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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Things to do at the gym to curb your appetite - Alpha Male Nation

Things to do at the gym to curb your appetite

We all know just how hard it is to curb our appetite and give up on eating sweets, indulging in high calorie foods or consuming sodas and other things which are ‘malicious’ to our body. Likewise, it seems to be more and more difficult to find the type of workout which can satisfy you 100% and which can help you better lose weight. Also, more and more of us have found it extremely hard to find those little tricks and gimmicks to slim down efficiently and to curb our appetite in order to achieve positive results faster.

It is true to state that there are just thousands of workout videos you would like to try out, there are millions of things you might need in order to lose weight and a plethora of reasons to leave aside chocolate or other ‘bad foods’ in detriment to obtaining a perfect bikini beach body. However, what can happen should you like to eat less, yet still perform well at the gym? Many people have realized that being able to do well in a fitness routine or workout requires a high level of concentration, as well as an excellent mental balance above all, as this and solely this is responsible for being consistent, for aiming for the best and not quitting no matter what. Nevertheless, maintaining an optimal balance in what concerns your meals is also important, as if you skip breakfast or eat only junk food, this will indubitably take its tone on your body. But so can ideas like neglecting yourself, not eating properly in the morning or evening, experiencing hunger and not nourishing your body with the aliments it highly needs. People who starve themselves can only get tired and tired in time, as well as incredibly sick, more often than people who eat regularly and benefit from a healthy intake of all the necessary vitamins, proteins, minerals and so on.

Furthermore, it is essential to keep in mind the fact that sleeping eight hours per night is crucial. You cannot possibly manage to get through the day unless you go to sleep before 11 and sleep a good eight hour sequence. If you fail to do this, your body can become exhausted, your brain as well and, therefore, put into a lot of jeopardy your capacity of rationalizing things, separating the good from the evil and making the right decisions constantly. It is of utmost importance to keep in mind that your brain and your body act like a machine. Should they be neglected and receive the bad kind of ‘gasoline’, then they can be prone to failure.

Therefore, if you can start to take great care of your body and put it above all, especially above all temptations, then you can actually manage to get optimal results. It is essential to note that you can start seeing yourself differently and actually look a lot better. Feeding yourself properly and having a normal diet, which consists of meals your brain and body highly need is crucial. This can enable you to have great results at the gym and diminish fat, become fit and turning your ardent dream into reality. You can find below a few pieces of advice which can help you figure out what to do at the gym in order to curb your appetite:

 your appetite

Have fun while working out– Knowing which gym to choose, as well as which exercises to start will positively influence you to continue with the workouts and to keep reshaping your body. If, for instance, you think of your workout as a form of punishment, then you will surely be more likely to return home, get into your corner of comfort and relaxation, as well as seek a calorie bomb meal or dessert which can put your smile back and give you the joy you always wanted in the first place. This, nevertheless, is wrong, as you are supposed to burn down all the calories you have consumed throughout the day or week and eat only low-calorie meals which can give you the energy you need to resist a full day. You have to keep a food-exercise equation that can be balanced, as if you slip to the ‘dark side’, you can take a full hour to burn a total of 500 calories, yet only five mere minutes in order to eat them back. See the kind of harm you can do to yourself? Therefore, seek for a win-win situation, in which you can eat healthily and take all the necessary nutrients and vitamins, yet still work out and burn down all those dreadful fat deposits. If you choose a fun workout at the gym or even at home, like dancing instead of insane ab boot-camps or zumba and Pilates, you can actually have a good time and burn fat for pleasure, instead of torture. Furthermore, you can definitely walk the extra mile and go for an extra 30 seconds after finishing the chosen workout in order to truly feel victorious. Make physical exercise double duty with a positive energy and plenty of self-giving encouragements.

Drink up! – A good piece of advice would be to drink plenty of water. This can enable you to hydrate yourself and feel full all the time. It is, nevertheless, not recommended to replace food with water, but you can surely avoid eating too much after completing a workout. If you decide to add more water to the daily mix, then you should bear in mind that this is going to cleanse your body, clear your colon, help the kidneys perform a better job, efficientise your digestion and bowl movement and so on and so forth. Also, it is important to note the fact that you can lose weight should you understand your hunger and the stomach cravings and rumblings. Most of the time, after a workout, your body might demand sweets or real food, yet it actually needs plenty of water. It is essential to keep in mind that, from time to time, our body can act in a certain way or another because of dehydration. According to a review from Purdue University, this can definitely masquerade as hunger, as after every workout, you will normally sweat out a lot and lose a significant amount of bodily fluids. This is practically normal, yet if you wish to make up for fluid losses, you could easily drink up and get the balance level as it was. Furthermore, it is essential to keep in mind that, even though your body might act in such a manner as to request food, you can definitely try out to hydrate yourself better before indulging in high-calorie meals.

