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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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What is the Alpha Male Lifestyle? - Alpha Male Nation

What is the Alpha Male Lifestyle?

Do you often feel like you have not reached your full potential both socially and sexually? Do you sometimes struggle with socializing and/or maintaining long-lasting romantic relationships? Do you want to become more successful and charming around the ladies? Then the Alpha male lifestyle is your ideal path towards all of this and even more!

Undoubtedly, being a man in contemporary society can be very difficult nowadays, since there is a true, yet unspoken pressure to be a perfect combination between masculinity, handsomeness, power, and care towards women. In turn, such attributes would then allow you to follow your dreams and aspirations towards fulfillment, but also to be seen as someone worthy of their personal triumph. Even so, these goals are often hard to achieve, since male competition seems to be increasing by the day, not to mention being extremely fierce and most times ‘unfair’ when it comes to good jobs or worthwhile females, for example. As a result, this might leave you feeling like you are incapable of progress, maybe too introverted, even weak and undeserving of success as a man.

To make it clear, this dire scenario should definitely not be the case for any modern individual. Fortunately, by following some very simple, yet highly effective guidelines, you too can rise above your current state and unquestionably call yourself a genuine Alpha male in no time at all.

What is the Alpha Male Lifestyle and how do I get it?

As previously mentioned, being an Alpha male is not something you are necessarily born with, but something which you acquire through hard work and lots of self-confidence. Thus, an Alpha male is someone who can be regarded as a leader, a strong figure in his community, a center of gravity towards which all women are inevitably drawn. Nevertheless, he embodies such a complex character that he cannot be defined in just a few simple words. As a result, here are the 19 essential characteristics any true Alpha male represents and should definitely possess in order to be considered successful and attractive:

