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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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Tips on how to build the body that turns women on - Alpha Male Nation

Tips on how to build the body that turns women on

Although one’s body might be subject to so many changes because of various reasons and thus should not be the main or only thing to rely upon when trying to find a date, one should still do the best to keep one’s body in good health because good health comes with good looks. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips on how to build the body that turns women on.

Loving oneself means taking good care of all the aspects of one’s life. The way you look is one of them. Now, many men start training hard to build muscles in order for women to find them attractive. One thing to underline here is that women actually don’t go crazy about those huge bodybuilders. Most women prefer a man who takes care of himself without falling into that extreme category of huge muscles and all that.

Rough muscles? Yes, they like them. Well-groomed guys? They like them too. Overdo your training though and you will most probably reduce your chances of being attractive. Remember being attractive doesn’t only mean looking good. Invest in yourself and develop yourself professionally, spiritually, socially and physically and then you can be confident that women will respond to you.

Now, here are some things to keep in mind when building that athletic body that turns women on.

Go for heavy weights

In one of our previous posts we’ve talked about the most common mistakes beginners make at the gym. Lifting heavy weights is one of them. If you’ve just decided to train a bit and tone your body, don’t start hard. Plus, a big number of exercise reps are for bodybuilders and we’re talking here about a lean and athletic body not huge muscles like bodybuilders have. So, instead of going for sets of 8-12 reps like bodybuilders, try to lift heavy weights but keep your rep number somewhere between 5-8 per set. Thus, your muscles will become denser providing you with a striated appearance.

lift havy weights

Go for short training sessions

Most guys who start a training program, start hard. Wrong. As we’ve said before, don’t overdo it by lifting heavy weights for too long or training for more than 45 minutes. The results you’ll get will be far from what you expect.

If you want an athletic body without being puffy, start with heavy weights in shorts sets and exercise for about 45 minutes. Don’t go for sessions longer than this. Your body needs time to adapt to the new efforts. Start slowly and then make adjustments once your body gets used to the new training program.

Exercise more often

Now, if you go for short sessions, you can exercise even 4 times a week. It’s recommended to go for short yet frequent sessions instead of long sessions for only once or twice a week.

If you reduce the time you spend working out, you can train your whole body for even more than 4 times a week. When your muscles are put under tension repeatedly, they grow faster. Just keep in mind not to overdo it and thus avoid burnout. To do that, stop your sets before reaching failure on any lift. Keep your repetitions crisp and powerful in order to stimulate muscle fibers and gain strength.

Stay focused, be perseverant and stick to basics

You know, your mindset is the most important factor no matter what goal you establish. When it comes to building a lean and athletic body, it’s actually your mind the one to lead you to great results.

Go for basic exercises and focus on them. Learn them well and opt for small numbers of repetitions. Most guys tend to mix exercises or change the training program after two weeks. The most successful guys stick to basic exercises like squats, pull ups, dead-lifts and shoulder presses. Go for such exercises and repeat them. You will thus get that athletic and strong body women respond to.

Put effort into your exercises without getting a burnout and be perseverant. Don’t skip your training sessions because you don’t feel like working out or you’re tired. Make a schedule and stick to it. If you want to exercise three times a week, then choose the days for your workouts and when that day comes, head over you gym. Keep your goal in mind. Think of the results you dream of when laziness pays you a visit. It will take time to get that body you want but as long as you’re persevere, you’ll enjoy a well-built body. Don’t have false expectations about getting a strong and athletic body overnight. That happens only in animation movies.

Focusing on your training will help you improve your focus in other areas of your life as well. Therefore, sticking to your schedule will not only get you a good looking body but improved focus and thus more self-confidence.

One highly important thing to keep in mind is to pay utmost attention to what you eat. See your nutrition expert and get a custom diet. Building muscles needs a certain diet. If you work out properly but don’t give your body the necessary nutrients, results will fail to appear. Working out goes hand in hand with eating healthily and keeping a healthy attitude towards life. Remember that the way you look should be a result of the way you think, the healthy lifestyle you lead and the respect you pay to yourself.