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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Tricks for accelerating the slow metabolism - Alpha Male Nation

Tricks for accelerating the slow metabolism

How to Increase Metabolism

Breakfast, man, breakfast!

We start with the most important, the “start” button of your metabolism – Breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Paste it on the inner side of your forehead, in two words-remember it.

While you sleep your body goes into a “rest” mode. Your metabolism slows down by 30-40%. When you wake up, the metabolism gradually returned to its normal levels, but gradually can be a pretty general term and sometimes gradually might be even slower.

In the first hours of sleep, the body is still in a “standby ” mode.

Here we can open a small bracket – you know your body burns calories even when it is in sleep mode, while reading, listening to music and so on. Do you know, however, which process burns the most calories? Digestion!

Imagine your sleeping body in the morning. You get up from sleep, travel to work, start work, but your body is still asleep.

Now imagine that you get up, eat breakfast (you press the start button) and your body starts to work. How much more simple it can be.

There are two options. Remember! You get up, brush your teeth and eat breakfast. Or you get up, train (running, walking, strength training) and have a breakfast. You choose and do not forget the teeth.

Do you like to eat? Well then eat often!

There are people who do not like to eat and we certainly do not understand them. Do not wait ‘the wolf’ hunger to remind you that you have to eat. If you feel this hunger, be sure your body is already working on a slow mode. Five or six times a day is the best thing you can offer your body.

Three meals a day with two among them – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (main). Intermediate meals between breakfast and lunch and afternoon snack. The last meal is just before bedtime, but if you’re in the process of losing weight, it is not recommended it – it can backfire on you. If your goal is to lose weight just read the other steps, but not just read them – execute them.

Water! Why everyone forgets about it?

Boys and girls, the human body is made up of just over 70% water. Almost the whole world is created from water. What is metabolism – exchange of substances. From what have composed these substances – by the same amount of water.

So in two words – just drink water and if we can put it metaphorically, pour a drop of freshness (about 2 liters drops of freshness) every day to your body to function better. Just accept that your body is a machine and each machine needed certain ingredients and elements to function better. One of these elements is water.

Train! Be active! Be Alive!

But of course! The surest way to speed up your metabolism is just being active. Without referring to any research we know that people who lived 100 or 200 years were at times more active than we are today.

Understand that you do not have to be Usain Bolt, to have a fast metabolism. Remember the best exercise known to mankind is walking. If you’re not one of the most active people on this planet – no problem. What you can do is just to walk, it will inevitably reflect more positively on your metabolism and on the work of your entire body.

One hour in the morning or 30 minutes after dinner is fine for a start. Just walk – there is nothing more enjoyable than that.


You are, however, active and you train regularly. Congratulations. However, you got here and you want your metabolism to work faster or keep it at high levels. What you need to do is to keep up the good work and gain muscle. The muscles need more energy. The more muscle, the greater the energy expense, which automatically means a faster metabolism.

If you are not a beginner and you work out regularly. What you can do is to train intensively. The more intensive, the better. As you know during intensive workouts, your metabolism continues to work hours after the loading.


Do not forget about walking, cycling and climbing stairs. This is a great workout for which you do not need, special equipment, extra time and so on. You can walk or ride a bike to work, school or university. To use the stairs instead of the elevator. That’s the whole philosophy of how simple it may sound. Some people see stairs while others see a workout, and you, which type are you?

Sleep and rest like a Boss

When it comes time to rest it must be really useful. 6-8 hours a day and yet deep and calm. The biological clock and metabolism are closely related. If every day you go to bed and get up at the same time your body will work with times better than if you do this. It is good to know also that too much sleep affects as negative as too little sleep. For example, 12 hours a day, not once a week, but every day will only slow down your metabolism.

Get your Omega 3

Why eating a lot of fish rich in omega-3 (salmon, herring, and tuna) helps speed up the metabolism? Omega-3 balance the blood sugar and reduce the inflammation, helping to regulate metabolism. They can also reduce the resistance to the hormone leptin, which researchers have found to be directly related to how quickly fats burn. You can add omega-3 in your diet with supplements if you do not like to eat fish.

Drink green tea

Green tea is known for its antioxidant polyphenols. But new evidence shows and active ingredient catechin that speeds metabolism. Researchers conducted a series of studies with human diet and found that those who drink the green tea lost more weight than those that did not drink the green tea during the diet. This suggests that catechin can improve fat oxidation and thermogenesis. How often should you drink? According to another study, if you drink five cups of green tea a day you can increase the energy expenditure by 90 calories a day.

Eat food rich in protein

The body breaks down protein more slowly than fat or carbohydrates so that hunger will come later (especially if you have eaten breakfast). Plus, foods rich in protein can also contribute to accelerating the metabolism.

In a process called “thermogenesis”, your body uses around 10% of its calorie intake for digestion. So that more time is needed to burn protein than carbohydrates or fats. Your body spend more energy with the absorption of nutrients rich in proteins.

In fact, what we eat does not exhaust the topic of nutrition. Much more important is what reaches our cells in the form of nutrients and energy. And it all depends on our digestion – one aspect of nutrition that often ignore.

So if health and nutrition are important to you, take a few minutes to read these 4 little known but essential for good digestion facts:

  1. Digestion starts in your head

But not from the mouth as you might think, but the brain! The first phase of digestion is called cephalic and this is the phase in which the brain receive information about the food because we thought, saw or felt the smell of food.

Automatically the brain starts to prepare the digestive tract to digest this food – the mouth releases salivary juices, the stomach synthesizes stomach acid, the pancreas, and intestines – digestive enzymes. The body is ready to accept, break down and absorb food. But when we eat fast, on the fly, under stress or doing something else while eating, cephalic phase does not occur and the actual digestion is inefficient. Even if you eat a high-quality food, it does not reach your cells.

  1. The digestion is both mechanical and chemical

Exactly at each stage of the digestive tract – the mouth, stomach, small intestine – occur simultaneously two types of digestion – mechanical and chemical. For example, the teeth in the mouth separate mechanically the food and contained in the saliva enzymes separate carbohydrates to simpler sugars. The stomach acid induces centrifugal rotation, which breaks the food mechanically and activates the enzyme pepsin, which chemically breaks down proteins into amino acids, etc. Therefore, when you don’t chew well enough your food, you miss not only mechanical but also the chemical digestion. Then the stomach should compensate, but your stomach has no teeth!

  1. Digestion is influenced by mood and emotions

Everything you carry with you on the table, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions affect your digestion! Not surprisingly, the strongest emotions we feel it is through the stomach – when you worry your stomach is “huddled” when you are happy or in love, your stomach has “fluttering butterflies.”

More importantly, however, it is that when we are overwhelmed by emotions, the body is engaged with them and not with the task of digesting. Therefore, in order to improve digestion, it is important to avoid eating when you are under great stress, angry, angry, worried, anxious and even positively excited.

  1. Extra weight can not be caused by poor diet but from an inefficient digestion

There are people who gain weight from the air. They eat very carefully but can not lose weight. The problem of such people is not in the food but in their digestion. When the body does not produce the necessary amounts of digestive enzymes or has lowered synthesis of gastric acid, it does not breaks out optimally the food, not turning it into energy, but to fats.

In such cases, the decision is not losing weight through a diet but improving the digestion.

These were some simple steps on how to speed up your metabolism. If you were expecting some magical pill or potion containing: frog eyelash dragon and the secondary leaf of a four-leaf clover, sorry if we disappointed you.

Good luck!