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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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What does it mean to be an alpha? - Alpha Male Nation


I noticed that there is much confusion among men about what it means to be an alpha man. Of course, in the animal kingdom always makes an alpha male to mate, to the detriment of others, whose gene is not spreading. But how this phenomenon transpose among humans, what  assumes to be the alpha man, and what is behind it, I will try to show in the viewfinder in the following.

How to be alpha man

There is a difference between an alpha male at the animal kingdom, and an alpha male, which difference should not be overlooked. Alpha male, refers more to be dominant on the biological aspect of evolution, while performed Alpha man passed over this level. The alpha man embodies all the qualities of the macho man, as it was represented in the 30’s, very authoritarian, with submissive wives, just as today he had to evolve, had to become more social, to have a social conscience enhanced and not finally, he has to have emotional intelligence to be able to cope with social situations and emotions that are around him.

Most men who get seduction from the communities, I think it’s enough just to copy the behavior of alpha, ready to recite the same lines and they have become the same. They will have the same results. But from experience, we realized that is not enough, I realized that there was something deeper. I am having a technical background, when I came the first time this community was as if I have found a technical manual to social interactions, execute A get B, as we were used to in college, but apparently it is not enough to imitate behavior. There is a difference between imitating and modeling behavior. A model is to observe behavior and then integrate it and change it after your own personality.

Growing authenticity

The true alpha man is that which no one can read your thoughts, but intentions may feel them, even if you talk about something else. And women are like a sponge of intentions, you can smell it from a mile, they can realize that there is something behind what you do. What is the difference between a man or a girl with hidden intentions, and one with real intentions? The one who has hidden intentions is behaving as if they would shout loudly by a woman, so women are sensitive about hidden intentions.

What to do? Well, we have to look at personal values and moral code of ethics of everyone. If you stay half an hour and write down all your values, passions, beliefs and your purpose in life, you become more sure of yourself in a conversation. When you talk to someone, I mind my values, all beliefs and what I aim in life, and this implies authenticity of the game. People are hungry for a genuine connection, the only way to provide real and authentic connection is as yourself to be real and authentic. Once you understand what is happening in depth, you will play women in a totally different way, words do not count at all.

Once you are seductive in future, you will discover that there are a lot of techniques that can be implemented, they are starting to think that every social interaction there is something you could do to get a number, or seduce a girl, etc. This mindset is also bad for them, because at the end of each interaction, plays as a failure instead to remember what was expedient. Also there is a gutshot, because they have entered into a conversation, and in the end they did not get what they wanted. While if you get into a conversation knowing that you’ll give it your best, and you try to learn everything you can from it knowing that there is always a factor that you can not control, you have less luck, because you’ll feel more comfortable. In this way it becomes more present to the situation and you will not think so much in your mind from all sorts of scenarios.

Did not ever happened to you to know a person who was amused by his own mistakes? For example, a presentation, a colleague of mine stumbled into the lead from the projector and was close to getting him dropped, and the room began to laugh at him and his reply “Stay calm, as always happens to me, I think my ex girlfriend mentions me” and suddenly all the tension created in the room disappears. As in the case of a woman, if I expose your dialogue internally, “You know, you kinda make me feel a little intimidated by you, and I forgot which joke I wanted to tell you, because I wanted to say something funny! “, you will see much more success than if you try to repeat something you read on the internet or you saw in a movie.

It is very important, and attractive in a conversation to hear about your vulnerabilities, in this way they will lower the guard, and will begin to open little by little while they began to talk about it in a different way. The vulnerability has a huge effect on the other person, if you know how to present it in a more amusing way.


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The treatment in case of a refuse

As a fresh alpha men, read all sorts of techniques and begin to implement them and then begin to have small successes. But is wrong to believe that they will become good only when they will be able to sleep with any woman in any situation. Why saying that this thinking is not useful? Because the woman becomes the only goal of their own.

Men need to focus on their own path in life, where they go, where they will arrive, and women are a byproduct of their lives if they want to accompany him to the dirt road, for the greatness, if not, he should continue. Also because of this approach anxiety appears, because they are afraid of rejection, the wrong way of looking at the situation. I, personally, when I walk into a conversation, I am not looking first to take his phone number, and a kiss or other purposes to make me be attached to the result. All I want to know is whether it is quite interesting and cool for me to talk with him at a different time.

