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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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The negative effects of hangover free booze - Alpha Male Nation

The negative effects of hangover free booze

We know about all existing hangover remedies that exist. There are various methods such as drinking a glass of water or taking two aspirins before bed. Moreover, there are better approaches. However, with the advent of technology, it is proposed that hangovers can be avoided altogether.

What is Alcosynth?

Professor David Nutt from the Imperial College London says that hangovers will be eliminated by the year 2050. This will be possible for the account of a synthetic patented by him, known as Alcosynth. It will be available along with the scotch and gin. The Alcosynth will be dispensed into any cocktail.

You will be able to enjoy your drink without the fear of damage to the liver and heart. This form of synthetic alcohol is said to allow people to enjoy the sociable effects of alcohol but no hangover will be experienced. The drink will mimic the positive effects of alcohol. It will not cause a dry mouth or an intense throbbing head.

Professor David Nutt was a former member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. He has patented almost ninety types of Alcosynth compounds. Two of  these are undergoing further testing and research for common use.

The professor says that the last few decades have caused better development and understanding about the brain science of alcohol. Scientists have been allowed to create non-toxic alternatives.

These are supposed to replicate the positive effects of alcohol and avoid the unpleasant consequences. However, this is not the first time that claims of such an alcohol without side effects has been publicized.

Other claims

This year itself, an article in the Pyongyang Times stated about a ginseng-based beverage from North Korea. Known as the Koryo Liquor, it is supposed to be free from any form of hangovers.

Counter views claim that there are no drugs which do not produce an opposite effect later. It may replace some effects of alcohol, but the brain is bound to react to something that changes. Many people say that the idea of an alcohol which is hangover free challenges some major beliefs. A hangover is considered to be a minor withdrawal syndrome.

The idea of taking any drug, including Alcosynth that will provide no after effect seems to be quite unlikely.

Likely benefits

However, Alcosynth may emerge to be a good compound for the treatment of alcoholism. Alcohol dependence can also be curbed using Alcosynth.

If Alcosynth was able to manipulate the neurotransmitter called GABA, the compound could have stimulated several of the sensory aspects of being abbreviated without any negative psychological effect. GABA is one of the compounds which causes the sensation associated with being intoxicated. No harm is inflicted on the body.

Negative impacts

If this fact emerges out to be true, Alcosynth may prove to be beneficial for treating several alcohol disorders. It can also help people to shift from drinking in excess and to decide that the change is necessary. However, the availability of a hangover free alcohol is likely to boost binge drinking. Risky behavior after drinking will probably increase as well.

Substitutes such as benzodiazepines, which is a compound used to prevent alcohol withdrawal may lead to increased drinking. It will be like whetting the appetite of a person who is very much dependent.

Alcosynth may have an impact on subjective intoxication or the feeling of being intoxicated. This will happen without a reduction in the cognitive impairment. This may make many people vulnerable to taking risks with their levels of intoxication.

The subjective experiences of intoxication recovers quickly within a single drinking session. On the other hand, the impact on cognition and behavioral control gets prolonged or stretched. On account of this, an individual may feel like he is not intoxicated in spite of ongoing cognitive impairment. Poor decision making, such as drinking and driving and risk taking will become likely.

If Alcosynth reduces the levels of beneficial effects, people may avoid it. Instead, they will choose the traditional alcoholic drinks. They may also shift to using other drugs which will give them the high they desire. This may emerge to be true, especially for the people who are at an enhanced risk.

Combining Alcosynth with other drugs

There might be another potential risk associated with the use of Alcosynth. This may refer to interactions with other substances. A good deal is not known about the potential interactions of Alcosynth with other drugs, as well as traditional alcohol. Combining Alcosynth with traditional alcohol drinks and other drugs may lead to considerable risks.

Another important fact about hangover should be kept it mind. Alcohol alone is not responsible for the effects of a hangover. The feelings of a headache and nausea are caused by other reasons as well. This is because of congeners.

Congeners refer to anything present in an alcoholic drink, except alcohol and water. People usually get sensitive to such congeners. If Alcosynth contains congeners, several negative effects are likely to be experienced.

This implies that the substances which cause hangover are also responsible for giving a lot of flavor to the alcohol. Whiskey is a good example of this. Vodka contains lesser amounts of these substances as it gets filtered and distilled many times. Hence, Alcosynth beverages can never have the distinct flavor of a complex Scotch.

Why is thought that Alcosynth will not be able to replace traditional alcohol?

There is another prominent reason why it is difficult to replace traditional alcohol with Alcosynth by 2050. This is because all people do not drink alcohol only for getting drunk. There are various ways by which alcohol can be taken in a modern day. Many of these ways do not cause a hangover. Unless a person is a binge drinker, the incentive of choosing a hangover free alcohol is quite low.

Most drinkers in today’s world do not drink only to get drunk and feel abbreviated. Many people drink alcohol for the rich experience of a fine and smooth beverage. Human beings have been consuming alcohol for many years.

They have learned to cope with the side effects and have adjusted with hangovers. This thing is quite difficult to change and be replaced by something such as Alcosynth. The market is certainly not headed that way. The consumption of traditional alcohol is likely to continue and people will continue to cope with hangovers.


The vast cost of funding research and testing the substance and its regulatory concerns signify that Alcosynth will take a long time to be available in bars and pubs.  It is assumed by the creator of Alcosynth that people are looking for healthier drinks. He says that the drinks industry knows about it and that by 2050 alcohol will be completely replaced by Alcosynth.

According to him, the drinks industries have been planning about this since long. However, they do not want to rush into as they are earning enough from conventional alcohol.