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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Pleasure zones on her body that you should never ignore - Alpha Male Nation

Pleasure zones on her body that you should never ignore

Women have always been a mystery to us all, even though they have been studied since the beginning of time. There are plenty jokes on that which I am sure you have already heard, like saying that if you write a book about understanding women and their bodies it will have an enormous amount of pages and that would be only the first volume. I am not going to reveal all the known mysteries about them, but only a few tips and tricks about how you can pleasure them more by activating their most erogenous zones from their bodies.

Since we are all different, you can’t tell for sure each individual’s preferences. This article is going to help you understand and apply better some methods and tactics to pleasure your partner. If you think that only the breasts and her genital area are the only ones capable of creating her pleasure, you have never been more wrong in your whole life. I will explain to you the most erogenous pleasure zones waited to be explored and desired.

You are here because you want to please your girlfriend or wife, which is totally understandable. This is because you care about her and you are not selfish enough to only pleasure yourself during intercourse. This is how it normally should be for everyone in a relationship and all men should be aware of that. After reading this article, she will thank you.

There are plenty uncharted territories on her body that you must find and there is a probability that they won’t be in this article. It is even better because you discover them yourself and the new sensation will be more intense for you both.

Her ears

It may sound funny, but the ears have the capability to send sexual signals throughout the entire body. The ears are very sensitive because they have about 120 acupressure points and by touching them, she can be very sexually aroused. So, you must treat them with extra care and especially not with a rough touch, because you definitely don’t want to hurt her.

You have three ways in which you can pleasure her by touching her ears. Firstly, you can use your hands along with your fingertips to gently touch the lobe of the ear and then you can start to massage it slowly from the bottom to the top. Beware, your fingers are not allowed inside her ears, because it would create a discomfort, an awkward situation and it is also not hygienic. The area behind her ear is also to be considered erogenous. Secondly, you can use your lips and your teeth to kiss or bite the ear lobe (do not exaggerate, your teeth strength might be tougher than you expect). Thirdly, you can use your voice whisper sweet nothings or even to tell her what are you going to the next. As a plus, your breath can also be a major turn on.

Her mouth

When you think of the mouth, you automatically think of the lips, but there’s more of it. Kisses have always proven to be the definition of love and most of the time, this is the first erogenous zone you will touch or kiss. Young and in love couples spend plenty of time kissing and they have all the reasons to do so. Kissing activate the neurotransmitter in our brain that secretes dopamine, the substance that creates desire and it will make both of you want more( and I am not referring only at kissing).

Play with your finger on her lips or spend more time kissing your loved one. The tongue must not be forgotten too. While kissing, try to gently bite her tongue. If you only kissed your beloved in only one way until now, do some research and find new methods for french kissing. You will know when she’s aroused, because her lips will turn into a deeper red( too bad if it is night, the lights are off and you can’t see anything).

Her neck

I think this is one area of the body everybody should be aware of. This also maybe the second erogenous zone you may touch at her, while kissing for the first time. Imagine, you too love birds, standing outside after the first date and there it comes, the awaited kiss. You can put your hand on her neck and draw her closely to you while you too initiate the first kiss. By doing that, she will be aware of your intentions and you also, you can use this technique later if you saw her response was positive towards it.

But touching her neck for obtaining a kiss is not the only thing you can do. The area around the neck is used often for sexual arousal. The zone is very sensitive due to the fact that the skin is thinner. Your touch will be closer to the nerves and to the blood vessels, making her closer to her definition of desire. You can use your mouth to kiss her from her shoulders up to her ear and from time to time, you can try biting her, if she prefers you to. Another option will be to massage her neck from beyond, as an extension of a back massage. This thing will probably relax her more than lifting her libido, but it worth trying.

Her feet

You know that all the masseurs are going down from your back and they start massage your feet. Even though it is a normal massage, it can be very comforting for your legs, especially after a hard day of work. The specialists in erotic massages consider the fett a must in achieving the orgasm. Good news is that you don’t have to be a specialist to firmly do it to your partner. There are some points in legs and in toes that can bring relaxation and sexual desire. Though you are the one with the idea, ask her how strong she prefers the massage.

