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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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The Best People, Programs, and Ideas in Fitness Today - Alpha Male Nation

The Best People, Programs, and Ideas in Fitness Today

There are thousands of people working every day to revolutionize the way people think about health, fitness, and happiness, and each and every year we recognize those making the biggest impact on the industry, and most of all on how people look at it. In the past years, the focus seemed to be on changing the way regular people eat and look at sport and fitness, as well as on the never-ending attempt to reduce consumption of sugar and processed foods that became the number one reason for obesity and heart problems.

When trying to determine the most powerful innovators in this area, it is important to weigh in the reputation, the innovation and the main contribution of each professional, as well as the media coverage on the programs they have initiated. The impact on the general population is, certainly, also relevant, as this is how they can manage to really speak out and make a change in our society today.

Through the “Let’s Move” program, the First Lady is challenging all children in America with obesity issues to work out regularly and be one step closer to losing weight, thus being more healthy and significantly reducing the rate of obesity in the world (it is important to keep in mind the fact that childhood obesity has tripled over the last three decades, raising a lot of concern from doctors, physicians and politicians all around the world) The program (conceived as a public private partnership, aiming to end childhood obesity in a generation) has four main pillars. It is set out to offer parents and legal guardians the necessary information, as well as tools in making correct and informed decisions about their children’s life and future. It focuses also on nutrition, as the program is aimed at improving front-of-package food labeling to a partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics (in order to encourage BMI tracking), the partnership being with NBC, as well as Disney. Another important pillar would be incorporating better and healthier foods in schools.

This is essential, as children spend most of their time in school (almost 8 hours per day or even more, during after-school programs or traineeships) and, therefore, they need to eat solely healthy and recommended meals in order to resist all throughout the day and also fight against a wide range of diseases or health issues. By removing sweets or snacks that have no nutritional value, the program can actually make a difference in the way children grow, helping them evolve on a harmonious level and ‘being backed up’ by powerful meals, which contain solely vitamins, healthy carbohydrates, light meat and so on. Another pillar is represented by improving the affordability and accessibility of healthy meals. It is surprising that almost 23.5 million Americans live in ‘food deserts’, not being granted access to supermarkets and eating only poor nutritional meals. Michelle Obama’s program, ‘Let’s Move’, is set out to change this and includes a considerable 400 million dollar initiative aimed on getting farmers’ markets and grocery stores in the light, to relocate the previously mentioned food deserts and make people believe more in the importance of eating solely healthy foods and aliments, directly from a certified and serious source. Ultimately, the last important pillar is, of course, working out and promoting the idea that a healthy mind lies only in a healthy body. Michelle Obama wanted to increase the possibility and opportunity for children to be more active, to play outdoors and to try to leave aside computers and a generally sedentary way of life for a fun and healthy one, one that includes physical exercise on a regular basis and one that is set out to use sport as a foundation for building muscles, slimming down and getting the energy intake we all naturally need. A key player in the effort of boosting the opportunity for kids to move and be active is the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, which, of course, has to be modernized, as, up until now, it stressed the importance of being athletic, yet, the reality is that not all kids are like that and physical exercise should be personalized to each individual and should take into account all shapes and forms and, of course, the possibility of some children to suffer from certain diseases and, therefore, helping them cope with them and still be more active than before.


Another icon in today’s healthy life initiative is Mehmet Oz, M.D., America’s “Doctor”. His show was popular not only in America and many people followed his recommendations over the years when it came to revolutionary products and population impact, healthy living, diets and so on. It comes as no surprise that he is considered the new Oprah (borrowing the studio from her and being close friends with her), as his voice managed to be heard by the vast majority of people, not only those living in the US, but also those all over the world. His impact and his show’s initiative is to be praised, as well as his efforts into promoting the idea that eating healthy meals regularly, leading an active lifestyle and getting checked up every year is crucial, especially in a decade best described by stress, pollution, peer pressure and fatigue coming from the work place.

Then you can find the tough Tom-Boyish and rather aggressive trainer called Jillian Michaels, the woman who pushes The Biggest Loser participants and the one who always gets thank you’s at the end of the day. She is sometimes able to show her nice (and sexy) side, but, in general, she managed to help people achieve their goals, even if her attitude was a rough one.

Next, formerly known as Mariah Carey’s dance, there is Shaun “T” Blokker, the “Insannity” trainer who will push you to the bone. Shaun T made a name for himself by firstly thanks to his amazing looks (famous six-pack, ripped torso and muscles), but also thanks to his innovative and out of the box dance routines and cardio workouts (Hip Hop Abs workout programs and Insanity). These opened the way for Shaun T’s big success. He won’t settle for less and he will certainly not leave others to back down, but push them to achieve positive results in a fast and efficient manner. Shaun T continues to bring new workouts and hardcore fitness programs (Insanity Max:30, being just one example). Despite the fact that people might portray him as a bit rough and his main workout (Insanity) hell on earth, his initiative and his manner of persuading people to work out and finally make a chance is to be praised. Insanity is a fitness workout of a high complexity which is set out to make you lose weight, burn down a lot of calories fast and see excellent results in 60 days. In just two months, he guarantees that your figure will change drastically, as well as your mood and your overall health, as Insanity has many exercises and is composed of several parts, each program being extremely well-organized into about 40 minute workouts that alternate and work all body muscles and which are destined to solve all problem areas, be it the tummy, the arms, the legs, the bottom and so on and so forth.

