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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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The perfect suit for your body type - Alpha Male Nation

The perfect suit for your body type

How to Dress For Your Body Type

The Perfect Suit: A true statement: „You only have one chance to make a first impression.”  It may seem superficial, but a man is judged by others from the first second, and clothes are the men’s weapons for success in business, social life, group of friends.

Men know the importance of good style and good quality, when it comes about wardrobes, so the idea of investment pieces is not a new one. The suit remains a fundamental part of the man’s clothes collection.

While casual clothes can be acceptable, still men enjoy spending some extra money on quality pieces for a lifetime use and take the challenge to dress in classic style. In today’s world of changing style, the suit is keeping his place, being always a good choice.

A suit can be seen as something formal, and contrary to the popular opinion, a suit has transitional properties, being the perfect fit for different events, occasions.

Some may see the suit as a form of conformity but as the little black dress is always seen as the staple piece of a woman’s wardrobe, the suit does the same thing for men. When the suit is well chosen and wear right, can be the most appealing and stylish outfit a man can own.

Occasions for wearing a suit are so many: weddings, award ceremonies, official occasions, even job interviews, and any other event where formality is required. A good quality suit is a “must-have” in a man’s wardrobe.  In any given moment can occur an occasion where a formal suit is required.

Online shopping is the worst choice when you need to choose a suit. The difficulties to find a suit that really fit on your body are extremely tough to beat.

A suit should always be carefully chosen and purchased in person. If you have a budget for it, is better to have a suit tailored, specially made for your body. A professional tailor will pay attention exactly to your body type and will construct the suit in a way that will flatter your silhouette, the cut will be precise and tailoring will be close to perfection.

In this way, a suit made by a professional tailor will provide the best quality and will give you the guarantee of success. If you cannot offer yourself the chance of a “custom –made” suit, then you should try to find the perfect suit among many quality brands that offer up suits wonderful stylish and will give you style and sophistication.

The measures must be taken properly when you try on the suit, this should fit you perfect. Any man will find that a good suit enhances significantly his personal wardrobe. Speaking of color and style, you need a professional opinion to find what looks best on you. If you cannot decide for the perfect color, then remember that a charcoal suit is complimenting all skin tones; this color is easily combined with any shirt color and pattern.

This color has the ability to be transitional between casual and elegant in any occasion. After you had the first choice , don’t stop, you should invest in several suits, to make sure that you are prepared to show your style in any occasion that can occur.

Classification of body types

People are naturally skinny, fat or lean and muscular, these are different body types. Genetic factors play a role in the diversity of types, so even you like or not, people’s appearance is different and when you search clothes, you must think about clothes that suit you best. Some people can eat whatever they want, and are not going

Some people can eat whatever they want, and are not going fat. Some of us looks like they workout, even they don’t; some are getting fat even they are on diet all the time. We belong to a category, a body type who defines our appearance, but we can improve the way we look at our style, our personal fashion conception. That’s why is important to know each of us in which body type group are belonging. Then you will be able to adapt your diet and workout to fix the problems.

That’s why is important to know each of us in which body type group are belonging. Then you will be able to adapt your diet and workout to fix the problems.

Mainly body types are:

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Mesomorph
  3. Endomorph

Ectomorphs are the body types who looks skinny all their lives, without having to put effort on workout or diet. These types of people (men and women) seem to be able to stay skinny, no matter how much they eat, they never gain weight.

This is not totally true, because anyone who eats too much will end by gaining weight, but comparing to other body types, the Ectomorphs seems to maintain fit during years and is hard for them to get fat. The Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, a tiny body structure, with skinny ankles and wrist. Their body lack of muscle and strength, are naturally skinny.

For sports that supposed endurance, this body type is preferred. But if your target is to build muscles, to be big and strong, the last thing you wish to be is an Ectomorph. It is hard to reach this goal if your structure is thin and skinny.

If you should pick clothes and build a suit for this type of body, take care of measurements and choose a fit one, search for slim, fitted or tailored size.  If you dress in bigger wider clothes, will only make you look thinner, that’s why you should search for proper fit. Buy a shirt with spread collar, for giving appearance of a wider body, will emphasise your shoulders.

Proper fit is the main issue with this type of body.  You want to always wear slim pants, straight, or even slim-straight. If you try to wear the jeans type “relaxed fit” or “boot cut”, it will look like you’re a little kid trying to wear daddy’s blue jeans.

