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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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Why are men attracted to women’s buttocks - Alpha Male Nation

Why are men attracted to women’s buttocks

Buttocks are one of the first things a man notices about you. What is the reason for that?

No matter how superficial this might sound, everyone’s first impression about somebody else is based on how they look. And men have a lot to see in a woman!

One of the things that a man notices from the first moments after meeting a woman is her butt. Certainly you have turned some heads on the streets as well!

But what is the reason why a man is attracted by a woman’s buttocks?

Initially, men chose their partners based on how she looked in order to be sure that she can carry a child to term. Being genetically programmed to procreate, their instinct leads them toward women with a more prominent backside because usually these women also have wider hips, which indicates they can carry a pregnancy to term more easily.

Nowadays, however, many men are not attracted by a big butt. It’s true, some of them prefer it like that, but others look for women with a small and perky butt, or even a butt so small that it can hardly be seen. For example, according to a study, British, Spanish and Portuguese men prefer thin women, without curves. The idea remains, however: men like that part of the human body. A possible explanation is that they are attracted to women’s buttocks because, like breasts, they represent a strictly feminine feature. After puberty, the sexual hormones start deciding the distribution of body fat – in case of men, fat gathers mostly in the stomach area, while in case of women it is mostly transported to the buttocks. Another interesting fact, revealed by a study published in the late 60s, is that men’s preferences with respect to the female body are related to their personality.

Thus, men who prefer women with big breasts and butt have been characterized by a need for achievement. Those who prefer “normal” women have a tendency to be disorganized, while those attracted to women with small breasts and butt have a tendency to seek more perseveration in their work.

In any case, leaving hypocrisy aside, even girls sometimes admire a beautiful butt. As they say, when something is beautiful, even God likes it, so you should take men’s looks towards your backside as a compliment!

Of course, each man is unique, so your partner’s preferences might be different. Talk with him openly to find out what he likes!


  1. kazim

    I like slim women, but with average buttocks/breast.