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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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The stretch you should do if you have a desk job - Alpha Male Nation


I was finally having the time of my life, thinking that I was happy with what I have achieved during some years of hard work, but all of that was in my mind. I will explain to you why I choosed to lose weight by doing some exercises meant for persons that have a desk job.

After I worked in a fast-food while I was in college, at last I got the job I desired the most, after 3 years of trying and trying and sweating to gain this satisfaction. I still have the same job, which I love, but my lifestyle changed a lot. At that time, for me, it seemed like I have everything, but I just couldn’t see how much weight I gained through the years. I translate documents for a international company in a skyscraper. Sounds good, right? When I started working for them I was a poor girl who had 110 pounds, with the body of a model and I was living with rent almost at the exit of the town. In these years, lots of things have changed. I managed to obtain a credit from a bank to buy a flat downtown, I bought a small, but a nice brand new car, I had all the clothes and shoes a girl could possibly desire and a loving fiance, but somehow I gained more than 75 pounds.

I didn’t realise how much it would affect me until the day when I found out that my fiance was making fun of my weight in front of his friends. He never said anything to me and I thought I won’t bother him, but again, I was terribly wrong and this whole thing ruined our relationship for good. The wedding was canceled and to me it felt like I worked for nothing. I was back to that poor girl feeling I had few years ago, just this time I had pain, instead of not having money.

For you to understand better how I gained those pounds, I will explain to you how I was spending a normal day and then, you might understand what mistakes are doing yourself. My job takes most of the time I have for a single day and all I do at my job is to sit on a chair in front of a computer. In the morning, I never had any time for eating breakfast, which led me to be extra hungry for lunch and oftenly choosing unhealthy and fat foods for my meal. In the evening, when finally I was at home, I was heading straight to the fridge, then eating what I find first, then going straight to bed.


I said that is necessary to take action immediately, but I could not give up my dream job,so I searched gyms opened at night, but they were very far away from my house. I said to myself that I would do exercises at home alone, but also during the lunch breaks at work. I will present to you the exercises that had effect on me. Before doing them, do not forget to prep the place with a special carpet( for yoga or pilates) and encourage yourself that you will be able to succeed. After all, if I managed to do so, then surely you will too.

