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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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Making fire the Modern Way - Try it with the Inferno Lighter Double arc - Alpha Male Nation

Making fire the Modern Way - Try it with the Inferno Lighter Double arc

What is the Inferno Lighter?

This is the most modern and advanced lighter. It is superior to all butane lighters in terms of performance, convenience and safety. Designed for users that put their safety at the forefront, the Inferno Lighter is a genius invention created by a group of electrical engineers.

It is the most technologically advanced product in the inflammation and lighter field.  For everyone looking for a safer alternative to butane lighter, the Inferno Lighter will do the trick.

As you already know, the butane lighter is usually filled with fluids that have recently been proven to be harmful to human health.  Butane is toxic enough to cause cancer, according to recent research findings. As a consequence, many people want a different product that is safe and useful to them. There is no match for the Inferno Lighter, if you are among those who want to stop using unsafe and toxic lighters.

The Inferno Lighter uses the same working mechanism as the old-fashioned lighter. However, it features a sleek, modern design made up of a zinc-alloy body.  Needless to say, zinc and its alloys are very durable, sturdy and reliable metals.  Boasting a matted appearance, this fire-generating gadget is lovely and practical.

Apart from the zinc-alloy craftsmanship, this lighter produces a spark that never gets blown by the wind.  As we all know, electricity is a cleaner fuel than butane gas. As a result, it is unlikely to trigger hazards or health problems to the users.

If you are going to a camping site located in a very harsh region, buy the Inferno lighter first. It will guarantee safety and convenience when you are out in the wild.  When the climate is bad, making a fire with match sticks or a butane gas flame is really tough.

You can now write your cigarettes, candles, hemp wicks, candles and other things without producing a flame. Simply make use of the Inferno Lighter.


Have you ever seen a lighter that uses a rechargeable USB battery? There is one already going by the name, Inferno Lighter. This product is the trendiest in the outdoor accessory industry at the moment. Instead of using the flammable liquid used in most lighters, this item uses electricity to produce fire. It does not produce a flame at all.

Instead, it produces two electronic beams amid two little compact points. This is the lighter that the modern traveler needs. They don’t have to shield a tiny flame from the storm anymore. The solution is the Inferno Electric Lighter, a product that is discussed in details as shown below.

inferno lighter double arc performance

How does the Inferno Lighter work?

The Inferno Dual Beam Lighter works as promoted, of course. It has many pros than cons. If you want a tactical lighter that could replace your risky butane gas lighters, choose this one any day. It is by far the most efficient and user-friendly device for creating fire.

As well, this product will not put your life in danger of getting sick later in life. It was, without a doubt, made to help eliminate this possibility. Anyone who will purchase their Inferno Electric Lighter will be miles ahead of thousands of people who are yet to hear about it.

A futuristic product, the Inferno Lighter is one of the largest advances made by man in relation to making fire. It has almost rendered things like lighters that produce an open flame useless. This includes butane gas lighters, of course, that produce a toxic substance when heated. If inhaled, butane can be dangerous and could pose health issues to smokers and other users in the long-run.  But how exactly does it work?

First of all, the Inferno Lighter eliminates butane gas fuel and replaces it with electricity. With the electric current being the fuel of choice, pollution free environs can be expected at any given time.  Electricity produces a spark that does not die down or smell.

When you use a tiny button located on the side of the gadget to activate your lighter, a complete circuit is created.  This means that a consistent electric current is made between the two contact points located at the top of the device.

This current gets exposed to the air and remains intact even if there is a strong wind. With it you can light your cigarette or another item by placing it inside the electric spark. While an open fire flame is hotter and reliable in other ways, it keeps on yielding to strong winds.

The electric current spark produced by this lighter does not face environmental challenges. It is, indeed, the only technology you need if you like camping and other outdoor activities.

Even if you do not participate in fun activities, perhaps you can use your butane gas lighter in other ways, such as lighting your cigarette. On a windy day, you will appreciate how great an Inferno Lighter can be.

The product does not use rechargeable batteries. Instead, it runs off a USB rechargeable system that is one hundred percent effective.  How long the charge stays is not clear at all, as the product manufacturer has not stated it on their website.

Additionally, we are not sure whether the USB rechargeable energy system is replaceable in the future.  To be honest, the manufacturer has not said much about the working mechanism of the Inferno Lighter.

find out how inferno lighter double arc really works

This is not a big deal, however, because we also do not have a lot of technical details and specifications about the butane gas lighters. What we do know is that the manufacturer has provided the following product features.

