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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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The 10 Rules of Alpha Male - Alpha Male Nation

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Ever think about how an alpha male comes to be? Do you have any idea what being the leader of the pack entails or how you can possibly achieve the honorary status an alpha male has? What ought to be mentioned regarding this status is the fact that it is the noblest and most impressive of all, a distinctive condition which indubitably catches everyone’s admiration and makes the individual not only seem special, but to be taken into consideration at all times, much like a role model. Alpha males have a tendency to be outspoken, fear nothing and stand in front of any challenge, like a true hero. Alpha males do not believe in destiny, but in their own capabilities and strengths that will help them shape up their own future, based on their liking and decisions. You should note that, due to their resilience, perseverance, as well as ability to adapt to any situation, alpha males can succeed in most cases and go exactly on the path that they desire. They, unlike other individuals, are able to influence others and observe the behavior of people around them so that they can know exactly how to approach them and how to win their trust, admiration, respect and, at the end of the day, service. Manipulation is sort of an extreme word, yet this typology of individuals is based on persuasion and confidence to resort to any method and to make sure that their wish is being granted. Yes, alpha males dominate and can shape others’ opinion, influence them as they please and make them do even the tasks that seem from afar undoable.

Men that are considered ‘alpha’ can, without a shade of doubt, be able to write their own constitution, make their own decisions with calmness and focus, always looking at the goals ahead or the journey to these targets. Speaking of goals, you should know that alpha males can, without any restriction (either imposed by society or themselves, for that matter) be able to organize themselves, plan ahead each and every step needed to achieve any goal and to make sure that sooner or later they will walk out with a reward. They tend to be very serious regarding their future, no alpha male just lives by each day, hoping that something better will come along. They will think of their future careers, take into consideration every option and choose the best one, one that can help him accomplish other dreams (financially speaking- holidays, cars, devices, clothing and so on). You should keep in mind the fact that alpha males can be able to think ahead, at each step or episode in their lives, constantly going back and forth from the place they started to the state of full success and feeling of self-gratitude and reward.

Alpha men know how they came to be and continue the same pattern each day, focusing on their mental and physical shape, being backed by their experience and interpersonal skills, their true self and their over the top confidence which, despite lacking in other men, is clearly visible here. Alphas think of themselves highly, this being a trait that they were born with. It is important to note that this has a strong effect on people. By projecting confidence and stability, those around you will indubitably be able to respect you more, trust you completely even from the first few seconds and admire you, secretly wanting to be like you. It’s like that saying ‘women want you, men want to be you’. Confidence goes a long way, that is for sure.

In addition to confidence, alphas also have this special sixth sense, a high level of intelligence and fine intuition which allows them to sense danger, sense what the outcome may be or how they can react to different factors. They know people and have studied each typology or personality. An alpha male takes in information, analyses it thoroughly and manages to make a mental note regarding each type of individual. You should keep in mind that this is the way he can deal efficiently with a situation of meeting someone new and managing to carry a whole conversation, winning him or her on his side and enlarging the circle of friends, mere acquaintances and, what is most important, people from whom he can take advantage of. He knows how to talk to that person and how to deviate from the subject when needed, how to make sure that he can learn everything it takes to know what kind of person he or she is, how to create a good atmosphere and how to also have fun together.

Speaking of good atmosphere, it is interesting to note the fact that alpha males know how to loosen up and have some fun once in a while. You need to keep in mind that an alpha is in the center of attention wherever he may be, making all people aware of his great storytelling techniques, eye contact, sophisticated gestures and ability to create a fantastic moment. An alpha male like to be around people, as he is a true extrovert who feeds with people’s staring looks, chuckles, giggles, plain laughter caused by his jokes and smiles thereafter which only state ‘Damn, you’re good…I could only wish to be like you’. Yes, he knows all of these and he loves to constantly be in this situation. Despite popular opinion, you should bear in mind that an alpha man is not playing a part, this is not a role that he fits into, not a mere projection or image. He does not struggle to be something he is not because he actually is that confident, that much of a keen observer, that interesting and that courageous. He finds it extremely easy to communicate with people, to be around them and to be himself. It is not about drama skills or artistic traits, as he does not perform in front of others, unless he wishes to display some other kind of image in order to appear to empathize with men or women, although he is not much of an altruist. Yes, be that as it may, alpha males care only about themselves, their mental or physical state, their future, their career, their journey to becoming more powerful, more courageous, more interesting and more alert. As a continuation to the idea previously mentioned, alphas can be able to project a nice feeling of trust and convey an emotion similar to empathy in order to be on the same page with that person and to feel what he is feeling, thus making a connection and enabling the other one to know that the person he is talking to is genuine.

