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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Ways to stop snoring - Alpha Male Nation

Ways to stop snoring -

I was in a desperate situation because of snoring or how this condition is called scientifically, roncopatia. I know it may not seem like a disease at all, but the worst is that you do not remember anything, while your girlfriend can not sleep. Although, I had about 25 years when my first girlfriend left me because of this, instead of solving the problem I took it as an act of selfishness from her part.

My second girlfriend even registered me while I was sleeping and I realized that the noise was excessive and no normal person could sleep next to me. I took a series of measures, some really drastic, I even bought a anti-snoring gel, which I saw on an advertisement on TV, but it did not work and it proved to be a big hoax. It didn’t keep me from snoring, but it also left a pretty bad eczema on my skin.

The problem was that we were living in an one room apartment and it didn’t matter where I was sleeping, because anyway she could hear my snoring, but in time she got used to it. The real ordeal began after our son, Sam, was born and he was crying all night because of it and then, I was awake too, and the next day at work I could not cope with the workload. And we couldn’t afford to move soon and it became a family problem.

Alpha Male Sleep Apnea Diagram

I decided to take medical leave and to study and solve this dire situation that not only affected me,but my loved ones. I will present to you some fast methods for stop snoring, but pay attention, you must go to see a doctor as well.

  • Clean your nose with special drops (or nasal pencils recommended by a doctor) or with seawater spray. You can put 400 ml of water in a kettle and when it boils, you put a tablespoon of sea salt and you let boil a bit more for the salt to dissolve. Then put it to cool, covered with a lid until the temperature reaches 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a disposable syringe and remove its needle and ask someone to put the liquid into your nostrils( but only 5ml, otherwise it may be a chance for you to suffocate). Repeat this process twice a day, it can reduce snoring.
  • Give up smoking, because like obesity, smoking is a major cause of snoring. As you already know, this is an extremely dangerous habit for your body. In fact, smoking can cause serious problems like emphysema or cancer. If you quit smoking, you will not only be healthier, but also the snoring will significantly reduce. Nicotine inflames respiratory pathways, causing nasal pharyngeal and laryngeal congestion.. Smoking can be reduced gradually from a pack, to a few number of cigarettes smoked per day. And the most important, do not smoke 4 hours before you go sleep.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption. Although urban folklore says that a glass of alcohol reduces snoring, a recent study shows that this is a myth. Alcohol consumption induces drowsiness, but it has devastating effects on your night sleep. In conclusion, snoring does not disappear when you drink alcohol and it may even increase. If you are used to drink alcohol, reduce its quantity to decent limits (a 100 ml glass if you are female and 200 ml if you are male) and avoid it totally after 5 PM.
  • Have dinner at least three hours before bedtime, because diaphragm movements are slow when your stomach is full, avoid meals with extra calories, also the fast food and spicy foods at late hours.
  • Be careful with your weight. A simple body mass index can tell you where you belong, if you have normal weight, if you are overweight or obese. A bloated abdomen presses on the diaphragm during sleep, preventing breathing. So take quick action and if you feel that you can not handle alone this problem, then go to a nutritionist, because outside of this health problem, obesity can create many other worse problems.
  • Go to a doctor. Maybe you have a septum deviation, rhinitis, chronic rinosinusite, hypertrophy of your tonsils or of the base of the tongue, lute hypertrophy (very long uvula) associated with excessive weight gain, increased fat mass in the neck and on its structures. Although I had a normal weight, I still could not see what the problem was. If your doctor says that you have ronhopatie, then you can solve this issues by simply losing weight, exercise, interventions with radiofrequency and maybe some of the advices I will give you.
  • Take care about the position in which you sleep. The position greatly influences your sleep. Sleeping on your back is healthy, because it prevents back and shoulder pain, gastroesophageal reflux disease, reduces wrinkles and keep breasts firm. However, remember that it is not recommended for people who snore and especially, their partners. Fetal position is still good for those who snore. It is like you are sleeping on a side, but you need a fuller pillow, to support the neck and to keep the column in a right position. People who sleep on their stomachs do not generally suffer from snoring. The pillow recommended for this sleep position it needs to be small or even absent, because in some cases can lead to suffocation.
  • Be careful at allergies. You can have allergies to dust, pollen, mold, downy feathers or hair. If you have a room in which mold appeared, it’s time to clean the mold as quickly as you can, also hair left by pets can be a cause that can lead to allergic rhinitis. Keep the room where you sleep cleaned and keep it away from factors that can cause your allergies. During a cold do gargle with cold water before bedtime, using one drop of peppermint oil. This remedy widens the respiratory tract, it reduces the swelling inside the nose wall and the snoring.
  • Avoid sleeping pills. Some medications such as sleeping pills and sedatives can aggravate the snoring. As a result, these drugs designed to improve sleep may cause occasional snoring and they may disrupt the sleep quality. You should talk with your doctor to limit sleep disorders through not using sleeping pills, try to sleep and wake up at regular times. It is better if you have a habit of reading, listening to relaxing music and not watching so much TV before going to bed. Stress is the enemy of good sleep.
  • Do inhalations. How to inhale correctly? The way you can achieve an inhalation is very simple, but it must be done correctly. Pour boiling water in a bowl. The bowl must be made of clay or to be glazed, since certain compounds of the essential oils or of the infused plants decompose in contact with metal. If you have to do inhalations with plants, you have to add them over boiling water. In aromatherapy, you have to add in the boiling water about 4 drops of pure oil (peppermint, eucalyptus or lavender), or a mixture of several pure oils. Immediately after we prepared the necessary stuff, we cover our head with a towel and we come closer to the bowl, in order to inhale the good vapors.

