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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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Tactical TL900 Headlamp Reviews - Alpha Male Nation

Tactical TL900 Headlamp Reviews

What is TL900 LED headlamp all about?

TL900 Headlamp is a head-worn lamp with an advanced LED lighting system. Boasting a three-way adjustable headband, the TL900 tactical headlight is perhaps the best lamp you can find at a cheaper price. It boasts a water-resistant tilt head that pivots to an angle of ninety degrees. Since it is worn on the head, it allows the user to use their hands as they want. It is the item you need when doing a dangerous task.


When searching for something in the dark, you would appreciate using both hands to finish quickly and successfully. With this headlamp’s bright light your search will be super exciting and over too soon. Boasting up to 4 different pre-set modes, this headlamp has a lamp life of 100,000 hours. It targets spots that are five hundred meters away. If you are tired of low-quality headlamps that become such a waste too soon, choose the TL900 lamp today.


Do you love to camp outdoors at night, taking evening walks, visiting dark caves or doing bike rides? There are many activities that you can only enjoy when you have a powerful headlamp. It’s much better if your favorite headlamp could discharge a 1000 lumen beam.

This beam is so strong that it can illuminate a big field. As there are several products claimed to be this luminous, do not rush to pick just any item you stumble upon. Instead, choose the TL900 LED Headlamp. It is the most popular product among lovers of night adventures and the military today. To ensure that you understand this flashlight more, we will discuss all it in the next paragraphs. Then you will be able to decide whether or not you want to buy it.

How does the TL900 LED Headlamp work?

This is a very high performing headlamp. It is durable, water-resistant, user-friendly and effective in the work it was made to do. With this tactical headlight, you cannot fear to be in the dark, no matter how dense it seems to you. It has superb features that make it work the way it does.  These features are straightforward in terms of how to manipulate and use them. They include the following:

Hardwearing aluminum alloy casing – The thing that protects any flashlight is the casing. If it is weak because of poor craftsmanship, the flashlight will get damaged soon. This is not the case with the TL900 though, as it is made from an aluminum alloy casing.

The aluminum the manufacturers choose is not your ordinary metal. It is the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. That’s why the headlamp is extremely tough and hardwearing. It will tolerate the pressure if you drop it or if something bulky knocks it.   No wonder this headlamp is made for every situation and for every sort of user. If you handle things with a bit of roughness, this headgear can withstand you because it is built with the strongest aluminum alloy there is.




As you know, aluminum is lightweight and this is why this flashlight is portable. It stays on your head and does not cause a headache. Even if you hang the gadget on your neck it won’t feel uncomfortable.

Longer lamp life – As aforementioned, the TL900 LED Headlamp offers up to one hundred thousand hours of lamp life.  It boasts a rechargeable battery, allowing you to always be ready for an abrupt night exploration.  As well, when you get this product for yourself, you will not need to supplement it with another lamp. It is always reliable and ready for use.

Provides four preset modes – Unlike some headlamps that provide the user with just one or two modes, the TL900 has four. These include High, Low, SOS and Strobe. It is upon you to know when to shift to any of these four modes. There is a battery box that displays a red light when you have picked a particular mode.  This makes the headlight easy to use and totally convenient.

Zoom to any focus you wish – If you want to focus your flashlight at the maximum zoom, choose x2000.  This beam is so powerful that it could blind you. It can protect you from criminals at night. To tone the beam down a bit, choose other options: x1000, x500 or x250.  The minimum zooming capacity is x250 and offers normal light.  The ability to zoom takes your night expeditions to a whole new level.  This is so because you can brighten up your paths to the extent you want.

The LED emitterThis flashlight’s Cree XM-L T6 bulb gives off between 800 and 1000 Lumens. You just cannot go wrong with it as the light is dazzling and reliable. The scale of darkness you might encounter in certain moments of your life won’t matter when you have this LED headlamp. It is made with all your needs in mind.

A ninety-degree tilt If you are planning to visit places with limited access, such as caverns or mines, or to visit a camping place via a dark trail, choose the TL900 LED Headlamp.  It could be adjusted to a ninety-degree angle, allowing you to see the sights you want without struggling.  Whether you are faced with an emergency situation such as a rescue mission, this head flashlight will not disappoint.

Even if you want a reliable light to use during your morning jogs or when hiking over the weekend, get this one. Tilt it to the angle you want and hold the lamp with your head instead of hands. You will feel safe even in a dark mine, street or any other place. If you get a chance to watch a video of how this works, do it. You will see how smoothly the head pivots.