Also in the business of amazing transformation we can find Chris Powell. This man has aided once a man to lose more than 400 pounds. He focuses all his efforts into helping overweight people loose as many pounds as possible and he encourages always carb cycling and eating solely healthy meals.

As a veteran in the field of fitness and raising awareness of the general public for healthy lifestyle, Tony Horton or Mr. P90X is also one of the influential people with big, revolutionary ideas in the business. Tony has and continues to struggle a lot in order to persuade people to make a change now, not tomorrow or the day after, as this is how they can manage to bring health back and never slip down the fast food and sweet consumption lane. He believes that (and makes a huge statement in his book called The Big Picture) we ought to achieve a powerful combination of mental, financial and physical health, as this can lead to our efficient survival and help us constantly. There is no doubt that he reached a cord into the hearts and souls of many people that now look up to him after having changed their lives and bodies.

Almost at the same level of popularity you can find John Berardi, Ph.D. Since co-founding Precision Nutrition more than almost two decades ago, John Berardi, Ph.D., has focused on distancing himself from weight-loss coaches or trainers, going for helping people personally into getting back in shape quick (in a matter of weeks). His efforts have been making him one of the most impressive people in the business that can change perspectives all around the world.

It is important to keep in mind that, at a time when more than half (and the numbers are still increasing), of American adults are overweight, Joel Fuhrman, M.D comes to the rescue. He is a famous physician who wished to tackle this issue and to persuade people into doing more for their body and mind. He brings a great solution to ending the consumption of processed foods and eating unhealthy meals. This includes “nutritarian” based diet with aliments which can provide you a boom of proteins, vitamins and all the necessary nutrients (found in onions, seeds, berries or other foods, such as mushrooms and greens)

Alan Aragon has managed to make a name for himself in the world of fitness and wellness by offering valuable tips and tricks when it comes to weight loss and eating healthy. He is also widely known to have been the coach for a famous magazine read by thousands, if not millions of individuals (called Men’s Health). He has also been lecturing in all areas of the globe and worked with LA Lakers.

In the same league we can find Chalene Johnson, a woman that has energy for days on row. She has made numerous infomercials (including “TurboJam,” “PiYo,” “TurboKick”, “ChaLEAN Extreme”, “TurboFire” and so on and so forth) and made many appearances on “The Chalene Show,” (her own TV show where she brings forth numerous health issues or advantages of working out), as well as The Talk and Live! with Kelly and Michael.

Being also on the list of The Best People, Programs, and Ideas in Fitness Today is Brad Schoenfeld. This man managed to win a lot of titles in bodybuilding, showing off his lean body and ripped biceps, triceps and torso (and, of course, his six pack). He is the number one name in the bodybuilding and fitness community, as he does not depend on “chemical enhancements” and any kind of supplements or unreliable pills which only make you seem as if you lose weight and do an excellent job at the gym, but which, in the end, they make you gain more after you quit working out (or put your general health into a lot of danger). Becoming a real authority and voice to drop fat, burn down calories and build up muscles in all areas of the body, Brad Schoenfeld has a great ethic and a fantastic attitude in helping people acknowledge the fact that they must make a change now and not wait for some miracle pill to lose weight. His work and his determination are the main pillars of becoming successful and never backing down are the characteristic for which Brad Schoenfeld is heavily admired by people.


Another person of interest in the area is John Romaniello, who has an amazing combo of fitness expertise and experience working with a wide range of people. It is important to bear in mind that this professional and real ‘mentor’ in the field has certainly put to very good use his wit and wisdom. Furthermore, it is essential to bear in mind that he has written many useful pieces of advice in Men’s Health, The Huffington Post, The New York Times and so on. He is certainly able to change minds and to improve the condition of many, aiming constantly to persuade people into making a rapid change in their lifestyle and showing his personal example. Many people know (from the direct source) that John Romaniello actually had an overweight problem, in his youth being rather chubby (performing no physical exercise), then pushing hard and struggling to become slim and fit. His road to achieving a better self-esteem and never backing down enabled him to become a great trainer, fitness model and an example for many to follow.

In a nutshell, these seem to be the people with the most influence over how the regular individual comes into contact with fitness and serious workout. They can change perspectives and promote a healthy lifestyle by reaching easily the target population through the internet and the media in general. They and their ideas are the new image of fitness and working out for your own satisfaction.