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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Tricks for Eating Less without Even Realizing It - Alpha Male Nation

Tricks for Eating Less without Even Realizing It

Being in peak physical shape is extremely hard nowadays, especially when there are temptations at every step of the way or when stress and hard work is right around the corner, putting a lot of pressure on you and demotivating you to lose weight or dedicate time to hit the gym or run around the park in the afternoon. How can you manage to stay fit and prepare your body for the beach in the upcoming summer season?

Sure, you can refrain from eating all day long, yet this is very dangerous and can force you to open the fridge constantly during the evening, thus leaving no possible way to burn all the calories you have taken. Eating healthily at morning, noon and grabbing light snacks during the evening will allow you to stay in shape and not feel exhausted at the end of the day. Since you run around from one place to the other, work hard at the office or do some household tasks when arriving home, you will have the chance to consume everything you have had at every meal, as well as burn all the calories which, in time, will work wonders for your body, enabling you to achieve the results you wanted.

Also, it is important to note that there are ways in which you can achieve that bikini body if you pay the right amount of attention and if you don’t lose focus. There are many tricks you can appeal to in order to eat less without even realizing it and, in turn drop more than a few pounds to look sensational.

The best possible method to eat less than you used to is to portion your plate. Cut down on over-sized portions, mix and match the kind of healthy ingredients you love the most and reduce little by little each and every day your income take of sugars, carbohydrates, as well as sodas and caffeine. This will surely help you out tremendously in losing weight and, what is more, by using only smaller plates and bowls you can still trick your brain into thinking you have eaten just as much food as you used to. It is important to section your plate and put on it vegetables, scoops and spoons of nutrients with a higher rate of vitamins and to get your mix of nourishment’s your body highly needs. Furthermore, it is essential to keep in mind that you ought to replace meals which are less healthy with those poor in calories. This is about all those big and sinful endulgements with mayonnaise, whipped cream and chips.

Another important rule would be to drink as much water as possible! If you drink ten to twelve glasses of water per day, you can improve your metabolism and, therefore, eat less. Try to form a habit of drinking two glasses of water before each meal, including breakfast, in order to have that sensation of fullness. After consuming liquids, your body will feel full and you will not feel as inclined to dig in as you did before. For instance, it is important to note that studies show the fact that it is not uncommon that individuals tend to put on weight by mistaking thirst for hunger. Also, when we are tired, depressed or worn out, we might try to find an escape in food, yet the thing which can perk us up is a full glass of water.

Since we are talking about drinking plenty of water which is amazing not only in terms of hydration, keeping things moving, digestion-wise, protection in case of serious diseases or flus, it is essential to note that starting each day with a glass of warm water will certainly speak volumes in time. Therefore, after you rise and shine, squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and drink it slowly. It will improve digestion and cleanse the body in an efficient manner, whilst also helping you balance your pH level. Thanks to the citric acid, it keeps a healthy equilibrium and stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the muscle waves within the intestinal walls which are responsible with keeping things moving. Also, water in combination with lemon helps you ditch all toxins in the digestive tract and boosts your immune systems. You will, therefore, be able to fight colds and also benefit from a controlled blood pressure and efficient brain and nerve performance, all these being the solid foundation for great weight loss.

Another trick for eating less without even realizing it would be to chew your meals carefully. It is recommended to chew each bite of food 40 times. It may seem like an eccentric rule, yet it is without a shade of doubt the most effective. In one study, for instance, those who have chewed that many times per bite have managed to eat almost 15% less that those who have chewed eight to ten times, for instance. This entire process and idea to chew as much as possible is linked to enhancing and speeding up the release of gut hormones which provide satisfaction and the sensation of fullness. Once the habit is created, it will be very easy from now on to chew as much as 40 times per bite and to keep feeling fuller longer.

Eating like a restaurant critic is also important! It is said that taking the time to just taste the meal and analyze it will enable you to drive your attention towards something else, instead of focusing on eating as much as possible. Furthermore, if you appeal to this method, you will be able to slow down the entire nourishment process should you typically hoover the food into your mouth.

Plan ahead your meals! This is the golden rule of eating less than realizing it. If you think about your entire future week and plan your meals, you will not be tempted throughout time to cheat and to indulge yourself in calorie bombs served to you by others. You will just say no and eat the designated meal you already prepared beforehand. This will give you the chance to also do a little bit of research and see which meals are low on calories and what type of vegetables can improve your sight, restore the glow of your skin and lead to an overall feeling of well-being. Furthermore, you need to plan your grocery trips and select solely the things on your list. Studies have shown that the best possible time to shop is right after breakfast on a free day. Why? The reason is due to the fact that you are already full and rested and the likelihood of shopping for ‘interesting’ foods high in calories will be reduced. You will not feel inclined to empty the shelves should you preload before going out. Also, by knowing that no one pressures you and that you have nothing to do that particular day, you will have plenty of time to think about your options and shop wisely!

Gradually cut down on sugar! Eliminating sugar once and for all can be somewhat tricky and problematic for your health. It is important to take baby steps in order to make sure you actually manage to eat less and lose weight consistently. You ought to add just one spoon of sugar in your regular coffee, give up on milk and cream and also reduce the quantity of sweets you eat normally to reward yourself for all the accomplished tasks throughout the day. Choose a fruit and seek other kind of rewards, such as inexpensive cosmetic products, a trip to the mall with your friends, catching a movie with your boyfriend and so on.

Buying new dinnerware can prove to be great when deciding to lose weight. As shown in recent studies, plates have become 23% larger than in the past, thus all people who cook in your family are inclined to fill them up and ‘over-feed’ you. By buying smaller plates with decorations can help you eat less without noticing it. The geometric details or flowers on the edges will make the portion of food seem larger and, therefore, your mind will be tricked into thinking that you have eaten the ‘right’ amount of food.

Weigh yourself daily! If you choose to lose weight, then going up on the scale each morning can enable you to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. You will feed your ambition of becoming fit and any small victories will be much more valuable for you.