Take out the yoga mat– nothing says concentration and balance more than yoga exercises! Wondering how is this possible? Well…it is essential to keep in mind that yoga is the type of exercise which can include both physical, mental and spiritual practice which gained prominence especially during the 20th century. It is essential to note that yoga helps you reduce body risk factors and enable you to adopt a meditative and spiritual core. Thanks to its relaxing nature and capacity to help you put your mind and body above everything else, this great exercise can free your mind of thinking about any kind of tension, worry or stress, as well as, of course, all the sweet, salty or sour temptations. How great is that? Mediating and focusing on your sheer goal can enable you to get one step closer to achieving positive results. Furthermore, yoga will enable you to curb your appetite and feel fuller, more in peace, as well as energized and ‘nourished spiritually’ for the entire day or, why not, the entire week.

Motivate yourself! – Everyone knows that if you shout out words of encouragement, you will definitely manage to believe more in yourself and be able to turn your vision into reality and get one step closer to what you have to achieve, namely losing those extra pounds and managing to slim down. Motivating yourself is important, not only in the gym, but also in real life. It is important to keep in mind that believing in yourself and in your own strength is crucial, yet lacks in many of us. Nevertheless, when there is no one routing for you, you have to do this job on your own, but you cannot even imagine how much this can help you. If you learn to say no when it comes to post-gym treats or high calorie foods, you can move mountains. Abstinence, in this case, is everything and you must train yourself to stay strong, stay ambitious and motivate yourself to keep going on, keep saying ‘no’ to chocolate, sodas or pizza and keep believing in yourself constantly! Saying this at the gym will surely help you out tremendously when it comes to curbing your appetite!

Redirect your plans! – We all tend to think about ourselves and our life when we are at the gym. And whenever we think about how much we work for this and how much we have to sacrifice to become fit, it is essential to rethink the whole post workout phase. What will you do after you arrive home? What are your plans at the moment in which the gym closes and you have to go out? One great solution that would help you out tremendously when it comes to curbing your appetite involves redirecting your plans regarding treats. Despite the fact that you have grown accustomed to reward yourself after all successes and big projects, losing weight ought not to come with ‘treats’, especially if you are busting yourself in order to slim down, hitting the gym and taking spinning classes like they are M&Ms. You should find other treats that can be suitable for your lifestyle or liking. For instance, you should keep in mind that you can reward yourself with fashionable accessories, jewelries, shoes or, why not, invest in a great vacation you can go with your significant other. Making these plans at the gym can automatically lead you to consume less food (or, better yet, less malicious food) and, thus, enable you to curb your appetite.

Eat a pre-workout snack! – it has been proven that if you go to the gym ‘relatively’ loaded (with good stuff, of course, you will be less likely to indulge in high-calorie foods after you arrive home. At the gym, you can always bring an apple, an orange or a banana to give you strength before the Zumba class, cardio or fitness workout. It is essential to keep in mind that eating well before hitting the gym (or while at the gym) will prevent you from collapsing, as the physical exercise will be a very demanding one and you will definitely need to be energized and fully capable of dealing with everything. Resistance is key in working out, therefore, you should definitely make sure you eat the favorite snack you brought from home.

Get on your feet! – When it comes to curbing your appetite, it is essential to keep your feet on the ground (without disrespecting swimming or cycling) in order to be more efficient in slimming down and managing to stay fit. According to a recent research, by staying and working out vertically (feet on the ground), one has the capacity to get skinnier and lose weight. Weight-bearing exercises, namely those which encourage you to work out and fight gravity, are more efficient than those in water or on the bike. When researchers asked individuals to either jump rope (which represents a weight-bearing exercise) or cycle on a stationary bike (which is a non-weight bearing exercise), they have discovered that there is a greater reduction in post-workout appetite. This may be due to the fact that weight-bearing exercises put more stress on your bones and muscles. Therefore, in order to lose more weight than anticipated and manage to curb your appetite.