Of course, alpha males are also born with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, a range of inborn abilities that count whenever a cool and calm behavior ought to be exposed, whenever it is to be decided who should lead the pack, who should take full responsibility of something, who should speak in the name of the entire group and so on and so forth.

After this general view on what an alpha male is or what an alpha type of man is not, let’s dig even deeper and see which the top 10 rules of an alpha are. These can help us understand what it takes to be an alpha kind of man and what is not allowed.

  1. Always be confident in yourself! As mentioned above, alpha men are overly confident human beings, stable and with a big self-esteem that can move mountains. This kind of behavior is of utmost importance, as alphas need to look their best by adding that pinch of confidence everyone needs. Despite not being born with this special skill, they learn at a young age how to behave and they notice through their behavior and experiences that being confident always works to their advantage. Thus, they start practicing this part and analyzing what are their best features, what allows them to be great and what can be projected in order for the whole world to see. These fascinating individuals truly sense when others are thinking highly of them, so appearing to be confident is the key to success. It is very important to note here that, when they are not exactly feeling right, when they have some personal issues or go through some bad times (it can happen even to them), looking as if they are confident will still speak volumes. So, even not feeling great or able to laugh out loud and be over the top excited about something, alpha males can project this image and still go through a bad day looking good and gaining some positivity along the way. When you think in a positive manner, you get positive energy and you can be successful, contrary to what you may think. So, alphas, always put on your confident looks and smile! It will work in your advantage!
  1. Take care of your body! Being in peak physical shape is mandatory when carrying the noblest alpha male characteristics. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be careful about what you eat, what you drink and how foods or environments affect your body. You cannot have a healthy mind in an unhealthy body and you need to look great and be able to work your way up to gain muscles, physical strength and, most importantly, endurance. You have to be constantly attentive towards what your body is telling you, taking good care of it and making sure that it is in the best possible condition. Do not ignore certain symptoms and do not underestimate colds, diseases or regular fatigue issues. These can put a serious stain on your general health. Think about your body just like a machine. It definitely needs the best fuel to work at optimal speed and it has to be thoroughly checked in order to make sure that nothing is wrong with it. People in general need to pay utmost importance towards taking good care of their body. Furthermore, alphas in particular ought to make sure that they will respect their general health, work towards achieving a good level, nourish properly, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, as well as go to the doctor’s regularly for check-ups. This is very important and the tendency has been that alphas know how to be extra careful about what they eat, drink or how much they work out.
  1. Dress to impress! What people see in the first few seconds represents the image and opinion they have of you. It has been said and proven that the first 7 seconds are primordial. And why is that? The reason is due to the fact that this gives a person sufficient time to analyze your appearance from head to toe, to look at your eyes, the way you smile, the way you take care of yourself and also the manner in which you can project confidence and a general spirit of friendliness and open communication. Body posture is also essential in this time frame. If your hands are crossed, this shows a tendency of self-defense, of protection, not willing to communicate or meet new people. But the most important thing you should definitely be aware of is the outfit. You have less than ten seconds to make someone like you or not. Therefore, you need to nail it. And how can you do that? Simple: by making sure that your clothes reflect the following: professionalism, seriousness, respect and a state of being distinct. Let your outfit speak for you, let the fancy accessories and high quality pieces of clothing make you look confident, refined, classy and respectful, not to mention trustworthy.
  1. Never settle for anything less than perfect! Perfection may sound like a dream, but it actually is possible. Alpha males think that they deserve the best things, but isn’t that supposed to apply to absolutely everyone? You should not accept poor quality things, rude behavior, shady attitudes or environments and career opportunities that do not seem right for you. So, instead of settling, you should move on with finding what is best for you! This rule is very important not only speaking in terms of material things: devices, accessories, cars, houses, appliances and so on and so forth. It has more to do with opportunities and activities. An alpha male should not stay in one place just because it is slightly convenient. He should not tolerate people, changes or environments that are negative or far from being in his favor just because there might be a silver lining at the end of the day. Alphas must seek for improvement, perfection, a desirable and positive condition and if the time and place or people are not right for them, they should move on.
