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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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Factors and health risks of overweight and obesity - Alpha Male Nation

Factors and health risks of overweight and obesity

The World is entering a new era of severe obesity

Overweight and obesity are a bane of the modern world. These days people all over the world are putting on huge weight which is affecting their health in a lot of negative ways.

This trend is found in almost all the developing nations where both the male and female counterparts are gaining weight at an increased pace. The situation is not so acute in the developed nations, however, there is a tendency among the people in the developed nations as well to put on weight.

What are the factors that cause overweight and obesity?

  • Lack of energy balance

One of the most fundamental causes of obesity and overweight is a lack of energy balance. This implies that the there is an imbalance in the amount of energy that you take in and that you give out. You take in a lot of energy in the form of food and drinks which increase the calorie level in your body.

If you do not use up the energy that you have consumed through energy out than there are chances of gaining weight. One of the main causes of obesity and overweight is when you take in more calories than you use. If you want to have a healthy weight then there must be a balance between your energy in and energy out.

If there is an equal amount of energy in and energy out then your body weight will remain the same. If there is more energy in and the energy out is less then you will end up gaining weight.

The ideal condition is when the energy out is more than the energy in which results in loss of weight. This is what you must aim at to remain fit and healthy.

  • The Environment factor

In the modern world, the environment in which we live is unsupportive of lifestyle habits that are healthy. To the contrary, the environment promotes overweight and obesity. Now a day there is a tremendous scarcity of space and due to this, there are no parks or safe places for recreation. In former times people and children could go out and play in the parks which helped them to stay fit and healthy.

These days’ people have very busy work schedules and do not find time to remain physically active. This is because they have to be at work for extended hours and spent a lot of time in the traffic while commuting. This is another main reason why you put on weight and become obese.

Nowadays you have less access to healthy food and have to survive on packaged food.  This is another reason why more and more people are becoming obese.

Moreover the more often you visit restaurants and consume large portions of food the greater are the chances that you will gain weight. There is a growing trend among the people to visit restaurants during weekends and take a huge quantity of oily and spicy food.

The food advertisements of today promote all kinds of junk food and beverages. You are being constantly lured to buy them and have them on a regular basis. This is another major reason why people are becoming overweight and obese.

If you want to remain fit and healthy then you must avoid all these unhealthy food and drink and stick to a normal and healthy diet.

  • An Inactive lifestyle

Another very important reason why a number of people are becoming overweight and obese is due to an inactive lifestyle. These days’ people spent most of the time sitting and doing work on their computer or laptop.

In their free time, they become couch potatoes and remain glued to the television. The same is true about the children of this generation. This is why people are becoming overweight and obese.

Now day’s people rely more on cars and do not have the time or inclination to walk or take a stroll. This dependency makes them lethargic and they put on weight due to lack of regular exercise.

These days both at home and in the workplace the demands for physical exercise is becoming less and less. This is another main reason why people are putting on more weight.

What are the health risks of overweight and obesity

  • Coronary Heart disease

When you become overweight or obese your chances of coronary heart disease increases. In coronary heart disease, a waxy substance called plaque builds up inside your coronary arteries and they block the supply of oxygen-rich blood to your heart.

This is a very critical heart disease and can cause angina or heart attack. Obesity can even cause heart failure which is fatal. So if you want to stay away from heart diseases you must adhere to a proper diet and do regular exercise.

  • High Blood pressure

If you become obese then you have greater chances of developing high blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage your body in a number of ways. So if you want your pressure to remain in control you must take the necessary steps to avoid becoming obese and overweight.

Now you understand why more and more people are becoming overweight and obese these days. You also realize what are the risks involved in becoming obese and overweight. These days the pollution and air conditioning are also becoming an important factor as to why more and more people are putting on a huge quantity of weight.

You have to become extremely conscious about remaining fit and healthy. This alone can ensure a happy life as the saying goes health is wealth. You need to become more active and agile and stay away from unhealthy and junk food.

If possible you must visit the gym or do regular exercise and stick to a healthy diet. Lack of adequate sleep also causes obesity and overweight so you must ensure that you get a minimum of six to eight hours of sleep every day.