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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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A MacBook Pro and a new Apple app are available in the stores - Alpha

A MacBook Pro and a new Apple app are available in the stores

The new Apple app rivals with the MacBook Pro in awesomeness

The rumors have begun to circulate since August, regarding the release of a new Apple app, but it was only 4 days ago that the rumors became facts, as the giant Apple exposed the new toys to the general public. First on the line – the MacBook Pro, upgraded, improved and with a shiny look to it. There are several aspects that make the new piece stand out from the crowd, as the new features add up to the ease of use and efficiency.

The most significant improvement is the Touch Bar, a feature that has replaced the function keys and it is as great as it sounds. The major advantage is that it allows for an easier usage, especially since the previous generations lack the mobility that this device offers. In many aspects, the special display allows for a better manipulation of the Apple apps you may be using, more like you would when using the phone.

However, for those who like to keep it old fashioned, the device is going to be released with both traditional keys and Touch Bar, depending on each client’s preferences, and they will come in two sizes – 13 and 15 inches. For those who intend to purchase the product, the prices are anything but low.

In this regard, purchasing the one with traditional keys will revolve around $1500, with an extra $300 for the one with the Touch Bar option included, this being the price for a 13 inch sized one. The 15 inches one will come closer to $2399 and it may be well worth it, considering the improvements and the quality coming along with it.

The Apple app that the geeks fell in love with

The internet is currently ecstatic about the new Apple app, especially since it has been announced for months in advance. The reason for that is that it allows for increased efficiency, blending together all the previous TV applications you need to make your way through, each corresponding to different programs and streaming services and creating an intertwined network that makes you waste precious time.

The newly developed Apple app works differently and aims in reducing the unnecessary complications, simply by cutting all the corners at once. It simply allows you to visualize the desired content on all of your devices and to continue from where you left if you have to take a break. This way, using the TV Apple app, there is no way to every miss on anything you might be interested in.

Now, we have 2 news: one good and one on the way of becoming so. Not there yet, but struggling. The almost-good-but-not-there-yet news is that the Apple app will only be available somewhere in December, that is if nothing changes until then. The absolutely good one is that it will be free to download and use, which, when going through the bitter-sour prices of the MacBook, comes as a major relief for everyone.