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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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How you can get rid of bad breath - Alpha Male Nation

How can you get rid of bad breath - AlphaMaleNation

A bad breath can be caused by many things and it is very important to keep our dental hygiene to the maximum levels. Having a bad breath can be very disturbing not only for yourself, but also for the people near you and it may cause some very awkward situations. Sometimes I feel like my mouth is having a bad day and in most of the cases it is probably in my imagination, but you can never be too sure about it. A bad breath can ruin your reputation. If you are going on a date and you kiss the other person, the chances for you to meet again depends on how pleased the other person was. But really, who wants to smells your disgusting breath? In a business meeting can also be the same, resulting in your team mates, partners or clients to go away from you in a matter of seconds.

Consult your dentist to see if you have any cavities problems, like caries or some kind of infection. If your dentist says you are clear, then you might want to check another specialist. Bad breath symptom is also called halitosis. You can detect a person who has diabetes by the smell of spoiled apples that comes from their mouth.

There are 5 main causes that can cause bad breath. I will explain them to you, to see if you fit in any of them.

First of all, serious diseases can cause halitosis. If you are 100 % sure that this is not a hygienic problem, then it may be diabetes, a liver disease, like liver cancer or liver cirrhosis. If you have liver cirrhosis, your breath will smell like ammonia, because of the lack of gastric acid, which is supposed to annihilate bacteria.

The second cause is one you never thought it actually exists. Some food that we eat can lead to this problem. Consuming red meat in large quantities may be a possible cause. In fact, all kind of meat can be a problem, because some parts of the digested food can still be in your stomach and we all know how spoiled meat stinks. Also, be careful with cheese and milk products.

The third cause is a side-effect from medicamentation. It is not that kind of side-effect that causes you harm in a more harsh way, but it leaves you with no saliva, so bacteria start to rumble around in your mouth. There are hundreds of pills that have this so called side-effect. Drink more water to prevent bacteria to accumulate in your mouth.

The fourth cause is the smoking and the consume of alcohol. If you a smoker, you may not be disturbed by the breath of another smoker, but if you don’t smoke and your significant other does, his clothes and hair won’t be the only things that will keep the smell of cigarettes. The taste and the smell will remain in your mouth long after you smoke. One step in removing the bad smell is to give up smoking. If you have the habit to drink, limit the quantity of alcohol. The beverages that end up in your stomach and if your stomach can’t digest them quickly, they will fermentate and you really don’t want to smell your breath after that. Also, people who are alcoholics tend to not care about their hygiene, so uncleaned teeth with consumption of alcohol can be a disaster.

Ultimately, respiratory diseases may be a cause. If you have a flu and your neck hurts on the inside, halitosis will be even worse, from all the bacteria your body struggles to fight. If when you swallow, you feel pain, then you may have a problem with your tonsils. If you succeeded to treat the cold and the bad breath is still there, tell your doctor to look for some infection that can grow inside your tonsils.

To avoid such situations, there are a lot of things you can do, some of them you probably already know and others you may find intriguing and interesting. I will present to you the most effective methods that I’ve tried.

