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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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What to do when your girlfriend is a friend of your ex - Alpha Male Nation

What to do when your girlfriend is a friend of your ex

There are some unwritten rules that say it is against all common sense to fall in love with a girl that is part of your girlfriend’s gang. But, when Cupid “strikes”, all reason is lost…

TV shows like “Melrose Place” always made me wonder, especially back then, during my teenage years, whether such sentimental schemes can actually occur in real life. Do real partners engage in sexual slalom among their friends?

Oh, my! The deprivation! And when in “Beverly Hills 90210” Dylan and Brandon were fighting over Kelly, not only they could not find anything shameful in the whole situation, but their only apparent concern was the spoiled blonde’s favorite flavor of condoms! Outrageous!

After a few years, I found out on my own skin that things are pretty much the same in real life. However, some situations are so delicate, that they have to be managed with utmost attention, especially when you have a crush on your ex-girlfriend’s best friend…

Be a gentleman

Discretion is a must-have quality in a real man, it’s like a mark that “identifies” a high quality individual and stands out from a mile away. So don’t get rid of it, especially when you’ve gotten yourself in between two friends.

Keep details about your ex like the most precious secret and, actually, don’t even bring up your previous relationship when talking to your current girlfriend.

Furthermore, if you ever bad-mouth your ex to your current girlfriend (don’t forget she’s her ex-friend at the same time), you’ll make a bad impression. Well, what does it say about you that you were once involved with, let’s say, “a desperate chick”?

So, regardless of the terms of your break-up, limit yourself to maintain a neutral attitude to her.

Take them as they are

If you’re the kind of guy who can’t help himself comparing the girls he’s dated when he’s hanging out with the guys and have a good laugh about it, you must give up this habit when you “steal” the heart of close friend your (ex)girlfriend!

And, anyway, when you have the tendency to perform an “X-ray” on those poor innocent girls, the conclusions you reach might not make you feel better or happier – you’ll always think that the ex was better at oral sex, while the current girlfriend excels in tweaking… however, the ex was more resourceful, and so on.


Remain sincere and straightforward

Towards both ladies! Don’t mislead your current girlfriend with smooth talking about how she’s helped you find true love, and your ex with tacky lines such us “I’ll never forget you”.

Girls have this bad habit of clinging to every word their partners whisper to them and build up high hopes from nothing. What’s more, even though it’s unlikely that two of them are still close friend, they might still talk to each other and it’s bad form to find out that you “sell” the same lines to both of them.