  1. Great determination – an Alpha male will always have high goals to achieve and barriers to overcome in both society and his personal life. This is why he is, by definition, an individual who greatly focuses on his tasks at hand and who constantly gives 110% of his work power to whatever challenge he might be faced with.
  1. Confidence to be himself – being an Alpha male means being completely comfortable in your own skin and with your decisions in life, but, at the same time, making sure others are aware of that. While some might mistake this attitude with cockiness, it’s actually a great way of motivating oneself into reaching said goals and aspirations. In addition, it will help you attract the attention of women, since they will see you as someone who isn’t afraid to be uniquely certain of himself and his potential.
  1. Respects and is respected – while a true Alpha male will always be one step ahead of others, this does not mean he can be rude or disrespectful towards them. Let it be clear – he is not and never will be a bully. An Alpha male will impose respect onto others through his confident behaviour, while also showing his respect for those who have earned it.
  1. Leader of the pack – an Alpha male is a natural born leader, a trait which will most definitely show at times when a central figure of authority and balance is needed. He will take control of any difficult situation and easily become the person towards all the others turn to for advice and directions, since he is most definitely the best prepared and driven towards achieving the set objectives. Nevertheless, in order to constantly become better, he must surround himself with other Alpha males, from which he can learn and take guidance when necessary.
  1. A boss, but not bossy – for an Alpha male, being a boss (or a leader) means using all the available resources towards reaching an aim, whether he has to do it by himself or alongside others. If the case is the latter, then he will know when to assert himself and when to accept suggestions, because any Alpha male knows the difference between being a good team manager and an overbearing figure.
  1. Doesn’t give up – ‘when the going gets tough, you get tougher’ – those are the words by which any real Alpha male Consequently, he is aware of the fact that, in order to thrive, he has to overcome hardship every single time, by learning from his mistakes or eventual shortcomings and then transforming them into stories of success.
  1. Moral high ground – being an Alpha male means having high standards and strong moral values, which are then constantly reflected in his actions and life choices. As a consequence, he would never stoop himself so as to be considered arrogant, aggressive, or a ‘loose’ man. An Alpha male will be kind and considerate to those around him, while simultaneously displaying an imposing figure and presence.
  1. Calm and composed – unlike Beta males, who will be quick in losing their temper and composure, an Alpha male will never betray his calm, calculated, and attentive personality. What is more, he will never let his emotions get the best of him; instead, he will remain cool and pensive, figuring out the best method in which to approach the situation he is faced with at that particular moment.
  1. Good dresser – a true Alpha male is someone renowned for their style and appearance, meaning that he will never be seen dressed inappropriately or frumpy looking (be it at an important meeting or just amongst friends, for instance). On the contrary, the Alpha male is greatly aware of both the type of clothes which suit him and the social environment he is a part of. As a result, he will always ‘dress to impress’ accordingly.
  1. Admits his mistakes – while some might mistake being an Alpha male for someone who never gets down from their imaginary pedestal, the truth is exactly the opposite. Thus, an Alpha male is an individual unafraid to own up to his faults and flaws; by properly acknowledging them, this will then become the starting point of correction, so as to improve and become an overall better person.
  1. Intelligent and wise – it is not enough to look good and have an imposing attitude to be an Alpha male because, if you lack the necessary intellect and rationality to back them up, then you are an incomplete representative of this status. Thereby, an Alpha male is constantly pushing himself to become smarter, more logical and faster in his decision making techniques, as well as more focused in his analytical approach of both work and social situations.
  1. Sees the bright side of things – an actual Alpha male is aware of the fact that the way in which you think undoubtedly affects all the aspects of your life, so he always tries to see the glass half full in whatever position he finds himself into. Where others see an impediment, he will see an opportunity to assert and improve himself. That is why he will truly be seen as an optimist by the ones around him, since he radiates positive energy, good humour, and desire to live his life to the fullest.
  1. Physically attractive – it is no secret that people are generally drawn towards individuals that are seen as beautiful and fit, which is why any Alpha male will put great emphasis on taking care of his body as well as his mind. A healthy diet, regular exercise, even meditation sessions, these are all a normal part of an Alpha male’s daily routine. In addition, they bring structure and increased focus into his life, aside from making him appear more masculine and alluring towards women.
  1. Good at solving problems – instead of getting frustrated when he can’t find a solution or just leave it up to others to find it for him, a good Alpha male will take immediate control, assess the available data, then work towards figuring out the exact answers for his current situation. This is owing to his ability to think fast and proficiently in pressuring cases where others might fail. As a result, you will always find him as the leading figure in an organization or company, as well as the first to be promoted to a higher function.
  1. Knows he can (and will) improve – no man is born a true Alpha male, but any man can become one through hard work and perseverance. Thus, it’s important to remember that being an Alpha male is a continuous process of both improvement and continuous self-realization. It mostly depends on one’s ability to recognize his mistakes, learn from them, rise above difficult circumstances, then become better than the person he was in the past. At the same time, he must remain humble and considerate towards others in order to constantly grow.
  1. Appropriate body language – body language is an important component of any Alpha male’s arsenal, meaning that the way in which he walks, speaks, and presents his body towards others will greatly impact his personal image. As a consequence, Alpha males generally walk at a moderate pace, with a straight posture, aware of both their attraction and influence on others. In addition, they talk clearly and concisely, without any kind of shy mumbling or by rambling on for ages on a subject. Because they can easily dominate a conversation through their eloquence, Alpha males will let others bring their contribution without cutting them off, at the same time being permanently prepared with an answer or advice for those who ask for it.
  1. A ladies man, not a womanizer – when it comes to women, an Alpha male will know how to be the most seductive combination between strength and charm, thus never becoming too clingy, demanding or submissive. He will conquer only the best of them, yet have it known that he wishes to be impressed in return. However, he will not be caught jumping from one bed to another; instead, he will invest into his relationships and treat his partner with the same respect and affection he demands for himself.
  1. Great communication skills – an Alpha male will usually get his point across fairly easily because he is considered good at expressing himself both verbally and non-verbally. Therefore, he will not shy away from expressing his opinions or desires, whether we are talking about his professional or personal life. In which concerns the latter, an Alpha male will be a good flirt, perfectly in command of his sexuality, but also not afraid of showing his feelings towards his partner.
  1. Strong and imposing – whether it’s at the workplace or in his relationship with women, a true Alpha male knows that his overall persona must always be the center of attention and focus. By displaying an impressive physique, great moral values, and an undeniable intellectual capacity, he will prove beyond any doubt that he is a true leader and indisputable Alpha male, aware of both his value and future potential.

As can be easily deduced by now, becoming an Alpha male requires full commitment to living a life focused on one’s constant fulfillment and personal becoming. While anybody can seem charming and self-assuring to some degree, only a true Alpha male will encompass all the characteristics detailed above and many more, which is what sets him apart from the crowd. Therefore, being an Alpha male has to be both a goal and a responsibility, since it involves not only changing yourself for the better, but also improving the world around you.

A good leader, a handsome and calculated gentleman, the ideal combination between Prince Charming and James Bond that any woman dreams about at night – these are some of the things the Alpha male lifestyle implies. Doesn’t it sound just perfect? Luckily, you too can gradually become this kind of man with the Alpha male lifestyle guidelines. All you have to do is carefully follow the advice detailed above, believe in yourself, and constantly strive to reveal the best version of yourself to the surrounding world. With time and effort, you too can unleash the Alpha male found inside you!