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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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The Best Way to Approach a Woman at the Bar - Alpha Male Nation

The Best Way to Approach a Woman at the Bar

You see your dream woman in a bar, but you simply remain silent, because it’s impossible for you to find the right words to say to her. Surely, you will prefer to forget this unpleasant moment you have experienced and for sure, you have proposed as next time when you see a beautiful woman in a bar to approach her easily. Ironically, it’s not hard to approach a woman at the bar and you don’t have to be an expert to do it right.

The truth is that you can say anything, as long as you say it well. It is important to be confident, charming, and fun, but try not to have sweaty palms and to relax, because if you don’t, even the best line will fail every time. Some of us can take no for an answer, but if says no it is not the end of the world. You should get past your nerves and enjoy the time you spend trying to approach a woman at the bar.

Useful tips

Approaching a woman at the bar is easy, if you do not complicate things by being excited and extremely stressed. After uttering the first line, you can be surprised that everything comes naturally, and emotions do not make sense. For instance, if she is not speaking to anybody, you could go to her and say “Hello. I want to tell you that you look lovely”. Depending on her answer, you can tell if she is interested to know you or is it better to leave.

She could reject as nicely as possible, which may mean that she has a date. The fact is that girls don’t often hear how pretty they are and even if they hear it often, it is never enough. If it happens that she asks you “Why do you think I am lovely”, you’d better have an answer ready. You don’t want to ruin everything by an uninspired answer. The good thing is that you manage to get her attention, even if you do it with a complement to her physical appearance.

It can work like magic. Don’t forget that you are completely honest, because if you want to approach her at the bar, it means that you consider her beautiful. Therefore, you will be honest, while you will succeed at getting her attention. Also, it is important to keep eye contact, but not in a creepy, way that could scare her. If you make eye contact and she smiles at you, you are on the right track. You should start asking her about how her day was like and you can try to find common topics of conversation. Your evening can turn into an interesting one.

Another way to approach a woman at the bar could be by writing on a cocktail napkin a message saying hi, your name and that you are interested in knowing her. Women love receiving loving notes, even though this is s a more appropriate way for teens. However, it does not mean that women don’t like to have fun and feel again teenagers, even for a few moments.

The best way of ending your message written on a napkin is by asking her something, like “What do you think?” It is a suggestive way of showing her that you expect an answer, because you definitely want to hear from her. If she is not answering, continue to get her attention by other amusing and interesting notes. You will address a unique approach because fewer men will engage in such adolescent ways to get a woman’s attention.

You can also choose an amusing line or just say a simple hello. It may work! Depending on the situation, you can ask her if you can buy her a drink and get to know her.

Concentrate on having fun

The most important part of approaching a woman at the bar is to have fun. Men go to bar because they want to have fun and you should do the same. This is the reason why happy hour is called happy hour. After a tiring work day and you don’t want to go to a bar where you are stressed trying to approach a woman. You can do it while you have fun and enjoy every moment of the time you spend in a certain bar. In the end, it is your nigh out.

To make sure you will have a lot of fun when you going out, you can invite your coolest friends for a mini-barbecue or just to have some drinks at the house. When you will arrive at the bar, you will already be in a fun mood, which can increase your chances of successfully approaching women.

Do you have problems in being funny? You can work on your humor, by reading different books or by watching comedy shows. This way you will always know what to say to make people around you laugh and enjoy your company. The best thing is to learn how to say fun stories, because fun stories have realism in them and are better than jokes.

When you walk in a bar, analyze the room look at people who is having fun in a bar. Don’t go to a lonely corner and just sit there with a drink in front of you, at least not if you want to have fun. Some men use a tactic that works all the time. They act as if they were bar manager. They go to groups and ask them if they are having fun, clink glasses with them and become the center of attention. This way they become the center of attention for all the people in the bar, including women.

You need an invitation to approach a woman in the bar. You can consider you just have been invited with an eye contact. So, the first thing you should do when you see a beautiful woman you want to approach is to make eye contact. If she looks up, keep the eye contact and offer her a relaxed smile. It is a good way to make a nice first impression, which is essential, because you sill show her that you are a confident and friendly guy.

