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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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Signs you’re Not an Alpha Male - Alpha Male Nation

Signs you’re Not an Alpha Male

We have heard that plenty of times in our society and we have always wondered what that could mean. What is an AlphaMale after all? The exact definition of the term literally means “pack leader” and, as you may have guessed, it is a term commonly used in the animal kingdom. That did not mean that we cannot use it, because we have quickly adopted it in defining that manly attitude that separates the real men from children and from said “pussies”

But what does AlphaMale actually means? Here are few facts and signs that should show you that you may not be the AlphaMale you thought you were:

  • Even when you are wrong, you are right

This is probably the less manly behavior and I have to say that it is the most annoying of all. It does not do you any justice and it makes you look like an idiot. It is true. A real man would have to courage of admitting he is wrong, because that is the difference between an AlphaMale and a buffoon. It is extremely frustrating to talk to a knows-it-all guy and people often show more respect to those admitting their mistakes. Think about that for a while.

  • You are a bootlicker

Most people find it repulsive and they will show little appreciation for the one doing it. If you are used to kiss boots and not only boots as a means to climb the social ladder, then you may reconsider your status, because, by any means it is not an AlphaMale one. Society likes people showing integrity, those who will stand up to their opinions and who have a strong set of values. Being a lickspittle can help you in achieving some of your goals, but you will lose the appreciation of those around you and if this is what matters most for you, then you should have a change of heart as soon as possible.

  • You always look for a scapegoat

Again, this is immensely frustrating. Not taking responsibility for your actions is what will get you into trouble more than if you did. This is only what cowards do and people will show little respect for those behaving that way. If your goal is to be considered a true AlphaMale, then be steady on your feet and take the blame like you suppose to. Any other way around that will make you look like a complete moron and people may lose trust in you.

  • You are a pathological liar

I am not talking about any lie, because everybody lies at one point or another. People lie for various reasons, but there are few lies that are particularly unacceptable. Like lying to get credits for something you have never done. That has to be on the top of the list and there are a lot of guys doing that. Taking all the credit that someone else deserves is a cheap shot and you cannot ever be confused for an AlphaMale ever again. Mind your attitude and stay within limits!

  • You complain about everything

Yea, you use to complain about how hard and unfair life is, about how much money you need and how others are being favored while you are being pushed aside. Everything works great for others, but it just seems like everything works against you and you are but a victim of faith and life in general. Instead of wasting your time complaining all the time, you could start bringing a change in your life. Nobody likes complainers and they are annoying as hell. Do not be one!

  • You hit women

Do not get me wrong, self defense is universal. Personally, I do not believe a woman should have more rights than a man, so if you are being attacked by a woman, you should be able to protect yourself no matter what. Hitting a woman should not be socially forbidden under some circumstances. But some abuse that right and they subject women to constant and intense abuses and you can see that in the domestic violence all around the globe. Hitting your woman does not make you an AlphaMale, but a coward, who takes on someone who cannot respond in the same manner. If you are doing that you are unworthy of being called a man.

  • You panic pretty fast and often

That is extremely embarrassing, I got to give it that. There is nothing more shameful that a man who cannot control his feelings or actions and quickly falls prey to panic. Presumably, a real man is one thinking a situation through and only taking measures in a calm and controlled manner. Panicking is the last thing a real man should do, so next time try to control yourself!

  • You use to gossip a lot

While this is a particularly feminine feature, this attitude can also be found in some men and it is extremely disgusting. Spreading gossips is shameful for both men and women, but mostly for men. It is the opposite of what a man should be. You should respect others lives and their rights to privacy and never try to spread rumors about them, regardless of the subject. Do not lower yourself in that manner as you will never have the chance of ever being called and AlphaMale ever again.

  • You are a bully

This pretty much works the same way beating women does. Whenever picking on those weaker than you, you will only prove how weak you are. Whether you are using physical or psychological bullying, the result is the same: you are trying to impose yourself as the AlphaMale, when, in fact, you are just a bully, to scared to take on someone your size. So you go for the weak.

In other words, being an AlphaMale is more than just adopting an attitude. Is about adopting a set of attitudes. Society will only accept you once you have proven yourself worthy. Otherwise, it will discard you just as easy.