An adjustable headband – This item is extremely dependable when it comes to handling. It has a top band or strap and two others on the left and right. These three bands, make sure the headlamp fits snugly around your head.

The material used to make the straps is not known, but the manufacturer claims that they are strong and durable.  They will hold the headlamp without being too tight to cause a headache or discomfort of any sort.

Using tips – Now that you know the main features of this precious product, it is easy to figure out how exactly it works. Once you buy it online and it gets delivered, you can make use of it immediately.

As aforesaid, the item is worn on your head or neck if you like and is fastened with three different bands. Once you wear it, ensure that you alter the light beam to match your tactical situation. If you want it not to shine too far, reduce the light to x250 or x500.

However, if you are trekking in a very dark and dense trail, you need to use the maximum zooming capacity. Alternatively, use x1000 focus to have a medium strong light beam. If your circumstances force you to change the angle of light, simply tilt the adjustable angle to ninety degrees and make it face the direction you want.

The high-performance TL900 LED headlamp uses rechargeable batteries that keep the charge for several hours. It is upon you to ensure that the battery is fully charged before going out at night.

Since the rotating head is waterproof, you can use the flashlight even in the rain without the fear of damaging it or when it is snowing.  As well, you can enter any dark place you want as long as it is safe. This light fits comfortably and firmly on your head and it won’t slip off when you bend forward. Switch to any of the four modes explained above and watch the red light blink.  The TL900 is practical and perfect when you seriously need to illuminate your path, basement, workplace, trail, or any other place.

Why pick the TL900 LED headlamp? 

Since the internet has so many flashlights you could buy for use at night, why bother with the TL900? There are seven main reasons why you cannot get enough of this lamp. This include:

  • Extremely lightweight and portable – As it is designed to be worn on your head, this lamp is not bulky at all. It is a great substitute for heavy, handheld lamps. This pick gives you the freedom to use your hands in other ways than holding it. As it is portable and very bright, you just can’t find a more convenient alternative.  Aluminum alloy makes this thing so easy to move around with without feeling exhausted.
  • It is a brave tool to use against an attacker – Mugging at night is very real. Even if you live in a peaceful neighborhood, you cannot be sure when you could meet trouble. You can intimidate a thief with just the strong beam of light emitted by this LED lamp. At a close range, they just won’t succeed in harming you as they will feel blinded by the brightness. The x2000 focused beam is just too bright for the human eye to face.
  • You receive rechargeable batteries and a charger placed in a box– This is to simplify your trips out there during the night. If the battery charge depletes, the charger unit will just be in the box so you can find a place to recharge your batteries. It is also possible to order extra batteries so you can have an option when you cannot access an electricity socket.
  • It is expedient – Made for a true adventurer, this flashlight is made for easy and difficult pursuits. With its ability to fit snugly in your head, you can ride a bike or search for something at the same time. What’s more, you can adjust the strength of the light beam, tilt the headlamp to a comfy angle and use the mode you prefer. It can definitely be used during any season, including the rainy season.
  • It is long lasting – It feels bad to spend your money on a flashlight that cannot last long. This won’t be a problem with a headlamp. It is made with the air-craft-grade aluminum alloy that is hardwearing and durable. With this headlamp, you will get value for your money. There may be cheaper options using the XM-L T6 bulbs, but they just can’t match the level of performance guaranteed by this flashlight.
  • Affordable – Hardly sixty dollars, this headlamp is affordable and it recovers every dollar for the user in future. If you want to save money on a flashlight, choose the TL900 LED headlamp now. It won’t get damaged by water when riding your bike in the rain, or when jogging in the damp morning weather.
  • Attractive to look at Although the biggest concern, buyers have is how well the item functions how long it can last and the price range, aesthetics matter as well. This headlamp looks attractive and can be bought for men and women. It doesn’t mention kids so we assume it is meant for adults who love outdoor activities and those who could use it in other ways.

Who produces the TL900 LED flashlight?

This product is associated with a company called Primitive Survivors. Primitive Outdoors is also a name for this company.  It is a renowned store that sells flashlights, backpacks, watches and other items that are used by adventurers.  It operates strictly online. Primitive Survivors don’t seem to be the main producer, though, since they sell product exclusively online. Based in Springfield, Oregon, Primitive Survivors has other tactical headlamps in stock.