When a woman holds the eye contact and looks back at you, it means she is inviting you to approach her. There is no reason to be worried, if she is not holding eye contact and if she is not looking in your direction. You will find the right way to start a conversation with her. After all, the night is still young!

Friendly confidence is a good way to approach a woman

There are many ways you can use to approach a woman, but having a friendly confidence will increase your chances of success. Your body language says more than you can imagine about your self-confidence. Therefore, you should keep your head up, your back straight and your shoulders back. The most important ingredient you definitely should add is a nice smile. This way you will show the woman, you want to approach that you are self confident, but also friendly. Maybe this way she will not refuse your invite for a nice drink and conversation.

After you see a woman you want to approach, is not helping to wait for the right moment to talk to her. It may never come the right moment, but your anxiety will increase and you will only increase the chances of failing. It is better to go approach to women you are interested in within two seconds of seeing her. It will save you a lot of time and energy you will spend thinking at the right way of approaching and the right lines.

Therefore, it is better just to walk towards a woman you just saw without thinking about it. It will make you look more confident and will prevent you from unpleasant anxiety. Also, it is easier, because the approaching process comes naturally.

When do you know a women is open to approach?

It is true that not all the women who go out in a bar want to be approach. How do you when a woman is open to approach? A good indicator is if the woman looks down often, because it means she is accessing her emotions. If she is making eye contact with you, looks down, and then looks back up again, it means she is responding emotionally to the fact you are looking at her. It may sound stupid, but we can understand many things if you pay attention to one’s body language.

When a woman is engaged with someone, she will not make eye contact, which means she is not open to approach. If a woman who is in a conversation is looking around and tries to make eye contact with other people, it could be a sign that she is interested in being approach. It is worth trying it!

As I mentioned before, body language express many interesting things about a person. If a woman stays with her feet about shoulder-width apart, it means she is going to be available for you to approach her. Another important thing you should pay attention to is the way she is dressed. If she is dressed in a way that attracts a lot of attention, it could mean that she is not the kind of girl with whom is easy to start a conversation.

These types of women want attention, but not someone to dominate them. Noticing the right woman who wants to be approached it increases your chances of getting a woman’s attention and start a conversation with her. You can end your night getting to know her better and turning it in a successful first date.

It is true that sometimes you can get the wrong signals, but you should try it, because a refusal is nothing more than a refusal. You will not be accepted every time you invite a woman out or you offer her a drink. This doesn’t mean is something wrong with you or that you or you are unable to seduce a woman. It can only mean that you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong person. You will benefit from many other occasions to approach successfully the right woman. Just try going do your best the next time you will have an opportunity.

How to make a woman approach you in the bar?

For some men it is better to make women approach them, which can be difficult, but not impossible. You see the woman you want to be approached by? All you have to do is to tell her to come over your table and talk to you. This could show a lot of self-confidence, which can be extremely attractive.

This way, you will not interrupt her dancing or conversation, but also you will have her alone, and not her annoying friends. If a woman comes to you, you will be the host and she will be the guest. If she gets bored, she will leave, which makes things easier.

It is true that this may not work all the time, but you can use different ways to convince her to approach you. You can send her a drink with suggestive notes or you can invite her to your table with an original line.

There are many things that work great for guys who want to approach women or to make women approach them. Keep in mind you should have a lot of fun and not worrying too much, about what should you say or do. It is easy to increase the level of anxiety, which will only make impossible for you to approach women.

For some guys it is easy to approach women, because approach is the thing they do best, naturally, without great efforts. This rule does not apply to everyone, and some of us have to work harder to succeed. Whatever the case, the experience can be helpful, but also self-confidence. For guys who have a special charm, everything may work perfectly, but you shouldn’t be discouraged if you are not as good at approaching women as your friends are. It is a start for everything.

If something goes wrong, you should think about it and try to change your strategy next time you go out. There isn’t a generally valid strategy that works every time for all men, especially as not all women react the same way. The important thing is that you will find, eventually, the things that work better for you.

You can be an expert on approaching women at the bar. Your friends will find out about your success and soon they will ask for your advice when it comes to women.