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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Men's Guide to Hair Care - Alpha Male Nation

Men’s Guide to Hair Care

In order to have a beautiful and healthy hair, it is not enough to choose the perfect haircut or the right stylish products. We need take care of our hair properly, whether we are men or women. Our hair need to be protected against stress factors that could lead to hair loss.

For some men, hair loss has affected their lives, but early baldness is common. If we take good care of our hair and scalp, you can prevent hair loss. It is true that baldness caused by genetic factors or hormones can’t be prevented, but many other factors that lead to hair loss can be eliminated, if you offer a proper care to our hair, with the right products.

What products should a man use for a proper hair care?

For cleaning your hair, any basic shampoo will do, if you don’t suffer from a specific condition and if you want an overall shampoo, effective in cleaning your hair. You can choose from a wide variety of products, the one you think is best for your type of hair. A smart choice is to use a shampoo based on herbs and antioxidants that will improve your hair’s health.

If you are using a proper product, you can shampoo and condition your hair every day, without any side effects. For instance, those who have dried hair should avoid products that remove oil, because you will dry more your scalp. As you know, the shampoo has the role to cleanse your hair of dirt and the unnecessary oil, as well as to clean the scalp.

Using a shampoo that makes your hair squeaky clean is not good, because it removes the natural oils from your hair, which leads to permanent hair damage and hair loss. After you shampoo your hair, you must feel it is clean, but a little oily. If your hair is greasy, it means it is not well cleaned. It is important to choose carefully your shampoo, because some products on the market clean your hair until it is close to be damaged.

Along with a proper shampoo, you need a good conditioner, which has the role to smooth down the scales that covers each strand of hair. Conditioner is important because it makes your hair looks smooth, softer and shiner. Even people with greasy hair should use a conditioner, if they want to have a beautiful hair.

People with short hair should a conditioner only once or twice a week. If you have short curly hair, is better to use a conditioner with every shampoo. Having dandruff problems requires an anti-dandruff shampoo. These shampoos are not able to cure dandruff, but they help you to improve your hair condition.

Thickening shampoo help you to swell temporarily the structure of the hair strands, because is offer a fine layer of proprietary ingredients along the length of the strands. Your hair will be voluminous and will look very good. So, a thickening shampoo will take care of thin hair.

Choosing the right hairstyle products is difficult, because there are so many products on the market. A hair gel has the role to give shape to your hair and can be use with any type of hairstyle. Men who want to shape their hair while defining it should use a hair wax.

Hair wax is recommended to provide a proper hold and molding of the hair. Also, it provides gloss to the hair, but it will not make your hair greasy. It can be used especially for straight and wavy hair that is short or of a medium length. For getting a sleek hair defined and shiny, you can use hair promenade. It will provide a natural look of your hair and is perfect for all types of hair, as well as for short and medium length hair.

Men should also use a hair mousse, which is a hairstyling product dispensed as foam, effective in defining coiled, curly, wavy, and kinky hair. It is perfect for all types of hair, if you want to get an interesting look. Using a styling cream is recommended for getting a good definition of the hair. Styling creams can be used with all types of hair, especially for curly hair.

Dermatologists believe that dandruff and related scalp problems, like scratching, itching, and dryness, may cause hair loss and other hair problems. Men should pay attention to the product they use for caring their hair. Using the proper products will prevent you from hair loss and will increase the health of your hair.

Home remedies for men hair care

Men can use home remedies to solve different problems may have with their hair. It is extremely helpful to massage your hair with oils, which has the role to replenish the hair nutrition. You can use almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil and massage your hair with one of these oils for twice a week. It will nourish your hair with important nutrients and will make your hair look better.

Do you want to encourage hair growth? Then you could use coconut milk, because it nourishes your hair and increases hair growth. Also, it makes your hair looks softer, which is important to enjoy the most interesting hairstyle.

One of the most used home remedies, not only for hair care, but for skin also, it Aloe Vera. People used this plant for centuries to improve their health and their look. Aloe Vera will make your hair stronger and healthier. You need to massage aloe gel to the scalp twice a week, in order to prevent hair loss and repair dry hair, as well as infected scalp.

Hair fall can be prevented by using neem paste, because it restores alkaline balance of the scalp and prevents hair loss. You can add honey and olive oil to the paste, if you want to increase its efficiency. Because it has antifungal and antibacterial properties, it is effective in treating dandruff, relieves dryness and itching, and promotes hair growth.

