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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Warning signs that you are burned out from work stress - Alpha Male Nation

Warning signs that you are burned out from work stress

Constant stress may make you feel exhausted, helpless and disillusioned which may lead to burnout. As you are burned out from stress, problems become more difficult. The detachment and unhappiness that results from burnout may lead to troubles in the relationship, job, etc. It may be the root cause of several diseases at the same time.

Burnout happens to be a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion which occurs due to prolonged and excessive stress. It also occurs as you feel emotionally drained and fails to accomplish specific demands.

Burnout also reduces energy by sapping it. You may feel resentful, cynical, hopeless and helpless. Burnouts may affect various spheres of your life in a negative way. It may result in long-term changes in the body which make you susceptible to diseases. Emotions are blunted owing to prolonged stress.

Causes of burned out from stress

Burnout often results from the job. You may feel undervalued and overworked owing to burnout. The lifestyle traits can also contribute to burnout. You may feel that you have no or little control over work owing to burnout.

Working in a high pressure or chaotic environment may also cause burnout. Doing unchallenging or monotonous work may be another reason for the disease. If you may work too much without any social involvement for a long time, the condition will develop slowly but gradually.

If you have a habit of taking too many responsibilities without taking any help from others, it may result in burnout. If you are not getting the prerequisite amount of sleep, it may be due to burnout.

Here are few warning signs which indicate that you are suffering from burned out from stress:

Setting alarm too early and then use the snooze button

You can observe the symptoms of burnout with the first thing in the morning. Sometimes you are too tired and hitting the snooze buttons time and again. You may feel late and frantic as you wake up. If this is happening on a regular basis, you are certainly burning from work stress.

Depletion after work

If you are always lacking energy for doing regular works such as going to gym, cooking, spending time with family, it is certainly not a good sign. You are stressed owing to work out and you certainly need a break.

Inconsistency in sleeping patterns

Sometimes, people who are over-stressed at work find difficulties in sleeping. People who are overstressed at work will lose sleep for trifling matters. If there is inconsistency in the sleep patterns, it is probably a sign that you are burned out from stress due to work.

Feeling good as soon as the Friday comes

You know you have reached a peak owing to stress when you feel very glad on the weekends. You feel freed during Friday owing to stress at work.

Gaining weight

Various studies have relieved that an unpleasant work environment may lead to stress. It steals the energy which is necessary for making safe dietary choices and exercising. As you accomplish a long hectic day at work, you want to go for the movie along with junk choices for refreshing your mind. You go for eating junk foods which in turn leads to immense weight gain.

Feeling degraded

As there are a huge amount of stress at the workplace, you will feel bad and undervalued. If you work hard for meeting deadlines, you will be appreciated for your efforts to meet deadlines. On the other hand, if you feel degraded and are not recognized for your efforts, you may feel depressed, frustrated and undervalued.

You lose interest in spending time with spouse

One of the worst things about work-life stress is that it may spoil your personal life. A recent case study reveals that a person who is not live with his job and is not recognized at work have a stressful personal life as well. He does not have much interest in spending time with his partner, leading to depression, fights, and major relationship problems in the long term.

Falling sicker

If you do not have enough interest or energy for facing tiring and long day at work, you are certainly burned out from work stress. People who suffer huge stress and work are often late for working. They tend to fall sicker and procrastinated owing to which they may fail to meet the deadlines.

Encountering problems such as insomnia

Employees who are are not happy with their job may become patients of insomnia after a specific time duration. Employees who hate their job may find it difficult to fall asleep and some of them don’t sleep at all.

The frustration at workplace tends to follow them. The stress of meeting deadlines is always in their mind even if they try to fall sleep. This may to insomnia. Lack of proper sleep during the night may lead to dizziness at day time. It is also bad for your health as it is a prerequisite for mind and body for restoring energy for consistent performance at work.

Losing temper frequently

If you get annoyed easily instead of solving the problem, it is a warning sign that you are burned out from work stress. Do you experience passive aggressive behavior often? If the answer to most of the problems is yes, there is no doubt that you are highly stressed out. This kind of behavior may ruin your personal life and career. Losing temper frequently will be affecting your emotional health.

Lack of balance in work life and personal life

Statistics show that people who are highly passionate about their work are at a higher risk of burnout. People who are passionate about work encounter severe personal life and social issues. Dedication at work is good but if you want to avoid emotional stress and exhaustion after some time, it is recommended to find a perfect balance between work and personal life.

The stressful work situations may lead to severe health problems in future. It also reduces morale and productivity of a person which ultimately results in a failure in a career. Hence, it is a must that you should be coping with it to find specific ways for improving the situation.