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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Reasons why men should include pelvic floor in your workout - Alpha Male Nation

Reasons why men should include pelvic floor in your workout

What are pelvic floor muscles in men?

The floor of the pelvis is comprised of different layers of muscles and several other tissues. These layers of muscles are capable of stretching like the hammock from tailbone at the back. The muscles are stretched to the public bones present in the front.

The pelvic floor muscles in men assist in supporting the bowel and bladder. The back passage and urine tube are able to pass via the muscles of the pelvic. The muscles assist in controlling the bowel as well as the bladder. These are also helpful in sexual functioning. These muscles help in keeping the muscles of pelvic much stronger.

Where are the pelvic floor muscles located?

It is possible to find the pelvic floor muscles in the following manner:

  • To find the pelvic floor muscles, you should relax the muscles of stomach, buttocks, and thighs. You should lie down or sit after that. You can make use of hand mirror for watching the pelvic floor muscles while they pull up.
  • You should be squeezing the ring of muscles present around the back passage in a way as you would do for stopping the passing wind. You should render relaxation to the muscle after this. You should squeeze again and let the same go for few more times. You will repeat it till you ensure that you have watched the right muscles. You should not try to squeeze the buttocks at the same time.
  • As you go to the toilet for emptying the bladder, you should make an attempt at stopping the stream of urine. You should repeat the process again. You can do this for understanding the right muscles for using. However, you should do this process only once in seven days. It may so happen that the bladder is not emptying in the way it should. The stream may get started much before that.

Why do pelvic muscles get weakened?

We do not render the prerequisite care to the pelvic muscles. As you do not take the right care, they tend to become weak and cause a wide number of problems. Some of the factors which are responsible for weakening the pelvic include:

  • Lack of exercise

The pelvic floor muscles require exercise on the regular basis for maintaining a good muscle tone like other muscles present in a body. Lack of exercise may lead to the stretching of muscles, thereby making them weaker. Thus the muscles are not capable of performing in an effective manner.

  • Pelvic surgery

Surgery of pelvis for reducing the prostate gland happens to be another reason owing to which the pelvic may be weakened.

  • Straining for opening the bowels

A number of people do the pushing down movement for training with an eye to opening the bowels. It may lead to overstretching of the pelvic floor, thereby making it weaker.

  • Obesity

Overweight renders pressure on the pelvic floor.

  • Chronic cough

A chronic cough contributes to being another reason for the weakening of pelvic. Thus, persistent coughing may lead to the damage and overstretching of muscles.

Why should you include a pelvic floor in the workout?

Here are few reasons for which men should include the pelvic floor while working out.

  • Prostate health

Pelvic floor exercises on a regular basis can aid in maintaining the prostate health. The prostate happens to be the little gland which is present in the neck of the bladder. The prostate aids in lubricating the sperm. With age, it enlarges and may show blockage symptoms.

  • An improved sex life

A lot of men can encounter issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. Pelvic floor exercises can confer some assistance to men facing these problems. It has been observed that men having stronger pelvic floor muscles have improved erectile dysfunction.

  • Enhance the overall strength of the body

Case studies reveal that pelvic floor exercises render amazing benefits to men. They assist in controlling the overall balance and strength of the body. It is said that men are stronger when they have larger global muscles.

Some of these muscles are inclusive of those of legs, shoulders, back and chest. A weaker pelvic floor may lead to tight and sore lower back. It may also cause disc injuries in the lower back. Pelvic floor exercises bestow solutions to all these problems, thereby increasing the overall strength of the body.

Pelvic floor exercises can confer the right benefits to you when they are monitored and tailored in a proper way. You should be mastering the art to contract muscles as an integral part of the exercise.

You should make an attempt to hold the inner squeeze for almost 10seconds before relaxing. You can repeat the process 10times if you are comfortable. You should accomplish the exercise at least thrice in a day. You should ensure to breathe normally while squeezing in.