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Alpha Male Nation | February 25, 2018

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Tesla Best Electric Cars Soon to Venture in India - Alpha Male Nation

Tesla Best Electric Cars Soon to Venture in India

Tesla’s Best Electric Cars Soon to Venture in India – Modi has done it Once Again

Tesla Electric vehicles are considered important these days. This is mainly due to the fact that air pollution in the major metropolitan cities in India has gradually increased. Companies such as the Mahindra and Mahindra Reva are operating in India since a very long time. However, these companies have not been successful in making a major impact in the market.

They have not been able to change the mindset of the people when it comes to electric cars. Nevertheless, the mindset of the people regarding electric cars can now change. This is because Modi has been successful in wooing Tesla into manufacturing its top electric cars in India. With Tesla getting geared up to enter the Indian arena, electric cars are thought to grab great popularity.

Tesla, one of the most popular EV manufacturer said that it is aiming to enter the Indian market very fast. It will enter the Indian market with its Model 3. It would not only venture into India but Brazil, Slovakia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, and Singapore as well. The bookings for EVs have opened for these countries on the Tesla website. Model 3 would be the most affordable electric car introduced by Tesla in India.

The Challenges Faced by India when it comes to Launching Tesla Electric Cars

Electric vehicles entering the Indian market seems a wonderful prospect. However, in order to make this prospect a reality, there are some obstacles that have to be negotiated. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla will have to negotiate these obstacles before entering the Indian market.

At present, the infrastructure needed for supporting electric vehicles in India is something that is absolutely nil. The only method of running an electric car in India is getting it charged at home. India does not have the charging infrastructure needed for running electric cars on the road.

This means that even if people own electric cars here, they will have to use it close to their homes. For many people who use an electric vehicle in India, only one charge is enough for commuting to office regularly.

Tesla said that India would be a good market for its Model 3 which is an affordable and sustainable electric car. It is worth noting that Nitin Gadkari has asked Tesla to come up with proposals of entering the Indian market. Nitin Gadkari is the Union Road and Transport Minister of India.

India in the Form of a Major Manufacturing Hub

Gadkari, during one of his visits to Tesla factory, came up with a proposal. This proposal was off promoting joint ventures between Tesla and the Indian automobile companies. He had an objective in mind when coming up this proposal for Tesla.

He came up with this proposal with the view of introducing pollution-free public transport in the country. With this being said, special emphasis is laid on the public and commercial motor vehicles. During his interaction with the senior officials of Tesla, Gadkari proposed making India their Asia manufacturing spot.

This proposal was led in front of the senior executives of this global leader in manufacturing electric cars. He also proposed to provide land for the manufacturing procedure. The land offered for the manufacturing process would be close to the ports. This would facilitate the export of vehicles to the South East Asian and the South countries.

The senior executives at Tesla admitted that they wanted a manufacturing hub outside America. This was because they wanted to increase the market for their cars throughout the world.

They appreciated the offer of cooperation from the Indian minister. They further said that they would consider this offer at an appropriate time in the near future. The senior executives further said that Indian will serve as the best market for their Model 3 electric cars. The statements have been confirmed to be true by a media release.

An Electric Future

Last year, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India also visited Tesla and Gadkari’s visit comes only after Modi’s visit. Modi government is this strong belief that Tesla would play an important role in introducing pollution-free transport in India.

This is because the company works using green technologies. In response to questions from Nitin Gadkari, the Tesla executives said that they definitely have some future plans for India. They are looking forward to introducing electric trucks and vans but not two-wheelers and buses. They even showed a keen interest in having a clear idea about subsidies for electric vehicles in India.

India – The Land of Opportunities

Now, on a US visit, Gadkari explained to the Tesla executives about Indi’s advancement in the field of electric vehicles. He explained how the Indian automobile companies have made good advancements in the industry of electric vehicles.

He also exuded confidence saying that soon the Indian market would become competitive in this field. Gadkari also inquired about battery packs possessing the ability to store energy from solar panels and the power grid.

Gadkari was informed that even Modi was eager to know about these batteries during his visit to Tesla. Modi had inquired how solar panels and batteries could serve as the future of electricity in India. He was keen on knowing about the uses of these solar panels and batteries in the rural areas.

Gadkari was also explained that Tesla was welcoming recommendations for different locations throughout India. This was for the purpose of demonstration as stated by the press. If Tesla enters India, it would definitely serve as a boon for the Indian automobile industry.