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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Ways to speed up her orgasm - Alpha Male Nation

Ways to speed up her orgasm

Women’s body is a temple waited to be conquered and explored. Since women don’t have an external sexual organ, it is understandable why sometimes it is so hard for them to reach an orgasm during a normal intercourse. Men are more aroused due to the fact that they are visual creatures, exploring women’s body with their eyes. They only need their visual memory to achieve a high level of libido, compared to women that need a lot of attention.

About 30% of the women achieve orgasm regularly, while the rest are left behind, because men achieves orgasm in more than 90% of the cases. This is probably why you are here, trying to find a way to speed up her orgasm and pleasure her.

There are several ways in which you can pleasure your beloved and by the end of this article I hope you’ve gained the information you needed in the first place. For a better understand of your loved one I recommend a good communication between you too, to get to know her and her body better. To know a person better might require time, but in time you will see that it was worth every second.


Let’s start with foreplay. It is so easy for men to get ready quite fast, while women may require up to an hour of foreplay, until the actual sexual intercourse. Foreplay can be done in various ways and not only before sexy time. Women, as emotional beings adore to receive attention from their partner, they want to feel desired and loved. I will give you some tips on how to do that.

The first thing you have to understand is that if a woman feels the love constantly, also wants to give back and don’t be surprised if she does this by having more sex with you. She sees that you desire her and that can be a major turn on for most of the women. For those of you who are in the beginning of a relationship, it may be easily done, because the heat is still on. You are in that passionate period when you don’t need extra methods on how to satisfy your beloved better. I think the bigger problem is with the couples that have some years together and routine kind of intervened. Seeing your wife or girlfriend everyday might becoming boring after some time and you may need to bring back the passion between you two, before it is too late.

Start with a kiss in the morning when she wakes up, remind her how much you love her, try to help her around the house, as much as possible, text her sweet messages during the day while you are at work. She will remember how cute you were back in the days and she will look forward to meet you tonight at home. Also, sexting is a very good way to start foreplay. Even though, she might not respond during the day, you can send her kinky text messages and the result will be driving her crazy for you. This are simple ways everyone should care about and apply in every relationship.

The actual foreplay that takes place before the sex part have to be considered a must. At least 20 minutes of foreplay is recommended for women. Although, men don’t need that amount of time, it is nice of them to think at their partner and their needs too. It may come natural when you are in love, but couples tend to skip foreplay after they have spent some years together. It has the same importance now and then. If you know what part of her body wants her crave more, then go for it, if not, ask her and hopefully she will answer honestly.

Cuddling is a step for beginning foreplay and a way of having fun. Tickling can be counted too, but don’t tickle her when she is aroused, she might lose all the desire. Kiss her passionately while you run your fingers through her hair and then slide your hand down on her neck. Smooching, hugging helps a lot, but also touching and playing with her breasts and going down on her might have the wanted effect. Don’t think that every advice is useful, because she is different, like any other woman is and she might not like the same thing others do?

During foreplay you must not be interrupted by anyone. If somehow that happens, try to ignore it. Here are some tips on how you can safely have the precious time with your partner:

  • Check if everyone’s ok, then put your phones on silent and close your Wi-Fi or mobile data. You don’t want any phone to ring or any notification about some mail or social media status while you are in the heat of the moment with her, right? It will totally ruin the mood for both and you’ll have to start over again.
  • Close the windows. Keep it open only if it’s too hot inside and you can’t do anything about it. Any sound that comes from the outside might be a distraction.
  • Make sure it is warm in the house. Women are known to have more orgasms when they feel comfortable and warm. To increase the chances, make her wear socks. Sounds weird? She will thank you after she will get that warm feet.
  • Spice up things with massage oil. You can buy some from the body lotion stand in every supermarket or you can order special ones from sex shops. Foreplay can be easily an erotic massage then you can move on to more serious things.
  • Don’t tickle, bite or hurt her too much. Everything can be done in little portions, so it is not recommended to exaggerate with something, unless she wants to. She might lose interest and her libido can go lower if you do anything wrong.
  • Don’t rush her. Slowly take off her clothes and if you are not sure that she is ready for action, you can easily check with your fingers if she is wet. If needed, you can use water based lubricants for extra sliding.
  • If someone knocks on the door, I would recommend not to answer. Just ignore them, because anyway they are probably trying to sell something or you ask you for a feed-back. If it is an emergency, they will insist harder or you will probably hear screams. If it is so, dress up and see what is going on.