  1. Always adapt to any situation! Adaptability is amongst alpha male’s strongest features. Such a man can be able to respond to any threat and handle himself just fine in any occasion or environment. Even if the situation is worsening visibly, an alpha male knows how to change his behavior to suit the outside conditions. Even if poverty, thunderstorm, heavy rain, strong heat or snow strikes, an alpha male can be able to do his thing and survive. His inborn capacity to adapt is very acute. An alpha is the type of person who will not feel intimidated by anyone or anything, so he can handle any situation in the most efficient and positive manner. Furthermore, what ought to be said here is that this type of individual might actually be scared in the worst possible scenario, but he never backs down and he looks as if he is in complete control. And by assuming this and not letting emotions interfere with his judgment, he will manage to respond to possible threats and be the Superman of the day.
  1. Focus on the road ahead! This is an essential rule that must be taken into serious consideration not only by alpha males, but also by people in general. When you do not have a precise goal or general idea about what your future may look like, you will not be able to become successful. In order to waltz through life and stay problem free and attract the best offers and advantages, you should have a clear perspective of what you want to accomplish or do in the nearest or distant future. Focusing on your target, never letting yourself go or being overwhelmed by some problems is of utmost importance. You need to constantly prepare yourself mentally and physically for the journey ahead and you should always manage to overcome challenges, irrespective of how difficult or full of hurdles the road may be. This entire experience will define the alpha male and will give his strength, endurance, perseverance and capacity to deal with negative things in order to be able to embrace the positive ones at the end of the day.
  1. Quality over quantity! This rule is about the fact that alpha males cannot and will not wear poor quality clothing or accessories. They will also not buy food that has no nutritional value or do things that will not serve them right. ‘Quality over quantity’ is also about doing the best things in life, having a proper attitude and undergoing some activities that can be of service to you and perhaps those around you. If you want to make a great impression and take advantage from it, do not attempt to organize countless charity events that do not speak much about you. Alternatively, seek quality actions and attitudes that can move mountains and that can put you in a very good light. Also, in order to win someone over, it will be more efficient and advantageous for you to make a lasting impression once. It takes just a few quality occurrences or noble actions for a man to gain others’ respect.
  1. Always seek improvement! There are always new things to learn and new things to discover either about yourself or about the world around you. So, why not take the time to dig in and see which chapters have not been read yet or which are the personal abilities you can shape? Learn a new language that can work towards your advantage, go to the gym and set up new physical goals, learn to be more kind with those around you, learn how to manage a business or install a software, think about new ways to approach people, how to be a better speaker, how to improve your overall look and so on an so forth. Despite looking perfect, being the quintessence of agility, assertiveness, strength, appeal, alphas actually have to learn constantly, they move at a rapid pace and they assimilate new things every day. Thus, improvement is necessary.
  1. Never back down Disappointments may happen and may appear in the lives of alpha males. It is important to note that alphas are not those extraterrestrial beings or robots who are programmed to function flawlessly and not get affected by absolutely anything. An alpha male can get upset over something, go though rough patches, be disappointed by people, events, environments. Alphas are, at the end of the day, human beings. However, it is their duty to say no to bad things and to pick up the pace, get up, shake off the dust and rebuild themselves.
  1. Stand up for yourself– Last, but definitely not least is the rule of standing up for yourself. Alphas in particular need to be able to respond to harsh criticism (if it is not in place) and defend themselves, whether the people around them like it or not. It may come as a surprise, but alphas can get themselves in situations where others can envy them to the bone and, thus, attack them with no good reason. Thus, standing up for yourself is critical and of utmost importance if you do not want to get defeated. Use logical explanations, make good use of posture, make eye contact, let your intelligence and ingenuity work and speak up!

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