And if you comply with my expectations, then I’ll be a little more interactive and interacting change order to go further, for example, exchange numbers, instant data, etc. Often conversations starts, tying me of something that happens now, or I will compliment about something unrelated to her physical appearance, its energy, but usually I have some routines helping to stop the interaction further. We recast the classic, we don’t work with denial. That must be accepted and understood properly, not just to trick your mind that there is no denial. I can not be denied, it can not happen, a woman does not have this power over me.

You have to put in perspective what really a refusal of a person upon you their opinion about you and how you reach your influence in your goal. Most men who have this fear of rejection are those who have cultivated this shame in their childhood, usually came from when their parents told them not to make noise or when they were in society. So lose confidence in them and they feel bad when they are in a crowd. The real way to keep perspective on refusal is that nobody refuses, you’re the only one who can refuse, refusal exists only in your mind.

A very useful analogy that it’s good to remember: Think you are a good boy, you have a big heart, and you go to visit your family in Ethiopia with a lot of food for them in the backpack. And at the entrance, the man of the house, shouts at you: “What are you doing in our home, go see your own business, and take your food with you!”, Well what response you have in your mind?

Growing assertiveness

Alpha man, should not force and neither to be too lenient with a woman. If we create a line of behavior, from a nice guy to a jerk, alpha man was somewhere right in the middle, just a little, is not neutral, assertive. For a beginner, to hit the point where assertively behave starts, you should try both extremes of behavior. I remember the beginning, as I was rude and I did not provide anything from me when interacting with women, but with the time I started to leave everything until you get to give a lot, but provided by you.

And now hit the road

For one who is the beginning, before you try all sorts of techniques, you must really know who you are. They need to know what are the aims of their passion, what is a life that has values. After you decide which is your mission, all the techniques and routines that will fit you – will serve you later. Another metaphor that I know, is to imagine you are in a movie theater and see the end of a movie, then come inside back to the same movie and start to see it from the beginning. True, the mystery disappears in the movie, but you will watch the movie without being a little anxious and you will not worry so much on the final result.

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Characteristics of the alpha man:

  • Always pressured by time: Alpha man has always places to go, people to see. It has 3 hours for phone calls. He has no time to wait a woman more than 15 minutes when she is running late. Not more than a minute to wait on hold to speak to someone else.
  • Interested only by himself first: That should not be confused with selfishness or self-centered. It just means that Alpha male life and fun come first. If you do not act to secure your own satisfaction in life, you will die a martyr.
  • He creates its own reality: A man realizes that Alpha can not be dependent on anyone and to make life fun, so has to do it on his own. Create a “bubble” of happiness, fun and good spirit around you, so when you meet a new person, you will be confident, because it will be interesting just by the aura of power that emanates.
  • He uses cleverness first, then muscles: A true Alpha knows that today you do not have to fight and hunt for survival how our ancestors once did. Now we have the luxury to create a new type of dominant man who has to physically dominate enemies. He knows that using his smart and instincts are the most important.
  • He does not need others approval: The Alpha knows his own way in life was created for him and he knows what has defined his ethics, his own rules of conduct and code of honor, trust has already been established. What other people think, this is secondary. No one else needs to put a stamp of approval for the way that he chose to live his life.
  • He is gentle and energetic: And he knows how to rein in your emotions to make a greater good. He knows he must be tough all the time, and those people who throw their weight around are usually the least confident.( there’s a saying: empty barrel makes the most noise)
  • He is decided about what he wants: The Alpha knows what he wants from life and actively pursues his goal. It established specific goals and plans to achieve them. And he knows how to make decisions quickly.
  • Understand the role of risk in life, is aware that life is most unfortunate if you have regrets – things that are undone. He knows and understands it. He knows that life is a great adventure – or it is nothing.
  • He does not bet more than he can afford to lose: alpha man does not risk more than they can afford to lose, and understand when caution is needed for balance. Understand risk and reward, and how to evaluate them.
  • He excuses for his failures: He knows that the only ones who fail are those who never try. Failure is part of life. Hurry up and fail to get success quicker is his motto.
  • He grows every day: Alfa man knows that the only way they can stay on top of the evolutionary group is to learn to grow. Those who do not grow – die. Read books and literature every day. It sets achievable goals and their focus toward getting their drive and ambition. That’s enough time to be soft and relaxed when he’s dead. Life is very short, and he has a lot to accomplish here. He knows women are a secondary objective, never the main purpose: Women and sex are an important but not central in the lives of an Alpha men. Women will be secondary benefit of a life that is lived to the full, and browse with confidence.
  • Controls his passions and demons: Alfa man knows which are strengths and weaknesses in life, and uses them to progress and success. His hobbies make it to advance with determination, and knows the value of balance in his concerns. He also knows his vulnerabilities, and cultivated throughout the self-discipline to not let them get the best of him.
  • He has a well-developed sense of humor: Alpha man knows that nothing in life is so serious, and knows how to laugh at themselves, as well as the rest of the world. Makes others laugh and feel good about their people.
  • He recognize that time is the most valuable thing: Even more than money, time is priceless. As the saying goes, you can not take it with you, and do not want to wake up to the end of his life chasing riches, then not have time to enjoy them. No one on the death bed does not want to have spent more time at the office. Time is all you have consumed. Never let yourself “kill time”. That’s actually suicide.
  • He is mature and confident enough to leave his ego aside: The Alpha knows that ego is only a figment of imagination. When they make it a priority to defend the “image”, they will inevitably fall prey to disappointment influenced by pride. Only insecure people need to protect their ego.
  • He focuses on long- term vision rather than on achieving short ones: boys have a penchant for looking only ahead when it comes to some attractions in life, such as money and women. He knows when to delay gratification to serve his purposes.