If you try to wear skinny, it will make you look a lot smaller and thinner than you really are. For your body type, are trendy patterns who will look great on you. If you choose patterns big and rich, they will add weight and makes your body look stronger.

Endomorph, this type is totally opposite of the Ectomorph type. This is the fat body type, these men and women are always seen as a little bigger and fatter than everyone. These people are gaining weight despite their lifestyle, diet or workout.

Losing weight is a mission impossible for them. Of course is not totally true if a diet is kept properly, always help to lose weight. The genetic heritage makes endomorphs reach hard the ideal weight if you compare them with other body types.

They have a slower metabolism, thick bones structure, are people with a healthy appetite and enjoy meals. Their body is naturally big and strong, this help them is performing sports who request a well defined muscular gain, force, and endurance. The problem that is encountered by endomorphs is losing weight.

For a perfect fit, you should choose suits that fit perfect on your shoulders, and shirt not too big. The right shirt will give you a slimmer appearance. Collar can be standard or narrow. Analyze the shape of your legs when you choose pants.

Stay with classics and wear especially clothes in one color or maybe with subtle patterns. Always avoid vertical stripes, they will not make you look thinner, but opposite because stripes are exaggerating the body shape when you are looked from head to toe. Keep a classic style, well fit on your body shape and your style will be appreciated by everybody.

Mesomorph, this is the last type of body who exist. Looking at the previous different types, you can easily notice that basically are opposite and each one envy the other, wishing to be in his place. This fact is not entirely true.

The Mesomorph is the type who everyone dreams to have. These people have a perfect genetic heritage, the prototype of the athlete, fitness model or bodybuilder. The people, who are Mesomorph, are getting the best of previous body categories. The men and women with this body type possessed the ideal metabolic rate, the best body structure (not too thick or thin), are naturally lean and muscular.

This type is seen as naturally athletic. Mesomorph is gaining muscles as an Endomorph does and is able to lose fat like an Ectomorph. Seems great, in fact, they are just naturally muscular and can keep their fit without effort. If you need to choose a perfect type for sport or physical activities, the Mesomorph is the best choice. Most of the top athletes and sports people are coming from this category.

If you belong to Mesomorph body type, you should have a natural “V” shape, thin on the waist and wide on shoulders. In this case, wear shirts that fit this structure. Choose regular size and classic for shirts; semi-spread collars are the best choice, no need to widen the shoulders more with a spread collar.

Straight pants will fit perfect for balancing the V shape and make any outfit to look great on you. You can afford to try patterns containing stripes, dots, plaids, but in small or medium size. Too big models will add weight to your chest, so keep clothes less bold.

Suit types

If you are thinking of suits, you must know that are several types of suits: the American, The English, the Continental( or European), according to an older  classification ( since the ‘80s). Nowadays, the categories blended are not so distinct, but if you know these terms, will be useful to create an image when you decide to pick a suit for you.

These suits can fit different body types and is useful to know that to choose in order to dress in the right suit for your body appearance.

American-style suit

This suit style was popular in early 19th century. First suits in American style were tailored by Brooks Brother and J. Press, and then Ivy Leaguers increased the popularity of this suit type. You can notice the characteristics of this suit: single went in back, straight lines, flap pockets, natural shoulders who flatter the silhouette.

Coat is single breasted and have 2 or 3 buttons, trousers are not pleated and cut fully. In time, American suit becomes more shaped, with padding shoulders. Today the “sack suit” represent an old fashion mentality and its style fallen out from preferences.

According to contemporary tastes, this sack suit is almost ugly, baggy suits don’t fit well. And most of those is cheap, a mass product, it bears no value.

British suit

When you choose the right suit for your body type, remember that English suits are most flattering on average and some athletic body types. The appearance of an English suit is close to a military uniform, due to hacking-style jacket with long shape, nipped waist and flared skirt.

This type of suit offers an authority appearance for the man who’s wearing it. The shape follows the line of the body and emphasis the chest, like a uniform, does. The English style suit has soft shoulders and shorter sleeves for the jacket.

Especially if you are tall, a British suit will complement your average or athletic body shape. The longer length of the jacket will offer the sense of proportions, the extra pockets will create some horizontals lines and will balance you out more.

British suits are tailored close to the body, slightly narrowed and defined shoulders. Coats have vents, single or double breasted. British jackets are using lower lines for gorge; thicker shoulders pads and give an appearance more structured.

