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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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The rise of the alpha male in the age of Donald Trump - Alpha Male Nation

The rise of the alpha male in the age of Donald Trump

 How can you identify an alpha male?

If you think an alpha male is made, you are blatantly wrong. He is born that way and evidence of his existence can be found throughout history. You can easily identify him in the portrait of famous leaders who have shaped the course of the history according to their own will and you can still see the same traits today, in the apparently regular people around us.

Let’s have a look at the most important traits defining an alpha male and analyze in what way that is important in interpreting the American future:

  • Confidence

We are talking about that confidence that mimics stupidity, but it is not the same. They have the same confidence when winning as they do when losing and, contrary to common expectations, they actually gain more than they lose from this attitude.

  • Charisma

An alpha male will immediately draw attention and among his many assets, captivating its auditory is definitely the most prized one.

  • The need to exercise leadership

There is no alpha male content with what he has. He will never take orders from anyone because he was born to lead, not follow.

  • Extremely vocal

Not only that they talk a lot, using a loud voice, they also tend to be very incisive about their opinion. They will almost always have a stubborn stance on those values that define them.

  • Their calm cannot be disturbed

Since they are confident in their own capabilities and always have a strong self-control and rock-solid principles, there is nothing to throw them off balance.

But what does this have to do with Donald Trump and how exactly is this aspect representative for the American future? Although Trump may seem like a clown to some and a moron to others, he did win the US presidency, did he? How exactly was that possible? Some may suggest that it is because his rival was Hilary Clinton and that most of the votes chose the little of the 2 evils.

Others claim that he forged the voting system. No matter the claims, the truth remains only one and if a lot of the American population seems to be appalled, it is because the US is in full process of rehab after several decades of pussyfication. There is no protective way of saying it and it should not be said in any other way. This is because society has grown in need for a safe space.

People have their feelings hurt by mere words, demand the law to take actions against the perpetrators of the frank speech and promote flattering lie as a moral obligation. Simply because they cannot get over their complexes and flaws, their force the society to consider them as qualities. This shows a chronic lack of an alpha male and not just any alpha male, but one placed in a leadership position.

One that would have the common sense to ignore compulsive behaviors and not be blinded by political correctness, an ideological wave that has blinded the country for over half a century. Because political correctness has led societies to create terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter, promoting cop killings throughout the US territory, sovereign citizens, who undermine the US legislation and a new generation of feminized youth.

Not saying being a woman or being a woman is necessarily bad. What I am saying is that demonizing manhood is bad. And stupid. We now have white guilt and patriarchy to deal with, among other things and we cannot seem to find out way out of this entanglement of stupid, erroneous and anti-social ideologies.

Is Trump the savior we were looking for? As a society, not really. But he is definitely the savior we need because he is definitely the alpha male that will change the face of America over the next several years.