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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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Pentagon reviews army recruitment standards - Alpha Male Nation

Pentagon reviews army recruitment standards

US Army opens doors for people with tattoos, overweight, and single parents

The army must move with the times in which we live. Pentagon considers how to simplify and expand the list of rules for admission to the US Army. Currently, they are still unnecessarily strict.

US Army wants to open up new career paths for tattooed, pot-smokers, overweight people and single parents. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced last week that it will review the strict limitations that previously were against armed service for such candidates.

There is “great potential” of new recruits willing to join the army. There are very wanting but currently, are rejected because of these restrictive rules, said Carter. Although the standard requirements for the candidates should not simply be removed. However, these rules will need to be “relevant for the armed forces of today and tomorrow.”

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter added that physical shape  is also required to remain a standard. Obese applicants may be approved in the future, however, if they are willing to undergo a training program for weight loss.

Tattooed or a single parent?

The rejection of a single parent is also not updated, he said: “We have in our ranks already many single parents.”

The admission of tattoos is expected to increase significantly the candidate base. The study found that there is currently 47 per cent of those US citizens who were born in the eighties or nineties have already a tattoo.

After earlier this year the US military lifted the ban and allows the transsexuals to be part of the US Army, now the new changes are expected as well.

Obesity cost the United States $ 215 billion a year

Obesity cost the Americans not only increase of transportation and medical expenses but lost in “human capital”.

Being overweight cost the US economy at least $ 215 billion per year in direct and indirect effects, including medical expenses and lost productivity, according to a new study.

The report is from the “Brookings Institution” that emergency medical costs for obese adults and children reached 161.3 billion dollars annually.

Medical costs appear to have increased significantly over the last decade and may continue to grow with future increases in the percentage of overweight and obesity in the US. In addition to the direct costs of obesity losses, there is increased the loss of productivity, disability, and premature death.

According to researchers at the US National Cancer Institute obesity is associated with the development of cancer. Obesity is a reason for the increased incidence of heart attacks at a younger age. For the past two decades, cardiac incidents are increased by 10% for men and 32% women.

Activists against obesity predict that by 2030 more than half of residents in 39 US states will be obese. Mississippi will keep its crown as the – “fattest” state for at least two decades. A new report says that by 2030 67% of residents of the state are obese.

Now about two-thirds of Americans are overweight. This group also includes the obese, which are 36% of the population.

Are the American soldiers losing the battle against obesity?

In many ways, the US Army is one of the most powerful in the world. But recently, for US army became a less flattering character. It seems that the US soldiers are losing the battle with obesity.

According to the Pentagon, nearly 8 percent of the military are overweight, which is 1.6% higher than in 2001. Soldiers of linear units also “grew in size” – obesity is seen in 6.6% of men, while 15 years ago, this figure was only 1%.

Some officers do not take seriously the body mass index because these calculations even muscle mass is considered as extra weight. Nevertheless, sergeant John Troxell believes that soldiers who are overweight may put on risk their colleagues. He suggests that the reason for this may be the lengthy wars in the Middle East.

In the 90s there was a US Army culture of running. If you’re not running enough – so you are not trained at all. After September 11, the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems that the pace of training is gradually reducing.

According to the military because of heavy equipment and rough terrain in conflict areas, US troops they had to switch to walking, which led to the development of muscles that have not previously developed. So now the soldiers are not looking like  runners, but more like American football players.

The Pentagon wanted to have access to 100% of the American population for the armed forces that are built entirely on a voluntary basis. They want to be able to recruit those with the best skills and keep them motivated in the Army. From now this will apply to single parents, people with overweight, pot-smokers and tattooed.