Alpha man is in love with itself in a narcissistic and arrogant way, that his purpose in life is to make history. Which says that no matter how many times you fall but how many times you get up. The awe of the grandeur is not only on his plans, but also the discipline and effort he submits on this road. So the man alpha works. Not to buy the woman, but confidence. He evolved much in puberty and is happy that it went like this. He seeks a partner with which to conquer the world, and to have any horizon. Knows everything there is to know and choose.

Knowing the sex soon, reaches its limits, the answer is the same every time: more than that, this is not! Alpha man will prefer evolution of vertical and horizontal. The alpha man will feel like a god, but not like asking others to have faith, but it looks like the miracle there, being himself the change and it wants the woman to be stable, honest, vulnerable. His divine attributes are measured in courage and he’s still a human. I mean with feelings and emotions. Sometimes overwhelming. The alpha man listens and observes. What is not said is often more precious than his words. And his favorite drug is empathy, because he does not lose each other, but rather cares for them.

When she complains about life and the world, he knows it’s not a criticism of him and that all he needs is a hug. The man embraces alpha. More – just is problem solver and this is the only solution. Alpha man is in danger of encountering an alpha female – does not feel neutered or threatened but the opportunist in him says, they can become omega! A master really become one with an alpha female. The alpha man take risks. Including the risk of falling in love. Because he knows the validity of his real strength is when an opponent has a match.

He did not derive his self validation by mediocre successes but by the disintegration of number one enemy: fear. So love, in spite of all, means fear. Alpha man does not think women should not only be loved and understood. An understanding for differences, so that’s willing to step out of his comfort zone to give her what she needs. It is very logical that makes its effort is so small for the outcome. Because it knows that justice is a concept that we are negotiating, not to any one in hand, but theirs together.

Alpha man fails to defend the ego. He’s not feeling criticized, but carefully understands what others think, those who appreciates himself. It’s open to learn, evolve and not to be arrogant like he’s on a pedestal. So read the alpha man. At least enough to know him. The alpha man dominate. Subtle. Even when it’s on his knees, because vulnerability is a lethal weapon that destroys all pride. His dominance comes from accepting the feelings and emotions that society has taught him to suppress. He does not seem what it is not, but it is what it is.

Stability comes from his vision. Because…the Alpha man is a visionary. No plagiarism or fraudulent stories of others in the movies, but has a vision. Who he is, where it comes from and where it is going. About things that matter and things that do not matter. Alpha man is attracted to women that are  stronger than him. Because they know that power is actually greater, but is in an inaccessible area of mastery as a man’s desire. He quickly learn from it through a supreme act of faith – logic and reason is indulging in rehab on his own signature.

And you are near him because you are a strong woman and you continues to grow, so it is part of learning by destination. Attention, sex can be sensational in this case, because each time, although they are the same, it seems that another man is making love to another woman. Because they do not relate only to each other but look together in the same direction. No, it is an exercise of the Kama Sutra – although you can try, I heard interesting stories – but it’s a pertaining concept to the psychology of success: knowing how to tolerate frustration moment for a greater pleasure in the end. Only way to achieve their goals, resisting the urge to win more time.

That means the discipline has to control the instincts, the mistrust and occasional syncope knowing that in the end there is a prize to be had. The man resist the temptation to become beta, because he knows that being beta is even harder!

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