It is also important that cold air should be removed from the room, because in contact with the steam temperature it can affect the airways. The distance from the bowl should be higher at first, until we accommodate with the steam’s temperature, then we can gradually decrease the distance, approaching the bowl more and more. Inhalation process takes a few minutes and consists of light and deep breaths.

Rhinitis and sleep issues can also be treated with inhalations twice a day, based on elderflower or linden. The volatile oil of cedar is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, so it is recommended for colds. You can inhale the vapors from a solution made of 10 drops in 100 ml of hot water or make compresses on the nose with 10 drops in 100 ml of warm water. Prepare a mixture of 3 tablespoons of table salt and a cup of warm water in a deep dish. Vacuum the salt water through your nose and throw it out through the mouth. Repeat this process 5-6 times. Then  make some nose breathing exercises. In cases of muco-purulent rhinitis, wash your nose with saltwater solution. Salt is an excellent disinfectant. If alcohol, smoking or sleeping on your back promotes snoring, inhaling steam and eucalyptus oil inhibit it. After a stressful day, an inhalation before bedtime ensure a peaceful sleep.

  • Hygiene is very important. Ventilate the room twice a day and be careful to receive sufficient natural light. The bedding is the resting place of a person. Rest and calm sleep at night is possible only on a comfortable bed, fairly long and wide. Linen and pajamas must not only be clean, but also comfortable. It is not recommended to wrap your head with the duvet, because it can lead to suffocation. Bedding components should consist of weak rulers of heat. Bedding should be kept in perfect cleaning. It must be vented often and the bed linen should be changed 1 hour before sleep and the room should be well ventilated. Do not allow someone to smoke in the room where you sleep. A temperature of 64-68 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t promote snoring and it will give you a peaceful sleep.
  • Do not treat sleep lightly. Rest is very important. Give it the proper attention and do not work so much without having rest. When you’re very tired, you’re prone to snoring.
  • Consume mint peppermint. Mint is an effective natural product for stopping the snoring, especially if it is the cause of respiratory problems like cold or flu. In these cases, just add a drop of peppermint extract in a glass of cold water and gargle. The neck will freshen up and it will allow the air to circulate.
  • Anti snoring prosthesis! Don’t worry, it’s not about replacing your teeth with a classic prosthesis, but a special one. At the indication of a doctor (both your physician and your dentist), the person who has problems with snoring can find a solution in the anti snoring prosthesis. It is composed of two casts, one for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw, it can be put on every evening before bedtime and it allows air to penetrate more easily into the airways.
  • Nasal patches does not contain any medicinal substances and the action is purely mechanical. Nasal strips have a top layer that has the same skin color or they can be transparent and a lower adhesive layer, which helps you to apply them on your nose. Between the two layers there are two flexible blades. The ends of the strip ensures a stable, but comfortable behavior of the patch. The patches are recommended to the snorers from various causes, such as nasal congestion caused by colds, flu or pregnancy, septum deviated, but also for those who do a lot of sport and oxygenating the body is very important. Nasal strips must be used during the night, no more than 12 hours, to let the skin breathe after them. You can even find them at your pharmacy in the neighborhood and they can be bought without medical prescription.
  • Handy home remedies

– A teaspoon of olive oil, taken before going to bed, it will substantially reduce the snoring

– Gargling decoction of leaves of sage, unsweetened has emollient effect and may alleviate the problem

– Make a mixture of mint leaves, passionflower and valerian root. Blend well the dried plants, add a few drops of olive oil, to get a thick paste that you will chew it daily, then you can swallow it. Follow the treatment ten days, give your teeth a rest for ten days and then continue the cure