  1. Move from your office. I’m sure you have little time to breathe while you are at the office, so every 30 minutes try to take a walk nearby. Do that for 5 minutes or even go to look out the window .In this mini break it would be really good for you to drink water to stay hydrated during the day.
  2. Stretch your legs. In this manner you will prevent the apparition of varicose veins and also of blood clots in the legs, two things that are frequently a burden for those who do not exercise. Remember to bend them occasionally. Grab your seat to obtain a stable position and extend your legs in front, so they will become parallel with the floor. Flex and point your toes five times. Relax, repeat the exercise whenever you can (it is recommended both for when you are alone in the office or when you are at home).
  3. Raise your legs, then sit down without using your hands. If you stand up and then sit down multiple times without using your hands, it will help you to tonify more easily. You can do this when writing a report or talking on the phone and I’m sure no one will notice.
  4. Loosen the hands making air circles. Tighten your punches, but not very strong, while stretching your hands in front of you. Make small circles in the air counting to 20, then change in the opposite direction. Then shake your hands well. This exercise will lead to a moment of relax and you’ll feel more confident in yourself.
  5. Raise your shoulders for relaxing your neck and shoulders. Inhale deeply and lift your shoulders up to your ears. Hold .Relax while maintaining the same position. You can even entertain yourself with positive thoughts for a beneficial relaxing and more. From my own experience I have seen that it releases both mental and physical tension. With this little trick repeated every day in the office, you will lose a couple more pounds.
  6. Use your lunch break. If you have an hour lunch break you could inquire if there is any gym besides your job, because spending 30 minutes there would do wonders in your case. But if you have less, get out of the office and procure food, don’t stay inside to order lunch. Just get outside, take the stairs, not the elevator. For example, I get out and I’m climbing for 4 or 5 times all the 9 floors to my office. Once you are outside the office, enjoy a walk inhaling fresh air and eat something light.
  7. Don’t forget the exercises when you get home. Surely the office exercises are not enough. When you get home make a continuity, even if you’re tired and try to do 40 minutes of exercise. One of my preferred exercise is : stretching your legs. Here’s how to do it: the initial position is you standing on your knees, put support on the forearms, which are oriented one towards the other. The execution is very simple, you stretch out your right leg back and exhale, execute a rapid and energetic movement towards the ceiling, then lower your foot, but don’t let it touch the mattress. Repeat 15 times for each leg, and then progress to 20 -25 times. Muscles involved in this exercise are the lower back and the buttocks. Note that the back muscles should not become tense. This exercise is a miracle after an exhausting day in an office.
  8. Invest in home fitness programs that will motivate you. You will be surprised if at some point you will forget to do the daily exercises or you’ll get bored easily from the ones you already know. It is advisable to walk at least 10 000 steps a day but I’m sure you barely walk 4000- 5000. These programs will bring the gym to your home, you will learn how to have a healthy lifestyle and I’ve seen that many exercises are made depending on your height and weight. The majority of the programs have one star that presents them, so they are a good example. I’m sure if you follow all the exercises in the program, you will be able to have a better life both at work and in the office.
  9. Exercise if you have muscle soreness. It is not advisable to train intensely when you have muscle pain, but a run for 5 to 10 minutes or a brisk walk will definitely help you. You can still do light exercises of the fingers or mild head spins. If the pain is immense, sum up to just a walk.
  10. Desired fruit. Move the chair beside window and open it so lots of fresh air will come to you. Inspire and expire, then stretch your right hand as you are trying to take a much-desired fruit of a tree, but you can’t reach it. Repeat the same exercise with your left hand. Period of 10 minutes for each hand.You definitely remember the squats from the gym classes. It’s time to start enjoying them. A series of 25 squats will invigorate you and I recommend you to do them in the lunch break to give you energy for the rest of the day.
  11. Shape your waist using office chairs. For this trick, all you have to do is sit on a swivel office chair with legs raised so you will not touch the floor. Keep your hands on the desk. Spin your body 30 times. Repeat this exercise whenever you feel the need during working hours.
  12. Take advantage of every time you sit down. It would be weird though to do squats in front of your colleagues. Get up and sit down whenever you can on your desk chair, if you do it discretely I’m sure no one will notice . Buy a suitable office chair if your employee doesn’t offer you and in few months you will notice the benefits.
  13. It is possible to work your biceps with a laptop? Of course it is, but only if you work in an office with an open-minded boss who does not care that you exercise if you’re doing your job perfectly. The laptop weighs enough to work your biceps. Take it in your hand and carefully lift it up a bit. Repeat this exercise 15 times and change hands .If you afraid to damage the laptop somehow, you can use a 3-liter bottle filled with water.
  14. Shape the pectoral muscles with the help of your desk. For modeling pectoral muscles you do not always have to lie on the floor and do pushups. It is enough to stay 2 steps away from the desk and touch the edge with your hands. Tense your back and do 15 pushups. Please note that the office should be massive,because if it is a weak one, it can tear down and can hurt you.
  15. Work your buttocks during the coffee break. If you are used to stand while drinking coffee, why not work your buttocks. Stand straight and swing one leg back. Repeat this at least 15 times. You will see that in time it will give you the results you expect.
  16. Get rid of cellulite. Who thought you can get rid of unaesthetic cellulite while you are at your office? I never believed it either at first. Put your hands on the chair’s arms and lift your legs slightly. Raise one leg until you form a 90 degree angle with the other one. Make 10 series with 30 seconds break in between, then change the leg.
  17. Do not forget the exercise for the firmness of your breasts and triceps. Bring your hands together on your chest, until your elbows touch one another. Relax for 5 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times.
  18. Lunges for thighs and hips. It is preferable to do these exercises in a quiet environment. They are recommended in the evening, before you go to sleep. Sit up straight with legs apart and lean down until the hips will be at the same level as your knees and hold on for about 10 seconds. For this exercise to work properly, lean down as slow as you can, without putting pressure on the knee.
  19. A fitness elastic band can be found in any sport store. I even found one at the supermarket in my neighborhood and it has an affordable price(around 20 euros, the cheapest). All I can say it is that it is worth the money and you can take it on vacation or even at the office, because it doesn’t take much space. I will describe some exercises you can do with an elastic band. I should mention that I was very happy with it because it is a fun way to do your workouts.
  • Stay straight with the right foot placed on an elastic band at its middle, keeping the band’s heads in hands (wrap it around two dumbbells if you want the exercise to be more intense). Keeping your arms close to the torso, turn your palms to exterior and bend your right elbow, bringing the dumbbell at the height of your right shoulder. Repeat this movement 10 times with each arm.
  • Keep your feet on the middle of the band, slightly apart, taking each end of the band with your hands and make sure that you place your hands at the same level as your navel. Make a small step with right foot, then lift your left foot off the ground, pushing it sideways. Place your right foot back to the starting position, only a few centimeters more in front, then repeat the exercise with your right foot. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  1. The fitness ball. A ball is the ideal solution if you want to get rid of the unwanted belly and you can use at home and office. It is even recommended by doctors in treating orthopedic problems. One of its benefits is that it works on all muscle groups and tones and changes your body, increasing your balance. Regular exercises treats back pain.