Continental suit

This style, named also Italian style, is known for its trendiness. It is cut very slim; the silhouette appears sleek, modern and stylish. The jackets originally didn’t have vents but today two vents are common in Continental suits. They are shorter and tight-fitting. The shoulders of the suit are padded while lapel notches and the buttons are positioned higher than in British jackets. Pockets are

They are shorter and tight-fitting. The shoulders of the suit are padded while lapel notches and the buttons are positioned higher than in British jackets. Pockets are flapless. Jackets have pronounced V-shape. Opposite of British style suits, Continental suits prefer to use lighter materials, higher gorge lines, and less overall padding. Pants have tapered waist.

When you choose the right suit, take care to fulfill a requirement. For Continental, Italian style, you must be fit, slim like most European men are as physical appearance. Properly worn, these suits looks sexy, but is doesn’t fit you, is the risk of looking like a little boy.

For a slim build body, avoid skin tight suits, and choose a suit who skims the body, adding a bit of bulk. Men with average weight can try more fitted suits, but on the right measurements for a well-tailored suit.

How to buy a suit

When you start to think about buying a suit, know  well your preferences ,dislikes  and needs, establish the event for what you choose the suit or if is an everyday piece of wardrobe. Squeeze the fabric, choose a good sturdy material.

Buttons must not feel loose or wobbly, because you will risk coming off sooner or later, so before buying the suit, tug the buttons gently. The shoulders of the jacket must square with your shoulders, if they droop , the jacket mus be too big. The sleeves should never meet the wrist any lower than the base of thumb. Always get fitted, don’t buy the first suit that seems to like you or at first try.

Most of the suits are made of wool. At the upper end, you will check the brand label, who notice the component and quality of the suit. Could be wool blended with cashmere, or even 100 % cashmere. For summer season, prefer linen and cotton, even silk materials, but mainly the suits are made of wool. Don’t even try to wear a synthetic material.Will disappoint you.

For checking the sleight of the material, try a bunch of the cloth and squeeze it. If the material bounces back to life quickly, with no visible wrinkling, if you are able to feel the material structure, what is named “gut”, than mean is a good choice. Is not easy to check in this way the material, but finally, you will realize that you need a high-quality suit and the material is essential for it.

Shoulders should appear neat and no excess material or fabric to look strained. If you pull your arms forward and around you, and feel tight and uncomfortable, then get a larger size and change the fit. Length of the jacket is also important, hang your arms down straight and cup the jacket hem in hands.

If is shorter, is a question of taste, you adjust it or not. If is longer and you can reach easily, is too long. Sleeves should be adjusted in order to fit properly. You should have the shirt cuff visible with 1-2 cm. Trousers can suit your taste and style. The importance is to keep the cut of the trouser not too tight or too loose.

A well-tailored trouser must sit nicely on the top of your shoe, never touching the floor on back. Not everyone will follow the standard measurements that are available, is always better to pick a larger suit and adjust it to make it fit perfect to your body.


Suits appear to be reserved only for special occasions. Not true anymore. These days, you can afford to build a suit even if you are not the fashion-style type, but you need to participate in some official occasions where an elegant appearance is necessary. First of all, you must know yourself.

Before choosing fabrics and pick our colors, take time to analyze you, in front of a mirror. Look at you and notice what kind of suit can fit you in a perfect way. How is the contrast between color of the skin and the color of your hair? Higher the contrast is more contrast you can wear when you choose your clothes. Lower contrast must stay away from contrasting clothes combinations.

A person with dark hair who makes a high contrast can choose between lots of colors and can wear a dark suit with a light shirt, keeping attention on his face. If you are able to know your own color, you will be capable of choosing fabrics and models who can work for you.

When you need to buy a suit, you should know more than simply your size. Because a custom suit is build to your measurements, the tailor is recording your size and key measurement, most accurate possible. For example, the shoulder measurement can make the difference. A lot of guys are wearing suits with too big shoulders.

If you get the perfect fit you will be better dressed than most men. Some suits will suit better than others.  Choice of the suit depends also on occasion, where you plan to wear the suit. A versatile and adaptable suit can handle all of the occasions, as weddings, job interviews, conferences, etc.

Knowing how you intend to wear a suit, you will do the best choice and you will invest in your personal style. Even you may not wear a suit on regular basis, take the suit shopping in a very serious manner.

An investment of money and time in searching for the perfect suit will bring you the results that you are searching for. Be inspired and pick the one who makes you look fabulous, using the advice that we offered you, for getting the admiration of everybody when you are wearing your favorite suit.

How to Buy a Suit That Actually Fits