  • The nasal spray for the sloppy nose reduces snoring. It is available at any pharmacy, but you however take into consideration the advice of your physician, you can be allergic to some substances that it contains, so it’s still better to consult a doctor before using it. Spray based on herbs helps reducing the sonority of snoring and it removes sleep disorders problems. Even doctors does not indicate long-term use of nasal sprays, because they can be addictive and they can weaken the nasal mucosa, giving crusts or local bleedings.
  • The anti snoring pillow. It can combat snoring and breathing disorders during sleep. Because of the memory foam and the anatomical shape, it combats snoring and ensures maximum comfort. The special contour of the pillow gives a correct position of the spine during sleep and it reduces the pressure points and the tension in the lower part of the back. Furthermore, the memory foam and the anatomic shape allows modeling after head and neck shape, thus relaxing the muscles and relieving back pain.

The anti snoring pillow helps keep airways open by positioning the head and body in a side sleeping position. Sleeping on the side, the tongue will not fall behind the neck and it will not block the airways. This is called positional therapy. This pillow is the ideal solution if you encounter one of these problems:

– Snoring

– Mild and moderate apnea

– Neck pain

Be careful with what you buy, because some products does not always had the desired results, so when you see in how many days you can return them if they are  ineffective.

  • Gymnastics of the vocal cords: exercise of the vowels . A simple exercise that often gave results: vocalize (like singing). Each vowel, spoken out loud, moves the vocal chords and this gymnastics inhibits the tendency to snore. The exercise takes 3 minutes. Use this trick, but before doing this, announce the people with whom you share a room,so it won’t look strange and for them to not be disturbed.
  • Consume nettle tea. The anti allergic properties of the nettle tea can provide help against snoring caused by allergies. Mix a tablespoon of dried nettle leaves in a small cup with boiling water and leave it covered for five minutes before consuming. Drink up to three cups a day, including one right before going to bed.
  • Cure the heartburns: some experts recommend to be careful of heartburns. They can cause snoring. To solve this problem, there are many natural remedies. You have to pay attention to how a person snores. It can detect whether it is a disease, such as sleep apnea.
  • Drink a cup of coffee. If you don’t exaggerate with the caffeine amount, it can help you get rid of snoring and it will make you sleep more deeply. Use this remedy if you have problems with snoring, not sleeping(it can cause insomnia).
  • Lose weight! If you’re thin, it does not mean that you won’t be snoring ever, but if you start to snore after you get fat, especially if you gained fat around the neck, weight loss may be the only solution. Hydrate yourself! Drink plenty of fluids! When you are dehydrated, runny nose appears and nasal membrane becomes sticky behind – aspects which turns during the night in agitation, breathlessness, the sleep will become uncomfortable and that is how snoring is created.
  • Do a laser surgery: laser faringoplastia is for those who snore, but also those who have problems with sleep apnea. Indications are the same as those of conventional surgery. Be careful in selecting the location for the surgery and let your doctor know about it. The operation must be the final solution, if other have failed. It will last 20 minutes under local anesthesia and it requires several sessions (between 2 and 5). One disadvantage is that you have to take analgesics for 8 hours because it is painful. The results are evaluated after a month of surgery.
  • Use radio frequency : it is also called somnoplasty and it is for the snorers who don’t have apnea in their sleep, unless you have fine, soft palate. It is performed under local anesthesia, it requires 2-3 sessions every 8 weeks. Please note, there may be relapses with this technique. The procedure should be delayed if the patient is suffering from a cold or infection of the oropharynx. In the period after the intervention you should avoid cold or hot drinks, irritating spices, alcohol, carbonated drinks, acidic foods (pickles), etc. and you should use antiseptic mouthwashes.
  • Use classic surgery. This should be the last cure you can think of, but I if you have a balanced life and if you are careful with your weight gain, I really doubt you can’t manage to escape snoring(at least partially). It is especially recommended after a failure of a medical treatment, in case of chronic snoring related to a deviated septum, an opening of the nasal valve or by the presence of the polyps. Under general anesthesia, the surgeon widens the air space, especially for removing the obstructive tissue. It is an intervention that lasts about 30 minutes, requires 48 hours of hospitalization and 8-10 days break from work. It is quite painful but effective. The results are evaluated one month after the intervention.

It is difficult to live with someone that snores all the night, so unless you are heavy sleeper, you will have a hard time spending the night with your significant other. Talk to your loved one and try to find the best solution for both of you. Sometimes, communication between partners can save your relationship. Maybe you have to sleep separately until the problem is solved, but as soon as it is done, you will both be thankful for sleeping together again. While some remedies that I presented to you are either expensive or painful, the other ones are quite easy to accomplish. Find the one that suits you best and use it and I hope you won’t have to resort to drastic measures, like surgery.