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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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Lose weight while you snooze - Alpha Male Nation

Lose weight while you snooze

The best fat busting bedtime beverages for men

Are you primed up, waiting to get a magazine perfect tight, toned and lean muscled stomach? But you are worried about night after night of disturbed sleep. You think that lack of sleep is what is keeping you from getting the washboard tummy you always wanted. According to Bridget Murphy, registered dietician, and clinical nutritionist at the NYU Langone Medical Center you are right.

‘Poor sleep quality is intricately linked with weight gain, blood sugar spikes, insulin issues, skewed hormones and next day munchies’. This was her statement during an interview concerning men’s health and weight gain problems. ‘There is nothing more frustrating than a night spent tossing and turning in the sack’ she said. Murphy’s interview was particularly focused on the impact of certain bedtime beverages on enhancing sleep quality.

How to choose the best nightcap?

As the chill sets in and the nights get colder, many people are often tempted to sip a malted drink before bedtime. Yes, it is hard to beat the emotional contentment, a feeling of warmth and a readiness to nod off.

These are natural feelings we associate with malted drinks. There are hundreds of different malted drinks with appealing wholesome qualities, added vitamins, minerals and various nutritious features. So lured by emotion and multiple attractive choices, many people fail to understand the true nature of malted drinks.

They are packed with high calories, sugar, saturated fats and salt. This is why dieticians like Lyndel Costain recognize the relationship between sleep and malted drinks to be only in the person’s mind than science.  ‘It is merely the warmth of malted drinks and its soothing psychological aspects helping people to drop off. There is really no magic ingredient in them. Any other drink that helps calm down can have just as good an effect’ says Costain.

Meanwhile, Bridget Murphy has identified five important bedtime beverages. They are for improving blood sugar stability, building lean muscle, burning fat and inducing a good night’s sleep. These are simple, straightforward drinks that help people lose weight, especially belly fat. Whether you are young or old, getting that coveted flat tummy is a possibility with these five before-bed nightcaps.

  • Milk

A glass of milk 30 or 20 minutes before bedtime, puts you to sleep without the frustration of counting imaginary sheep. Milk is naturally rich in calcium and tryptophan and they are capable of inducing healthy sleep quality. After a night of sound sleep, you will be raring to face the rigors of your day. You will even be eager to start it with an energizing fat busting exercise session.

It is a good idea to hit the gym early in the morning, particularly if you had drunk a glass of milk before sleep. Because according to Murphy, the protein in milk takes longer to digest. The procedure helps to build lean muscle through the night while you sleep soundly. ‘Healthy muscle mass aids faster metabolism and the result is speedily dropped pounds’ says Murphy.

Lyndel Costain, who doesn’t favor calorie building, sugar loaded malt drinks also recognizes the importance of pure milk for healthy sleep.  ‘It is true that milk helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, stave off hunger-driven tummy rumbles. Milk can boost length and quality of sleep’ says Costain.

  • Grape juice

There is a lot of hype about science recommending a glass of red just before bed. In Murphy’s case, what she recommends is more basic. You may drink a small glass of 100% grape juice. ‘This is more effective in putting you to sleep and burn fat as you dream away’ she says. Murphy’s findings are further validated by research publication in Cell Reports.

Consuming simple carbs like grape juice results in insulin secretion during the night. This process helps in regulating circadian rhythms in the system. A report in the International Journal of Obesity (2015) mentioned that grapes are rich in antioxidants like Resveratrol.

This polyphenol type antioxidant promotes healthy heart and converts white fat (calorie storing kind) into brown fat (calorie burning type). So it is a double whammy bonus for you!

As for the question, if you get the same benefits out of drinking a glass of wine before bed, the jury is still out on this case. A small side note on the findings of a study conducted by the University of Melbourne may ease any doubts.

People who consumed alcoholic drinks just before bed displayed distressing brain wave patterns right through their sleep. These patterns were similar to brain patterns of people exposed to small electric shocks. Is it to be shocking nightmares or sound sleep and pleasant dreams? The choice is yours.

  • Chamomile Tea

This tea is an age old nightcap favored mostly by women to help them relax before bed.  Bridget Murphy sees the benefit of drinking chamomile tea to balance out the body’s glycine levels. Glycine is a neurotransmitter that helps relax the nerves system and serves as a mild sedative.

Glycine also increases body temperature urging a natural inner reaction of cooling and sleepiness.  So if tea is a least favorite option for a night cap, think of it as a kind of a ‘designer tea’ with lots of fat burning potential.

Murphy emphasizes on chamomile teas’ ability to control blood glucose levels and encourage weight loss. ‘But just make sure you don’t spike the tea with caffeine’ she says. ‘Also be mindful that your ‘designer tea’ cup contains 100% original chamomile and not any type of ‘detox’ teas’.

  • Kefir

There is a reason that Caucasians are considered as a healthy population with long life potential. They enjoy a night time beverage known as kefir. It is a fermented milk drink that tastes like unsweetened yogurt. Kefir is very rich in probiotics and thus promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in your guts.

The process promotes efficient digestion and helps the body in absorbing minerals and vitamins more effectively’ informs Murphy. She favors Kefir as an ideal pre-bed beverage promoting weight loss. Other research, including a report in British Journal of Sports Medicine, also confirms her theory about this slightly tart beverage.

  • Soy protein shake

When it comes to storing or burning fat our bodies do not have a programmed cutoff time. This means you can have a healthy drink just before bedtime without worrying about gaining weight. A bedtime beverage of soy protein shake has the double punch benefit of weight loss.

Protein streamlines metabolism system while simultaneously stimulating lean muscle building. You can drink milk, soy or the protein powder as both are rich in amino acid tryptophan. It helps to improve sleep quality by energizing melatonin response in the body. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates our sleep and waking cycles.

Murphy also noticed that tryptophan in soy protein shakes help to reduce cortisol levels, a precursor for losing belly fat. ‘For better results add a little Greek yogurt to your shake. So that it will supply your muscles with casein protein to facilitate better post-workout recovery’ Murphy concluded.

So now you have five strong options for a nightcap. They are guaranteed to lull you to sleep and work wonders on your waistline even as you sleep.

Caffeine  important ingredient for weight-loss

Imagine an energy drink without caffeine. It’s hard to find one because one of the most important tasks of supplements, apart from reducing weight, is to keep you energized throughout the day without any changes in your diet. This is accomplished through the presence of caffeine, which being a stimulant, helps in the process of thermogenesis and improves your body’s metabolism.

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