Start from her inner thighs with normal up and down moves, then move to the exterior and add some oil if it is necessary. Don’t insist too much on a single small area, try not to bore her and the most important, don’t let her fall asleep( yes, it can happen). Then go lower, to her gambs and ultimately to her sole and toes. There are plenty acupressure points in there, so be careful not to hurt her by using too much force. Some persons are highly sensitive in this area, so you will either produce a lot of pleasure or you will make her laugh uncontrollably( which is not desirable if you want to get her aroused and ready for action). Although, it depends from person to person if tickling will bring her on the right way or it will ruin her mood completely and you will have to start from the beginning. If she was on her back and you kept doing the massage, after you finished, tell her to stay on her belly, so you can massage her on the other side of the body too.

Her head

Now I think I put you on trouble. How the head can be an erogenous zone? Actually it can be in 2 separate ways, the brain as the physical part and the brain, or her conscience, as the unseen part. Although I only talked about parts on her body that you can touch physically, I will talk about the conscience few rows after this, so you will understand better the both concepts.

The physical part is about the entire head, because basically, you can’t touch the brain itself. A scalp massage can do miracles. Some are into it, some are not, so you better ask before doing it. You can use your fingers to lightly touch her scalp or you can use a special hand held scalp massage, which you can buy from bigger supermarkets or you can order it from the internet. Or if you don’t have the necessary time for a longer scalp massage, just let your fingers go through her hair while you are kissing or cuddling. Stimulating this part of the body helps the body to create hormones like serotonin, helping her libido and significantly increasing her mood. A happy person will be more likely to respond positively to any kind of sexual impulse.

Her conscience

Firstly, you must understand that playing with her conscience can change her mood very quickly. It’s not something you can touch with your bare hands and magically make it work. Her mood can be changed from good to bad and vice versa in just a matter of seconds. What you say and what you do are perfectly reflected in her mood and how she perceives you. She must feel completely relaxed, safe and eager to have intimate times with you. Insecurity and bad moods are a major turn off for everyone. She must have her head cleared of all daily problems before doing something, because it not recommended at all for her to think of how she will handle the project due to the next couple of days during sexy time with you. If she loses all the interest in the problem, then so will you.

Insecurity can appear for different reasons, starting for not feeling comfortable enough with you or thinking that she will remain pregnant. For those of you that are at the beginning of a relationship and you didn’t had enough time to know each other better, insecurity may appear when she thinks she is ready for the next step, but in fact she isn’t. Don’t pressure her to do something that quick. Letting her wait more for you will significantly increase her desire for you and she will be 100% more aroused when the first time will occur. For the other part, that are always comfortable with each other and have a past together, insecurity may appear when she is not feeling protected against having a baby. Though you may seem completely safe and you trust your ways of contraception, she might not feel the same. Having an abortion is a thought that can leave marks on her, invisible on the outside, but deep and harmful on the inside. Try to assure her that you are both protected and that she has nothing to worry about. Try using more than one ways of contraception if necessary.

Making her feel okay is more important than any pleasure zone on her body. She having a perfect mood for sexual intercourse is better than anything you can do by touching her. A clean conscience will unlock every part of her body and it will make them highly sensitive to any touch.

Bottom line

Every person is different and so are their preferences. Before doing something, you better ask what is better for them. A question won’t ruin anything and it will all be more clear after you find out. If someone is important for you, then you should treat them properly. You should not be selfish in any case and this is the main reason why you should care for pleasuring her more. Women are known to reach orgasm much slower than men and they require more assistance and time.

If you haven’t done any of this techniques above, you will surprisingly pleasure her in a way you didn’t until now. Start with a rose, then cook her dinner, make her feel appreciated and loved. This is above everything. Try to surprise her everyday with little things, gifts or somethings you can’t buy with money( and they don’t have to be expensive). Money doesn’t make us happy, but words and facts do.

Even though I explained just a few of a woman’s body, there are more to explore and all in all you must find the right for the person next to you. There is no such thing as a zone that should be ignored on her body. I leave the rest of them for you to explore and conquer and in the end you will only receive thanks from her.