  • An electrical dual-beam lighting mechanism. This replaces the fluid or liquid used in butane lighters that should be refilled in order to keep using the items.
  • A USB rechargeable energy system that works in the same manner as the rechargeable batteries we find in most electronic gadgets.
  • An eco-friendly, pollution free electric spark. This, as aforementioned replaces the flame provided by gas lighters and match sticks.
  • A strong zinc-alloy casing or body with air-craft-grade quality. This is what guarantees durability as the lighter’s body can withstand accidents.
  • Water-resistant and wind-resistant. The Inferno Lighter is the ultimate pick for people who spend a lot of time outside the house. Whether you use it outside your home or at a camping site, the Inferno dual-beam lighter will resistant weather elements like wind and water.
  • Does not endanger your health with poisonous gas or chemicals. This makes it safer than butane gas lighters.
  • Comes with a one hundred percent money-back guarantee. Additionally, it can be shipped all over the world.

inferno lighter 30 days money back

Stay away from butane gas – As we have indicated all along, butane fuel is dangerous. Unfortunately, it is added to most lighters that we find in the market today. Being extremely flammable, butane has been the most applicable fuel to use in lighters.  It creates a hot and bright flame and this puts it ahead of the matchbox sticks.  While it works better than match sticks, butane lighter is a silent killer because it uses an odorless and colorless gas.

Hence, it can be inhaled gradually each time the lighter is flickering and the user will never know.  When there is a flame, the combustion of the butane gas placed inside the lighter begins.  All of us have used this sort of lighter and there are moments when it does not spark immediately.

Each attempt, unfortunately, puts us in a position to inhale butane that still gets released. Recent research has indicated that the inhalation of this gas has side effects in the long-run.

As a smoker, you habitually use the lighter near your face when lighting a cigarette. While this is convenient, it puts you in a position to gulp butane more than other users.  One medical condition that you could abruptly develop because of breathing in butane gas is the Sudden Sniffing Death.

After a long-term exposure to this gas without your knowledge, you can also put your heart in danger of suffering a cardiac arrest.  While an increase in heart rate could be slight, after breathing in this gas, it might result in a grave heart attack in the future.

Butane has been documented as a key source for volatile chemicals that cause deaths. Half of these deaths happen due to a Sudden Sniffing Death syndrome. Other syndromes that are associated with exposure to butane include depression, unconsciousness, suffocation, and larynx spasms. It may cause other dangerous conditions too.

With the Inferno Lighter you can get rid of your chances of suffering any of the aforementioned conditions.  Since you want to save as many people as possible, you should spread the word about the Inferno Electric Lighter.

buy inferno lighter doule arc

As the number of people who know about it increases, there will be fewer of them who will be risking their lives. This product is not only protecting people from health issues, but it is also changing how they utilize their lighters.

How you can use your inferno lighter – So far you have known what this item is all about. As a matter of fact, you could be considering buying it soon.  If there is any fear you have that this lighter will not match your lifestyle, just push it away as soon as possible.

This is the only lighter you will encounter that works differently. It lacks the open flame you are used to, as it produces an enduring electric spark that could light many different things without causing a health hazard or getting blown by the wind.

You can use it in ways you probably haven’t figured out yet. If you love going on trips, especially camping trips where you live outdoors for a few days, the Inferno Lighter is great.  You can use it to light a cigar, cigarette, fire, incense, candles and hemp wicks.

Even if you are just at home, you will find the lighter very useful. This is, particularly, when you haven’t refilled your butane gas lighter and must make fire immediately. It will completely eliminate your suffering and boost your confidence when you are outdoors and the weather is bad.  If you are a smoker, the Inferno Lighter is your permanent solution.

Getting your Inferno lighter –   Incase you want to lay your fingers on this lighter, get it on inferno lighter dot com. This is the official website that manufactures the product. The shopping procedure is easy and quick and the item is delivered to your doorstep for free.

As we speak, the official website has a price offer where the Inferno Lighter is being sold for seventy-five percent off the original price.  This means that any amount of lighters you buy will be seventy-five percent cheaper. One item costs fifty-six dollars only, and you will use it for a long time without refilling anything.

It could be that you want to buy the item for your family members too. In this case there is no problem because the more lighters you buy the cheaper the price gets. For instance, if you buy   up to twenty Inferno Lighters, you will buy each at twenty dollars only, which is thirty-six shillings cheaper than when buying one.

Since this marked-down rate will not be accessible for a long time, you should take the chance now. Order your Inferno Lighter now when you can still save money.

Who makes the Inferno Dual-beam Electric lighter?

who makes inferno lighter?

An advanced product, the Inferno Lighter is manufactured by a company called Inferno. Alternatively, it is called Inferno Lighter.  According to the company’s home page, its product is a healthier and safer alternative to current lighters.