Since they are the only merchants selling this product online, you should try to contact them directly via their email address or any other contact method they prefer to use.  Once you do, ask the customer care representative who will receive your email or call to share more information about this product. This is one way to ensure that you buy it only after making a strong, informed decision.

Who should use the TL900 LED light?

This particular product is made for passionate explorers and travelers. Although it can be used to find something in a dark basement at home, this flashlight is more usable outdoors. You could always carry it in your car just in case it breaks down in the middle of nowhere at night.

You just have to wear it in your head and use your hands to troubleshoot the engine or change your tire. Long distance drivers might love this flashlight a lot as it can help them in their endeavors.

This item is great for use any time at night, regardless of whether you are out there having fun or trying to get home safely. But if you are always out hiking, mountaineering, camping, hunting, running or partying with friends, this headlamp is perfect. Besides common people; this item is specifically very useful to policemen and the military guards.

They are currently using and endorsing it, as they have realized how powerful it is.  The police as we know them have very difficult work of tracking and pursuing criminals to any place of hiding.

With this sort of light, they can enjoy doing their work even if the darkness is so dense. Since this is an industrial grade flashlight, it can be used in the factory, mines or any other large workstation that could pose some danger to people due to darkness. So if you own a workplace that requires supplemental light at night or during the day, this headlight is supreme. It is even perfect for security guards who must be awake all through the night.

buy tactical-tl900-headlamp

If you know someone who must work in dark conditions, or someone who cannot do without exploring new places, get them the TL900 LED Headlamp today. It makes a great gift to anybody who loves excitement and fun.

As well, buy this headlight for normal usage at home. It won’t disappoint you when your electricity suddenly goes off, or when you have to do an activity outdoors at night.  This is a multipurpose lamp designed for domestic, commercial or recreational uses. As implied earlier, this is a life-saving flashlight, too, as it has a very strong ray of light. Having it can give you the peace of mind you need when walking or riding a bike alone at night.

No matter where you are in the middle of the night, this product emits a very bright light beam to assist you on your way to any place. If you have a fear of being alone in the dark, choose this headlamp today. In summary, everyone needs this light, although those who spend hours out at night may not trade it for anything on earth.

Final thoughts: Should you buy the TL900 LED headlamp?

The answer to this question is a big yes. There is no reason why you shouldn’t get this flashlight for yourself or somebody else. It is an ideal headgear for you or the most adventurous person in your home. If all of you love going out in the dark for camping, then buy a piece for everyone. The amazing thing is that you don’t have to pay a lot of money.

With just fifty-nine dollars, you can have one flashlight. The initial price went down by seventy-five percent and settled at fifty-nine. So hurry up and get your piece now as no one knows when the price may go up. If you buy many you will still pay the same price and recover all your money in the near future.

Do not worry, though, as the TL900 headlamp is long-lasting and hardy. You will recover every cent that you will spend on this lamp. Additionally, you will adore the level of convenience, this thing offers.  There is no single time that you will have to hold it with your hands that you need to do other activities. It stays on your head or neck and does not interfere with your fun.

Are you going on a camping trip with your best friends or workmates? This flashlight is one of the handy things all of you should have before going away. It will be your best friend in the dark caves, forest trails, roads, footpaths, beaches and other places.

Perhaps you have an industry that deals with dangerous chemicals or equipment or a company that depends much on accuracy and precision. To ensure that your employees are safe and accurate when working, buy them the TL900 LED Headlamps. They will be more productive.  Perhaps you have a security guard who needs to walk around your property at night, making sure there are no trespassers. This is the correct item to buy for them.

If you work in the military, this is an important personal belonging even if you haven’t been given any at work. Purchase it for your own convenience when you have to work in dangerously dark conditions.

Once you do, you will feel the urge to buy it for your friends and relatives as a gift.  As the ultimate solution for anyone who works at night, the TL900 headlight has all the features you need when you are crossing dangerous zones in total darkness. It allows you to create a long beam reaching up to five hundred meters away from where you are.

If you want to increase the amount of light near you, you just need to adjust the zooming capacity. Make it x250 if you want adequate light just about you and x2000 if you want the entire field, path or cave to be full of light.

There is hardly any substitute for this headlamp on the market and it is so handy and cost-friendly. As it is technically advanced, this headlamp offers the best LED light solution.  With this one, you don’t need your ordinary torch with conventional light bulbs anymore.

To get started, locate Primitive Survivors now and place an order before the price goes up again. Go ahead and surprise a friend, co-worker or relative with this flashlight and they will never stop thanking you.

buy tactical-tl900-headlamp