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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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What makes a hero? - Alpha Male Nation

how to become a hero

Before we can tell how a hero is made or defined, we have to decide on what is a hero. I’m sure many of you have a clear as crystal image in your head of how a hero looks like. I’ve questioned some people and here are their answers.

The first person told me that he would never be worthy that he couldn’t possibly be a hero, but deep inside he dreams that one day he’s going to be a hero. His concepts are a bit out of the natural world, dreaming of how to wield a sword and save a princess, so in that way he will become a hero. Sounds silly, huh? With all the technology and stuff like this, who wields a sword in the century of guns? In a century when even a baby can have access to a gun. How would the world see him? First, as a brave person, because he’s putting the life of others in front and leaving his behind, knowing that he might get killed.

It that the definition of a hero or just the definition of being brave? We are so different, but in essence, we are the same, we all fear something. It is a wrong concept believing that being brave means not to have fear at all. Actually, the fear drives us and creates adrenaline in our body and makes us brave. You can’t be brave without being afraid. Only a psychopath doesn’t have emotions that includes fear too.

He only feels the need for power. The power of creating an empire. He could step on everyone and everything to get what he wants and he wouldn’t care for one second. Seems hard to believe, but that is the truth and this kind of people really exist and they live among us. Until some age, they might not figure out that they are different somehow, but they will fake everything in order to achieve their desires.

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They will think their behavior is natural and nothing different from others. As they grow old, they won’t understand (or maybe they will try just for the sake of science) how other people feel when they are hurt, when they suffer or feel any emotion. Can a psychopath be a hero? I think it can be. But not as you may think. For him it just may be a step in his progress to power, something that he has to do with all cost.

So, is he a hero after all? If you don’t want to be a hero, if you don’t have a good soul, if you are only doing it because you feel the need to manipulate to get what you desire the most, if you get all the credits for being “good”, but in fact, you are nothing like the definition of good. Does it still counts?The person that was interviewed also told me that he would reconsider his concepts and he will try to find a more close to truth appearance of a hero. Until then, we can only discuss the opinion of the second person.

The second person that agreed to talk to me was a woman in her 30s. At first thought, it gave me the impression that some gentlemen that were her lovers had a bit of the character of a hero. But after some talking time, the ideas started to contour and I finally understood what she was talking about. She also said that being brave defines a man and makes him more attractive to all females, because our hormones will always choose a male that will and can protect us from any danger.

Maybe it’s not the case nowadays, because we, somehow, live in a safer world than few centuries ago. But that is how a woman was created, to be gentle, beautiful and weak. Yes, women are weak, but not in a bad way. A woman’s body is made to steal the eyes of men, not to cut trees or lift heavy objects. That is how nature left us and after my opinion, did a great job. While the man has to be strong, the woman will be there to comfort him, to be his weakness. But how many men actually have the strength and guts to protect their wife/girlfriend? She said that chivalry is not necessarily dead, but it is very rare and she gave me a piece of advice.

She told me that an important quality that she respects is how a man is brave and advised me to keep such a man if I ever meet one. I asked for an example of a hero and she said that every policeman and fireman should be brave, because they are fighting with the inevitable every day and that society does not give enough credit to those who deserve. I don’t know if I should take her side on this or not. I mean, I’ve seen policeman that gave their life to protect the others and I’ve also seen others that fled from the crime scene in a second. The one that died during a mission will always remain in our memory as a hero and it should be taken as a model. But there is a thing that we are forgetting here. This is their job.

This is what they chose to be, this is what they dreamed since when they were kids (we exclude the cases in which they only did it for the money/power). So, if that was their job, if this was what they’ve trained for, if they were just caught in the crossfire, they will still be considered a hero? Now let’s take the case of the other cop, who didn’t want to be killed and theoretically, did not do his job (theoretically, because his job is not to die, but to serve until his last days or until he retires). How society will see him? As a coward, as someone who only thought of himself, maybe leaving innocents get hurt or even might die? Might be true, but we don’t know what really happened there. Let’s not judge too fast.

Judging others and not seeing what we are on the inside is not the fairest thing. I’ve seen lots of people judging, but I don’t think anyone has the right to judge, because everyone has a life and has the right to live it as they can or want. Maybe that police officer thought of his two kids when he decided not to act. And now another feeling, being selfish enters the picture. He was selfish because he thought that his kids will grow old without him being around or he was selfish because he couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing them again and playing with them? Was he a hero for his kids that day?

The third person was not exactly a person, but a little boy. If you are wondering why I would interview a child, then here is my answer. Children see the world different, they are still innocent and they choose models or heroes to guide them through life. I though a child’s opinion on this subject will change your way of viewing things. I asked him how a hero should be and this is his response: “he should be strong and he should love everyone”. I asked him why he should love everyone and he said that there is no other way, that this way he will be able to save people in need.

We’ve came close to a definition, deciding if a hero means always to safe people, no matter what. But what else a hero should do? Or what does a hero gets for saving someone else? He may receive gratitude and he will always be seen as a good man, but I don’t think heroes want this, as they have to be a bit selfless. I think that deep inside, they receive that love from the ones they save. They grow their happiness based on others happiness.

They feel like they won’t have a purpose or that they will never be truly happy if they won’t dedicate their lives to saving people and not only. I also asked the little boy to give me an example of a hero and he said that his favorite is Batman and then Superman and since he is a child and he keeps fantasizing about unreal worlds, I put him to give me an example from the real world. He said that his dad is the best example of a hero. He said that he sees in him a model, a good man that takes care of his family and that one day he wants to be the same.

He mentioned a few things that in his eyes showed how brave his dad was in certain moments and how he was afraid. He was pretty convinced that his dad is a hero and he brags about it all the time on school and among his friends. I chose to interview a child because sometimes a child’s eyes can see more than an adult’s eyes. We build our personality from the moment we start to talk and see what is around us. We see our parents, the house that we live in. Some unfortunate see poverty, see violence, see things a child is not supposed to see. And that is how its personality will grow and will define him later. But the major point here is that we choose a close person to us to be our model. The person we like the most. And we copy its character in a good way or in a bad way. Can a model be our hero? Or can a hero be a model?

A hero has many qualities and many would say that it’s wise to choose someone like that and to follow them in life. We guide our actions after them and we act like we are supposed to, according to what we think it is right. But do we really know what is good for us? There are different opinion on this all across the world and some say that we should know ourselves better before choosing to follow the characteristics of a hero. While this thing is easier for some, because they have simple and predictable personalities, for the other might be a little difficult.

In the end, it’s all about perspective. How I see a hero and how you see it might be completely different. People always argued about everything, because we have the freedom to express what we feel and we don’t think that we can harm someone else so easily with our words. Since many of us have plenty of stressful days at work, our hero may be our significant other when we get home and we see a nice cooked meal on the table and a glass of wine. Or even the guy who sees that you are tired and brings you a coffee.

For others, a hero may be the guy who stopped his car before running into a pigeon. Even though it is a small gesture, it may mean a lot to a sensitive soul. There are all sorts of people and all sorts heroes. Although I’m not taking any sides, your God (it doesn’t matter what your religion is) may be your hero. He teaches you how to behave and tries to separate well from evil. You listen to him and apply his methods daily. You pray to him, you believe in him, you put all your trust in him and you teach your kids to do the same. When you ask something of him and then you obtain that thing, even though it would’ve seen impossible to achieve it, you have more respect for him and for that moment he is your hero. But when everything goes bad, you think of him to help and put your faith in him. Isn’t he or she a hero to you?