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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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What is alcohol? Is Alcohol a drug? - Alpha Male Nation

alcholol is a drug?

Here’s a secret – runners like to drink. Research of Pennsylvania State University published last June showed that people who are more active, consume more alcohol.

The results are supported by an earlier analysis of the University of Miami, who even concluded that training can induce a person to drink more. Perhaps you take a beer and wine as a deserved reward after some ran kilometers? Whatever the reason, it seems running and alcohol goes hand in hand.

But no one is immunized from some side effects such as dehydration or hangover. So whether you want to improve your personal record or prepare for a race of 10,000 meters, should you throw away the bottle or you can afford a drink from time to time?

Alcohol: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Even the most experienced runners do not exclude completely the alcohol before the race. Christopher Baker, who is a three-time participant in triathlon ultra distance (Ironman triathlon) and certified trainer affords himself 1-2 lagers before the race. “It helps me to relax and sleep,” he says.

It is unlikely that a drink the night before the competition to have any impact on your performance, says Dr. Matthew Barnes, who studies the effects of alcohol and training in the New Zealand Macy University . This does not mean it’s a good idea. So far there are not many studies looking at the long-term relationship between alcohol and sports. The work of Barnes, however, shows that drinking immediately after exercise prevents the refund that in perspective leads to poor performance.

“Ultimately, the alcohol is a toxic substance. It affects the immune system, muscles, and nervous system, “explains Barnes. In other words, definitely, it won’t help you to finish at the head of 10,000 meters. Here are a few negatively effects of the body:

Affects blood sugar levels. The night binge could lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in the morning, explains Professor Greg White of the University “John Moores’ in Liverpool. That is the main reason to feel sharp cravings for carbohydrate-rich foods when suffering from a hangover. This can lead to a drop in energy, which is definitely not good before a workout.

It can affect the heart. Intense exercise after drinking can lead to abnormal heart rhythms. This not only worsens your sports performance but also is dangerous for the overall health.

Can worsen sleep. Surely you are aware of how important sleep is to health and for your sports performance. However, it is also influenced by alcohol. A few drinks can prevent you from the sleep fully, as they reduce the quality and duration of sleep, warns Barnes.

Study of the Australian Sports Institute suggests that lack of sleep worsens the sports shape as negatively affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein synthesis, and appetite. So even if you refrain from alcohol the night before a training, a few drinks before a workout or whenever during the preparation you can significantly influence the final results.

Exposes the body to additional stress. “Serious competitions such as marathons, for example, are a great stress on the brain. Alcohol is putting extra stress. If you do not drink, this is a stress factor less that you have to bear, “said Li Leisure, a professor of psychology at the University of Houston.

Can cause a bad hangover. The more you drink, the more severe hangover awaits you. Alcohol dehydrates you, which can cause headaches, stomach pains and complete exhaustion. These are symptoms that definitely want to avoid before training or competition.

Action Plan

Well, do you have to turn off the beer and your favorite wine before training? Experts opinions vary. “Drinking alcohol in moderation is unlikely to have a significant impact on your performance. Can even help if psychologically motivates you to train, “said White. So beer with friends can be a good reward after a 10-kilometer run. The catch is the term “moderate.”

Right before training, however, the experts agree that you should cut alcohol completely. White and Barnes advised not to drink seven days before the competition for which you are preparing. Although this will ensure your week with fewer calories and more healthy sleep, the only way to make sure that alcohol does not affect your performance is to stop drinking during the entire preparation.

Still, not all of us are professional athletes. And the happy athlete is more successful, so we would recommend doing what works best for you.

Excessive alcohol consumption is one of those things that lead to more problems than you think. So see what are the reasons that may help you quitting the habit.

  • The Hangover.

Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to a hangover. This by itself is a good reason to leave the habit.

  • Excuses like “I was drunk.”

Was there a time that is supposed to explain: “That was not me. Was I drunk.”? Alcohol affects the making of correct decisions and judgments we make at this time are usually not good.

  • Save money.

Drinking, even at home is expensive. Consider how much money you could save, to invest them in something far more valuable.

  • Emotional state.

Emotional state after excessive alcohol consumption worsens for some reason. In fact, the alcohol could bring to the surface all those things that you hide deep inside.

  • Being sober is more interesting. Alcohol dulls the senses and therefore prevents the actual life that is much more interesting when it is filled with mental and physical possibilities.
  • Health.

Alcohol has a long list of negative side effects on overall health. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to a serious risk of obesity, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, renal failure and cardiovascular diseases.

  • More fun.

Giving up of alcohol launches the value of life. You can do everything you want, like climbing mountains or playing sports. Enjoy the moment and most importantly, keep the memories in your mind forever.

  • Violations of public order.

Alcohol leads to various problems such as driving while intoxicated, intoxication, assault and other violent crimes. “The fighting spirit” is the real thing.

  • Appearance

Alcohol produces free radicals and other toxins in the body, which accelerate the aging process. Look at someone who consumes alcohol for a long time. Is that what you are looking for?

  • Feeling.

The main reason to stop drinking but constant bombing by toxins on the body is that you will feel much better as a whole. Along with quitting smoking, this is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your health.

The conclusion

It would be better during active training to look at alcohol as during the rest of the year. Definitely, avoid excessive consumption and note that it is best to keep the bottle away from you, especially just before training.

A beer after a hard workout or a training? First, rehydrate and only then celebrate. And stick to the advice to drink no more than 1-2 drinks in order not to prevent your full recovery.