Here are some of exerciitle you can do at home and not in the office for lunch.

  •  Stand up, then bow and catch the ball with your both hands, make a squat while raising the ball above your head. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times and then gradually increase the number of them until you will reach 20.
  • Sit on the ball with feet slightly apart and with your hands crossed on your chest. Lean back as much as possible, but try as much as possible to keep your abs contracted and your balance. Wait 10 seconds, after which you can return to the starting position. If you are a beginner, repeated the exercise 2 times and hoping that in time you can reach 5 times in one evening. It is very important to rest for 2 minutes between exercises.
  • Sit back with your legs stretched and as straight as possible. Gently lift the basin, to tighten your abdominal muscles. Wait about 10 seconds, then return to the starting position.
  1. YOGA. I know that your time might be limited and you probably won’t have enough time to go to a yoga class, so that is why you should start to practise yoga at home. It is known that many celebrities have turned to yoga to escape stress, extra kg and also to get rid of unwanted fat, all in all to gain a new lifestyle, a more healthy one. Before going to sleep make the candle, I’m sure you remember it from your sport classes. This position makes you release stress hormones. Laughter through yoga can be a handy solution for everyone. Laughing session can last between 20 and 30 minutes. Say hello to the sun. Stay with your hands clasped above your head, so the position will adjust the internal temperature and heart rate.

Try to do exercises that stimulate bowel movements, because it will help you reduce bloating. The final position is called Hatha. You must lie down on the mat with feet slightly apart and with your eyes closed. It helps you relax all your muscles, giving your nervous system the balance it needs.

  1. Reflexology. If you want to do it at home, you must acquire a book that contains an exact scheme of the reflex points. You localize them and you massage them clockwise or counterclockwise. However, when you have little free time, I suggest you to consult a doctor to explain you everything about the book and if it is good. Do remember that the massage should be done two hours before or after you eat. Still there are some things that you must realize: if you are pregnant, if you have varicose veins, if you have bleeding wounds on your feet, reflexology is contraindicated.
  2. Massage at work! It has been demonstrated that the employers that give their employees the opportunity to have a massage in the workplace are more likely to more productive than those not offered. So propose your boss to offer his employees massages , because after he sees the payoffs he will be pleased and he’ll get the wonderful effects of the massages too. It will look like the employer really cares about his employees by doing so. Massage energizes and motivates employees to return to their workplace happy and joyful. And it even reduce absences from work.

Workplace massage can be done with your clothes on, it takes 5 to 20 minutes, almost the same as a coffee break. It removes the tension in the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms. It creates a healthy atmosphere in the office, it increases the appreciation and the loyalty of the entire staff for the company. Massage could be plugged in and other occasions such as conferences or seminars in the interests of the job.

Another idea would be that instead holiday’s bonuses, employees should receive massage vouchers. It’s up to you if you can convince your boss.

  1. Another solution might be chair massage. Can be an innovative remedy for the muscle pain caused by the classic office chair. Also, a quality sofa can make you forget the discomfort and stress.

All in all, this are the exercises I’ve been doing in the last year. They helped me a lot and didn’t occupy so much time. I still have time for myself after doing them. I really hope my advice was useful for you and I hope you will lead the fight against the extra pounds with positive thoughts. I wish you good luck and stay strong for what is up to come.

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