  1. Chewing gum. It has been used by humanity for around 5000 years, even if it was not used for the same purposes we use it today. In ancient times, they used it because it had some antiseptic properties and medical benefits. A great invention that is used by people worldwide, not only to get rid of bad breath, but also for the great flavours they come on the market and the sugar-free ones are known to reduce cavities and plaques. It makes your whole mouth more hygienic. It increases the saliva production, so it makes it easier for your body to fight the bacteria from your mouth that produce the bad breath. You can find them anywhere, in bigger or smaller packs, all at affordable prices. If you skipped brushing your teeth in the morning, the escape solution for you is to unwrap the gum package from your bag and to take one or two pieces and enjoy them. Don’t over consume gum,just use it when you need it. Some of them contain some chemicals that some say they may lead to cancer. It hasn’t been proven yet, because nowadays there are so many chemicals in all the food that we eat, but it’s better safe then sorry. Also, after consuming the gum, try to avoid to throw it on the ground, it is very hard to clean it, because it is not water-soluble and the most of it remain on the streets.
  2. Brush your teeth as much as you can. Do not exaggerate with it, tho. You may harm your gums. Doctors recommend us to brush our teeth 3 times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon and before bed. It is preferable if you brush them after each meal and we should teach our children to do the same. Most of the bacterias that produce the bad breath live in our mouth and that is why we should insist on brushing our teeth carefully. Make circular moves when you brush your teeth, instead of up and down moves. The circular moves protect the superior layer of the teeth and the other ones destroys it. When you see someone smiling you can tell for sure if he brushes his teeth or not, the differences are clearly visible. So, don’t forget to brush your teeth, because you don’t do it only for hygiene, but also for your appearance. A beautiful smile is attractive.
  3. The toothbrush. It is important what toothbrush we choose when we go shopping. The cheapest one are usually made poorly and they just assure a little part of the proper cleaning. The more expensive the brush is, the better your hygiene will be. Although it depends on the company that makes it, if you can’t afford an expensive toothbrush, choose one that can clean your tongue as well. I, personally, prefer an electric toothbrush. They offer a far better cleaning than a normal toothbrush. You can buy extra heads for your electric toothbrush and you don’t have to buy another toothbrush again. I recommend you to choose a electric toothbrush that can be charged with electricity, no batteries. Per total, you will save more money if you choose an electric toothbrush. Doctors recommend to change your brush once at 3 months.
  4. The toothpaste. It is used since ancient times, by the greeks or romans. It is not known exactly that they used in the recipe, but they succeeded to improve it by adding crushed bones and oyster shells. I think you see commercials on TV daily about some company that produces toothpaste, but that doesn’t mean they are the best solution for you. Some think here are 4 types of toothpaste, based on the color of the square from the bottom of the tube. The green one means that the toothpaste is made from natural ingredients, the blue one means that it is made from natural ingredients and one type of drug, the red one means that the paste is made from natural ingredient, but also chemicals and the black one means the toothpaste is made only from chemicals. The companies that produces them says this is only a myth and it has nothing to do with its ingredients, but who really knows? Besides those 4 types, there are many more that can help you with different dental problems, like bleeding gums or for extra whitening. Toothpaste suppresses halitosis, but only for a while if the bad breath comes from another problem that you might have. And as a tip, I recommend you to put a small amount of paste on your toothbrush, because it will do just fine, it has the same effect like you would fill the toothbrush with toothpaste. Choose your toothpaste wisely.
  5. Floss your teeth. Maybe it isn’t so popular, but you should definitely use dental floss. It is not only healthy for your teeth, but also for your gums. It removes extra plaque from the areas between your teeth, which can create bacterias and easily lead to bad breath. You can find dental floss at every supermarket, near the dental hygiene products. It is recommended to floss once a day, but if you want to do it each time you brush your teeth, then it is up to you. Be careful tho, you can hurt your gums by pressing too hard with the floss. Flossing your teeth should not hurt and after 1-2 weeks you will get used to it. If it hurts you still, consult your dentist. Don’t use anything else to clean your area between your teeth, unless it is a specific dental hygiene product, otherwise it is not hygienic and you can get an infection very quick. There always have been the question of when to floss, before or after brushing your teeth. Some people do it before, some after, what is important is that it is healthy either way, so it is again, up to you.
  6. Use mouthwash. You can keep it in your mouth until you feel that your cavities are clean or it may be gargled. It has an antiseptic effect and it reduces significantly the bacterias that lie in your mouth. As the toothpaste, it may have a temporarily effect on your bad breath, if the problem comes from elsewhere. The American Dental Association considers that sometimes flossing and brushing your teeth regularly it may not be sufficient for perfect dental hygiene, so this is where the mouthwash comes in. Not every person can use mouthwash, cause its smell and taste it is quite intense, however if you are not one of those persons, it is recommended you use it. Mouthwash has some side-effects tho. From its intense taste, you may encounter taste disturbance if you choose to eat immediately after you used it. The sensation of a dry mouth is also a probability. A dry mouth, with no saliva to clean the bacterias, can lead more quickly to a bad breath. It is your decision if you should use mouthwash or not. Using it twice a day should be enough for keeping a normal level of dental hygiene.
  7. Eat tomatoes. If the bad breath comes from your stomach, from some disease or from some food you just ate, eat a tomato or drink tomato juice. Some ingredients tomatoes contain fight any bad smell. Also, avoid eating garlic or onions if you have an important day. But if, somehow, a piece of garlic or onion was slipped in your meal, ask for a salad with tomatoes and the problem is solved for good. And in the end, if the smell still persists, chew a gum.

These are the best tips I can recommend to you. They can be easily performed and introduced in your daily routine. In fact, these things should be used by everyone in their daily dental hygiene. However, if you didn’t do them until now, you should start to do them, not only if you have a bad breath, but also to prevent caries and infections.