Neem paste has been used traditionally to condition the hair and the scalp. It is a remedy for alleviating irritation of the scalp and prevents dryness. It has important therapeutic properties which recommend the use of neem oil for both men and women hair, but for improving the health of the skin, too.

Protein treatment is important for hair care and if you want to strengthen your hair, you can use egg. You need to beat a raw egg and to apply it to your wet hair. Keep it on your hair for 15 minutes and then wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Another effective remedy for hair loss is fenugreek seeds. You have to soak two to three tablespoons of fenugreek seed in water for eight to ten hours. After that, you make a fine paste of these seeds and apply it onto your scalps. Using this paste will prevent hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Also, it helps you get rid of the dandruff.

Probably some men may think is too complicated to use these remedies in order to improve the health of their hair. Because men want a healthy and beautiful hair, just like women does, it is not wrong to prove a proper care of their hair, especially if they have some hair problems. Having hair loss issues or dandruff is extremely unpleasant and affects the way we look. Using home remedies, as well as high-quality hair products, you can prevent hair loss and make our hair look beautiful and healthy every day.

Men can also use avocado, if they want to get thicker and stronger hair. You have to make a mixture of mashed avocado and banana. Then you massage this paste on your scalp and keep the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes. After that, you have to wash your hair with lukewarm water and you will be happy with the results.

Oily scalp can be treated with orange juice, which is an effective remedy for dandruff as well. You have to take off the orange peel and mash it to make a pulp. Then, apply the pulp on hair once a week and you will be able to see the results. An effective way for getting thicker hair naturally is to use henna leaves. Apply a henna paste on your scalp and cover your hair about three hours with a shower cap. Then, wash your hair and with lukewarm water.

Have you ever tried lemon juice to improve the condition of your hair? You only have to mix one part of lemon juice with two parts of coconut oil. Then you have to massage the solution into the roost if the hair and leave it overnight or keep it for at least three hours. After that, you wash your hair. It is an effective remedy for greasy hair and dandruff, but also it revitalizes your hair.

Jojoba oil is full of important nutrients for your hair and your skin. Men should also take advantage of these therapeutic benefits, by applying this oil on their scalp. It encourages hair growth and makes the ends of the hair softer. Also, it improves the look frizzy and dry hair.

Egg is good for your hair, but you can also use mayonnaise, by applying it to your dry hair. You have to cover your hair with a plastic wrap after applying the mayonnaise and keep it for at least 30-minutes. Your hair will be properly nourished this way.

Honey is not only delicious, but is good for men who want to offer a proper care of their hair. You have to combine equal parts of honey and olive oil and apply the mixture into your hair. Keep it for 30-minutes, then wash your hair. It will look shiner and healthier than ever.

Those who want to have a healthy and strong hair should combine curry leaves with coconut and hibiscus. You apply this mixture onto your scalp and leave it overnight. It is a natural way of dealing with hair loss.

We use vinegar in our foods, but we can also use it to cure an itchy scalp and dandruff. It is easy to use it, because all you have to do is to massage apple cider vinegar on the scalp for 5 minutes. It will help you remove dead skin cells and dandruff with no effort. Moreover, it is natural and less expensive than different expensive anti-dandruff treatments available on the market.

The role of a healthy diet for hair loss

A healthy diet is the key to a healthy body and a strong hair. It is important to include fish in your diet, because are rich in essential amino acids and fatty acids. You should also eat nuts like almonds and walnuts and whole grains. Choosing healthy foods is important for our overall health and nourishes our hair with essential nutrients.

Sometimes, hair loss is a symptom for a health problem and if you noticed an unusual hair loss, is better to see a physician. If you have dry hair and scalp, it means you need to drink more water and to include fruits in your diet. Fruits help to increase hydration to your scalp and make your hair look better. Drinking plenty of water is also important for our overall health and for our skin.

It is good to exercise, because it improves your health, as well as the quality and texture of your hair and skin. You should avoid stress, which is an important cause of hair loss and exercise as much as you can. The truth is that is easy for men to care their hair, because if they eat healthy foods, avoid stress, exercise and use the right product, are able to prevent hair loss and to improve the health of their hair.

Some men are scared of baldness and hair loss. When they get to a certain age, they think losing hair is inevitable. Hair loss may be caused by different factors and sometimes genetic and hormonal factors lead to serious hair fall. If there are cases in which we can do a thing to prevent us from losing hair, sometimes we can increase the hair strength, but using natural remedies or organic shampoos and conditioners.

The important thing is not to ignore the care of your hair. Men need a proper care, just as women do. A good-looking hair will improve the way we look and will make us feel better every day.