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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Muscular Men Attract Women - Alpha Male Nation

Muscular Men Attract Women

As we all know by now, today’s modern society is pretty much obsessed with outward appearance. With Hollywood standards slowly, but surely spreading out from actors and actresses to normal people, the physical cult of modern times cannot be ignored or denied anymore. The result is that, for the most part, ladies have to be overall slim, but generous in the bust area, with flawless hair and perfect features. On the other hand, men are usually regarded as training machines, with a mandatory defined abdomen, toned calves, and really imposing arms. But does it work the same in everyday life? As a male, do you need big muscles to impress women?

In short, opinions vary both ways. Hence, some argue that indeed, a muscular aspect will be nothing short of a ‘chick magnet’, while others maintain that this is a shallow way of finding a good life partner. Obviously, there are pertinent arguments to be added to each side of the discussion, more so when thinking about how diverse and inclusive today’s society has grown to become. Nevertheless, it is up to each and every one of us how to live our lives to the fullest, which is why you should take all options into consideration. In this particular case, men are obviously free to choose between a muscular body or staying as nature ‘made’ them, given that they carefully weigh in both options beforehand.

Do you need big muscles? Yes, you do!

In short, having big and imposing muscles simply seals the deal with some women. Why? Well, some scientific research argues that this is due to the fact that, ever since prehistoric times, females have regarded their partners as a source of protection for both themselves and their offspring, since men had to ward off all kinds of dangers and enemies. As humans evolved and became more rational, this physical strength translated into other means of protection, such as providing for the family. Nevertheless, there are clearly still traces of the importance of a muscular appearance in men, with many ladies still seeking their buff Prince Charming nowadays.

Moreover, the ever increasing in popularity superhero movies promote exactly this sort of potent and worked out physique. In addition, you have a variety of fitness commercials running on TV, not to mention the multitude of training videos present on YouTube, which promise you bigger and more prominent muscles, worthy of even a bodybuilder. With specialized gyms, greater food access than ever before, and high quality dietary supplements at everybody’s disposal, it has never been so easy to get yourself into shape quickly and in a healthy manner.

Advantages of having big muscles

  • Imposing figure – to put it in simple words, people will always know when you enter a room and immediately change their attitude towards you. A towering figure will impose respect and admiration to those around, without you having to actually say one word out loud. Women will want to know your name, while men will want to know your method of becoming so fit, while secretly envying you. Admittedly, this is a crucial aspect when wanting to gain social respect and romantic success. Besides this, you will never be mugged or attacked on the street by anybody ever again!
  • Enhanced confidence – having a toned and muscular body will basically give you all the confidence you need in life. From improved relationships with friends, better chances of advancing into your career, and, most importantly, maximized success with the ladies, your physical strength will undoubtedly translate into better self-assurance and desire to become better with each new passing day. Besides, your ambition to perfection your body will become a great incentive to be better in all areas of your life, since it stands as proof that determination and hard work can go a long way for a dedicated individual.
  • Sexual attraction – let’s face it: not all men are specifically searching for ‘wife material’ when they go out clubbing or partying. Hence, if you are a guy looking for a one night stand or simply to have fun, then having muscles is your foolproof ticket towards beautiful ladies. While your appearance will most definitely intrigue and attract such women, you will also have the confidence and charm to speak to them because you know you won’t get embarrassed if they have to see you naked. Furthermore, it has been proven that sustained physical exercise can improve your sexual performance and stamina, meaning that you are most likely in for ‘fun’ times with the ladies.
  • Better health – in all honestly, nobody expects big and highly defined muscles to just appear overnight. Contrary to popular belief, they are usually not the result of steroids, but of hard work and a carefully controlled diet. This then translates into the fact that you will clearly learn how to eat properly, when to hydrate, and also when to cut back on exercises so as to not injure yourself. On the long run, this will lead to better health in general and increased chances of living a long and happy life because you will not treat your body as just a vessel, but rather as a temple which needs to be maintained and respected accordingly.
  • Increased intelligence and determination – even though not many would be quick in equating muscle with cleverness, the truth is actually the opposite. Embarking on a journey towards transforming your body as a man is a way of improving your perseverance, determination, and ambition. It will show you how the only manner of achieving your goals is through hard work and clever decisions, focus and concentration, as well as the desire to always push your boundaries more and more. If that isn’t a sign of intelligence and higher human morals, then what is?

Do you need big muscles? No, you don’t!