It has not made another product prior to the Inferno Lighter, however. So it seems like a company that could go very far in the outdoor accessory industry in the near future.  For more information, visit their website.

There are contact details like a phone number and an email address. According to this website, their business is based in San Diego, USA. It ships the product worldwide, though, not just across the US.

As it has not provided enough specifications about their item, be sure to call or email them for extra details. Where the manufacturing factory is has not been openly stated too. So you should consider asking about it, if this is important to you.

Who should use the Inferno Lighter?

This item is too precious to belittle. It solves all the problems associated with butane gas exposure, as explained all through this article.  The product is claimed to be the future of fire, and there are many reasons for this. First, the product makes use of a cleaner and less dangerous fuel—electric current. As a result, the Inferno Lighter is a product for everyone.

Nobody wants to put their body in danger of getting severely sick in the future. So this lighter is for every person who will be lucky to read this article.  While it suits the health needs of every human being, the lighter does benefit a certain group of people a lot more.

This includes those who love traveling.  If you are an ardent camper, this item is a must-have. Besides producing an enduring electric spark, this lighter is hardy enough for harsh environment.  The air-craft grade zinc-alloy casing is too solid to crack when you accidentally drop your lighter.

What’s more, the spark cannot die-down because of water or storm.  The spark glows everlastingly once you activate it. While it may not be as hot as an open flame, it could still ignite the things we mentioned above.

When you have this lighter you can get the confidence to stay longer at the camping site, or to move from one site to another. With the ability to make fire when you want, you can shield yourself from the biting cold at night without having to fight the harshness of weather elements.

If you travel often, get yourself one or more electric lighters. You can even get some items for your best travel pals and they will be extremely grateful. In case you smoke, the Inferno Lighter can be your best friend.

In addition to making your life easier, it will protect you from health issues mentioned in this article.  Even if you use it closer to face, the Inferno Dual Beam Lighter will cause no harm. It can light your cigars or cigarettes all through the day and you will not have to inhale nasty fluids.

If you need a reliable source of fire in your job, get this super-secure lighter. Besides keeping you safe, it will deliver a consistent spark that cannot surrender to weather conditions.  It is just the item you need during an emergency situation at home or outdoors.

Since you want to keep your family healthy and safe, get a few of these lighters for them. With these you could protect everyone from a fatal health condition that butane gas could provoke.

Are you sick and tired of using a lighter that does not sparkle at once? Do you know others who are equally bored? If so, you can all end your misery with the Inferno Lighter. When the dual beam contact points get activated, the spark is created and it stays until when you want to stop it.

This is the level of convenience that all people have all been looking for. In summary, the lighter is ideal for every person who makes fire and wants to be safer.

Final Thoughts: Should you use the Inferno Lighter?

There shouldn’t be any fear felt concerning this product. In addition to being completely safe, it is convenient and dependable when one is outdoors. One thing that should help you make a great purchase decision is your health.

how inferno lighter work

We have explained the dangers of getting exposed to butane gas. The fact that you can inhale this gas in small bits over a long period without realizing is rather alarming. Even if you are able to light a cigarette or stove with your gas lighter, it does more harm than good to your health.

The best way to eliminate this exposure is to buy a lighter that uses electricity. None is superior to Inferno Lighter so far. Even if you try to find a replacement, there is no match for this option. While it may lack the same light capacity as the open butane flame, the electric current spark it provides is more secure health-wise, and more reliable when the weather is harsh.

The manufacturer has skipped some details about the item’s specifications, but this does not mean that people are not happy about their product.

Those who have bought it so far have written positive comments online.  Instead of just reading what others are saying spend a little money to get your lighter.  You will appreciate it more when you go out in the cold and rain.

This product will still light your cigarette or another thing that is used by camping fans.  If you have been using gas lighters, you know that they need constant refilling. Some of them are not even built to last long and need to be replaced regularly.

As a result, the old-fashioned lighters are not anywhere near the Inferno Lighter in terms of safety, durability and performance in harsh environs. Furthermore, the price is marked down and becomes even more discounted when you buy many products.

This leaves you with no reason at all not try this gadget. This has nothing to do with whether or not you appreciate new technology. When you get your electric lighter from Inferno you will no longer bother to use the ones you have now.

This is simply because the Inferno has taken creativity to a whole new level when it comes to making fire.  Their product is a perk when you are outdoors alone or with your family. Creating fire will be heavenly, and smoking will be much easier and safer.

Do you want to get a new Inferno Lighter? If so, visit the official website now. Ask enough questions before buying to make sure that you understand how the product works.  We hope that you will make the right choice as we, ourselves, have made.

buy inferno lighter doule arc