Sex Toys

Sexual toys are a must for every couple and you should not be ashamed of bringing the subject with your partner. If you feel that you can’t do enough for her, suggest her to choose some toy or you can go together at the store to see what fits you both. There are few common toys that you can use with her in bedroom. I will present to you the most appreciated ones and I hope you will choose at least one of them to try.

Dildos are the most popular toys for women. They come in different shapes and forms and they are really adaptable. Not to mention that they can have any color you can ever imagine. I recommend you to choose one by quality, not by price. The cheapest ones can be quite uncomfortable and they are made for questionable materials. Some imitate the male’s sexual reproductive organ and some have shapes that fit the woman’s vagina. They are really flexible and other have multiple functions, like stimulating her clitoris. While some are only meant for her vagina, there are others which are made for the back door. If you feel confident enough, choose one yourself, but if you think she might not like it, then let her choose one.

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a dildo and a vibrator is? Well, they are quite the same, but the vibrator has some batteries incorporated (or some are made with chargers) and it produces vibrations or movements. It also depends on the preferences of a woman if she likes a dildo or a vibrator. They might be really helpful for her, during sexual intercourse with you or when she’s alone. Vibrators come in even more shapes than dildos and they can put on mostly everything, from fingers, on her panties or your penis. Since technology evolved, there are now devices that can be connected to your smartphone and you can just click one button and turn on the vibrator. They are adaptable and made for each woman’s preferences.

If you don’t want to only pleasure herself, then a good choice for both of you is a vibrating ring, which you can put on your penis. Most of them are made of silicon and they have universal size due to their elasticity, so don’t worry for the size. They are comfortable and they are capable of extending your erection due to the pressure they put on your organ. There are 2 types of them, one which are reusable and one that are not. The single use ones can last up to 20 minutes( it depends on the battery they use) and the other ones can last longer if the battery is more powerful( since you can change the battery, I recommend you to use an alkaline one). Be careful with the ring (it may break) and don’t force yourself to wear it if the sensation is not what you seek.

Women always found handcuffs extremely sexy and usually they are the ones who buy them, but it is not wrong at all if you buy them. Though she might like pink ones with a bit of fluffiness, they are quite unstable and they might break easily. Choose one that you like and surprise her, but don’t overreact in finding them. Usually men are drawn to more rough things, but don’t buy some metal handcuffs, because they can be harmful for her wrists. You may want to choose some with more mobility and preferably ones that are made from leather.

The place where you too are having the sexy time also matters. Skip the bedroom this time and choose another place for doing the fun. Have you ever thought of doing it in public places? It’s a risky move, but some consider it adventurous and it fills them with adrenaline. A public place doesn’t necessary mean in open view. You can do it in the car or in a fitting room, but care not to be caught. Another fun place is under the shower or in pool, but care, water is not a good lubricant and it is also not a contraceptive.

The last thing I’m going to write about is what you see most when you undress her, the lingerie. If she wears the same thing for sexy time and for going out, then you might want to spice things up. If you want to exaggerate too much, but some sexy lingerie from normal shops, not from sex shops. Role play can be done with some specific lingerie and can be really turning on for both of you. Think of you fantasies and make her wear them. You can choose from dressing her like a maid, a nurse, a zombie, a police officer, a secretary, a teacher and many others.

It is your choice of how you want to spend precious time with her and if you can make it better, why won’t you? If you take in consideration all the info’s and advice I gave you, she will be more pleased than before and her sexual libido will increase significantly. These are common ways in which you can speed up her orgasm and they should be known by everyone. Even though there are many attractive ways to do so, it is better to ask your partner what she prefers the most. I think the majority of men want to pleasure their beloved, so there is no shame is talking about it. It’s nice to care for someone and to think about how to make them happier, so I hope this article was helpful.