As stated before, not all women are drawn to a bulky and imposing figure. Quite on the contrary – depending on how muscular you really are, some women might end up actually being intimidated by your stature and avoid you completely. Not to mention that the negative stereotype of physically fit men might kick in, that is of you having more ‘brawn’ than brains.

Another tricky side of wanting to achieve big muscles is that you have to work intensely in order to start developing and then maintaining muscle mass, which means lots of hours spent training and a strict diet. If you are not into muscle supplements or pharmaceutical enhancers, then you are in for a lot of struggling before seeing actual results. Undoubtedly, this can be really frustrating and discouraging at times, hence negatively influencing your self-image.

Moreover, it seems that some men, after becoming toned out and really muscular, develop a sort of confidence which slowly transforms into arrogance and which has the opposite effects on women, namely that of pushing them away rather than attracting them. All of this in addition to the effort you first have to go through in order not only to define your body, but to keep it looking the same in the future.

Disadvantages of having big muscles

  • Having to work out all the time – as can be intuited pretty clearly, you don’t turn into a bodybuilder without sustained effort and neither do you remain fit if you ‘innocently’ skip a few days of training in a row. Putting on muscular bulk is as difficult as it looks, since it requires smart and prolonged workouts of your entire body, a regime based on vegetables and a high protein intake, as well as sometimes having to supplement your body’s natural endeavour at muscle build-up. If it sounds like a lot of work, then you are completely right – it really is!
  • Stereotypical perceptions – when people normally see a bulky individual, they become either apprehensive of his presence (considering him some kind of thug or professional bodyguard) or simply think him some kind of ‘dumb beast’ – all muscle and no intelligence. Of course, these are both erroneous perceptions, but ones which occur nonetheless. The worst part is that, sometimes, women have the same reaction, which seems to be in stark contrast with the actual intended purpose of gaining muscle mass. While being seen as a ‘meathead’ isn’t anybody’s main goal when going into muscle building routines, the fact that Hollywood movies and shows have excessively popularized this concept in recent decades is not helping the cause of bulky men at all.
  • Maybe too imposing – as pointed out above, certain ladies might not at all be into the whole muscular physique to begin with. Thereby, this implies that you could potentially do more harm than good to your love life and sexual availability alike by remaining stubbornly attached to your muscle gaining goals. Such a situation takes place especially when men take workouts to the extreme and become too muscular (which yes, can totally happen). Hence, aside from not being aesthetically pleasing anymore, these men can also develop serious issues regarding their overall self-worth and body perception.
  • Finding the wrong partner – if you want to get fit in order to live to the fullest and experiment sexually as much as possible, then go for it. The situation changes when you expect to find a stable commitment – unless she is into bodybuilding and/ or fitness herself, then you can be pretty sure she is into you for your body alone and maybe not more than that. Since this is not the proper foundation for any long-lasting relationship, you could end up finding yourself in the position of not being able to find a suitable girlfriend particularly because of your physique attracting all the ‘wrong’ kinds of partners.
  • Developing body image issues – we normally associate body image issues with either underweight or overweight individuals, but never with those who appear to be constantly working out. Even so, scientific studies have revealed that muscle building enthusiasts can develop illnesses such as muscle dysmorphia, a perceptive distortion which makes men see themselves as less muscular and toned than they really are. The consequence of this is that they workout harder, eat less, and are more inclined to take steroids or unapproved dietary supplements. Another relevant example is the Adonis complex, which refers to the compulsion of spending all of your time at the gym, which can then negatively influence both your social life and work productivity.

Conclusion: To have big muscles or not?

Well, that is indeed the question! As can be seen from the arguments above, it is solely up to you as a man whether to embark on a buffing adventure or simply visit the gym once in a while in order to stay toned. In the end, only you can decide whether to change your physical aspect or not, especially when it comes to doing this as a means of attracting female attention.

Even though it is a bit shallow to judge a person on his or her appearance respectively, this is how the world has always worked, unfortunately. Whether we like it or not, most of our romantic encounters are based on physical attraction in the first place, since only afterwards do we get to explore mental and intellectual compatibility with one another. This means that you should take into consideration that certain women are attracted to certain body types and that you will never be able to please all ‘tastes’. After all, if the girl you eyed from across the room at a party is just (not) into muscular dudes, then it doesn’t matter how much you like her, she might not just want to talk to you. Paradoxically, this is a shallow approach to relationships as well, but, as they say, ‘you win some, you lose some’.

In conclusion, the best advice regarding body transformations would be to handle everything with good measure and approach muscle gaining with the idea of balance and health in mind. Even though she might be drawn to your aspect, it’s your mind and personality which will keep her around longer than anything else.