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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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Strengthen your romantic relationship - Alpha Male Nation

Strengthen your romantic relationship

Yes, there are some universally valid rules for maintaining your relationship… afloat. But since you’re not satisfied with “just OK”, here are some ways to make yourself indispensable for her.

Girls have their own tricks for improving their life with their partner, but the male “species” is not sub-par when it comes to imagination. Well, you don’t necessary have to change, just to “polish” yourself a bit – this also greatly benefits your relationship, and your girlfriend will not remain “cold-heated”. You’ll see.

1. Give it time

Things are not moving forward with the speed you’d like them to advance? Do not push it – in any way! Women tend to withdraw inside themselves like a pearl in a shell when they feel the slightest pressure. Put yourself in her position: would you like it if she’d obsessively insist that you do something you’re not ready for? Plus, even though women are endowed with legendary patience, when it comes to intimacy and romantic relationship, they become easily embarrassed and do not appreciate insistence. Whether you suggest to have, ahem, bold sex or maybe you’re thinking about marriage, even though you’ve only been together for a few months, do not “hit her” out of the blue with your intentions.

2. Leave thins as they are

A relationship may change the partners in time, which is probably natural. Plus, the two may even “borrow” each other’s habits and views. However, in case there is something that bothers you in your partner, do not tease her continuously about it.

3. To err is human

Small stupid mistakes and the guilty conscience afterwards – these are definitely going to happen to you. What’s important is that you learn something from the “sins” you commit. Remember the things that she doesn’t like about you and keep in mind the reasons for which she appreciates you. Do not ignore her criticism – there might be some truth in there somewhere.

4. Be a man… also on the inside

For a woman it is very important to have a partner who offers support in difficult moments and takes responsibility for his own actions. If she realizes that she can count on you regardless of the situations that may occur, you’ll grow in her eyes more than if you only had… an abdomen for which you “toiled” for years at the gym.

5. Aim high

Give maximum importation to each one of your relationships. You should regard your girlfriend as a person from whom you definitely have something to learn, think of her as someone who can help you become a better person and don’t limit yourself. Set social and romantic goals for yourselves. What’s more, if you fight “shoulder to shoulder” in order to achieve them, your relationship will strengthens. As they say: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!