wear some or let the dress spark alone!

-Black lace dress. Suitable for an important meeting or an event in which the dress code is black. Because black color will help you hide your belly, those which you still have not managed to get rid off.

-Pink lace dress. Pink is one of the most feminine color, and if we add lace, we created an outfit that is feminine, elegant and sweet. You will make yourself noticed whenever you wear this dress.


Greek style


Long dresses that take your mind to a goddess are always a great choice. These can be completed smoothly with different prints according to your preference. A long dress with print fits specifically to weddings that take place outdoors and are given the rather simple gown, formal or traditional wedding events taking place in a formal setting.

Greek evening dresses. In the evening count on the sensuality of Greek dresses that are long to the ground, draped, silk or other loose and sophisticated materials. Be careful to choose your dress model according to your silhouette. For example, if you have a large bust, and you don’t even think to give up the bra or bustier, count on a long dress, with a V-neck, to mark your waist possibly with a drawstring.

If you want to distract attention from protruding hips, opt for Greek strapless dresses, accessorized with a metallic necklace, or wear a one shoulder draped dress.

How we properly accessorize Greek dresses? We have to talk about the accessories, because they are very important in defining any style of the dress. To complete the perfect outfit in the Greek style, opt for those rigid metal clips at the neck, which really gives you the look of a Greek goddess, or wide bracelets, silver or obsolete golden. Do not forget gladiator sandals or orthopedic soles, Greek key elements that make up the ideal outfit.

Even the hairstyle plays an important role in obtaining a Greek-inspired look. Accessorize your hair and curl it with a delicate ribbon or a braiding made like a side fishtail. Buns and braids are recommended to look like a goddess. You rely on femininity at a Greek wedding, which automatically will log you out of obscurity at that wedding!

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