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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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Top 10 Health risks for men in the US - Alpha Male Nation

Top 10 Health risks for men in the US

Top 10 Male Health Problems

If you are more caring for your favorite electronic gadget or your personal car, you are not the only one in the United States. As reported by the Men’s Health Network, low awareness, unhealthy personal & work lifestyles as well as lower health education have paved the way for a significant deterioration in the health for the majority of men in the US.

You can visit your healthcare provider to explore the ways to eliminate the risks of a few common conditions that are taking a grave toll on men’s health in the US.

Cardiac Health

Cardiac ailments come in several forms, leading to fatal consequences, if not detected at the right time. The American Heart Association produces the figure that 1 in every 3 men are suffering from some forms of Cardiovascular ailments or the other.  Men from African-American community are getting more affected than their counterparts from the Caucasian community.

A few million Men under the age of 45 years are suffering from excessively high blood pressure. The Routine checkup can detect the trouble early and get the victim suitable remedial measures. Chest Specialist can assess the extent of risk, considering a few factors like smoking habits, cholesterol level as well as the level of bold pressure.

COPD and other ailments related to the respiratory system

In the majority of the cases, the apparently casual smoker’s cough is the first symptom for these ailments. However, this apparently easy symptom intensifies to real fatal consequences, including life risks.

COPD, Lung Cancer, and emphysema are a few of the devastating ailments that a good portion of US men are presently suffering from. The American Lung association produced the data that the rate of respiratory ailments is rising drastically each year.

Alcohol: a friend or a foe?

CDC recently published the data that there are higher rates of death in men than women for alcohol-related causes. In the US, men consume double the volume of wine, consumed by women.

Alcohol addict is one of the major reasons for the rising rate of sexual assaults on ladies as well as aggression in men.

Depression and suicidal tendencies

A recently conducted research has accounted the data that over 6 million men in the US are suffering from depressive disorders. This ailment is taking a devastating toll on men’s health and quality of life in the US. A major count of these men exhibits suicidal tendencies. The major factor beyond this peril is the excessive stress and strains.

Unintentional accidents and injuries

These instances are one of the major reasons for life loss in men. In 2006, these unintentional accidents & injuries were the largest cause of death of men in the country. Last year, there have been over 5000 cases of occupational injuries of which 92% were men. Every 2 out of 3 motor accident death victims are male. These figures have triggered a sensation across the country.

Liver Ailments

Another silent killer of men in the US is the liver ailments. As per the American Cancer society, liver cancer is one of the major threats to the US men. Smoking and alcohol addiction are the major reasons beyond these ailments. Viral hepatitis, Genetic liver ailments, bile duct cancer and Cirrhosis are some of the most commonly observed liver ailments in US men.


Diabetes is a silent killer and it is taking a severe toll on men’s health in the US. This ailment has some relation to the family history. Diabetes is a silent killer and if left unattended, can result in devastating outcomes, including death.

The American Diabetes Association promotes awareness among US people by awarding the title of “modern man”. The title gets awarded to individual, aware of the blood sugar level. The only solution to diabetes is to lead a healthy life that includes the adoption of healthy food habits as well as undergoing exercises regularly.

Pneumonia and Influenza

These two ailments are among the biggest health challenge to Men in the USA. The American Lung Association suggests that men in the USA stand 25% higher chances to catch these ailments, as contrasted with the females. The association recommends vaccination as a remedial action.

Skin cancer

As per the report from the Skin Cancer Foundation, men accounted for 2/3 the total death due to melanoma in the year 2013. To escape this threat, you should always protect yourself from UV radiations. You should ideally use sunglasses, wide brim hats as well as full sleeve shirts & trousers while going outdoors.


In the year 2010, men accounted for 76% of the total AIDS &HIV victims in the country. This count gets dominated by men from the Afro-American community.

Once the 10 most critical health threats get discussed, it makes sense to look for ways to prevent these ailments. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and become proactive about your health. You should never ever neglect the health issues and take adequate care to ensure your wellbeing.