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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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How To Unlock Your Confidence - Alpha Male Nation

How To Unlock Your Confidence AlphaMaleNation

One’s self-confidence has been the subject of many studies and books. And it’s quite a vast field, one that cannot be comprised in a single post and yet there are some general guidelines that apply to most of us. Unlocking one’s confidence might be translated as finding the key to a happy and successful life. But how can you do that? There are various ways to unleash your potential and, consequently, your self-confidence.

Marcus T. Cicero defined confidence as “that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.” Now, you might have figured out that confidence varies depending on one’s current state and situation and it might get quite of a moody that goes up and down. Many people live this, so if you feel like your self-confidence is a bungee jumping buff, rest assured that you are not alone.

Just think of the stages in your life (if you’re an adult now) and you’ll see that self-confidence is not deprived of ups and downs. When you’re a kid you feel that you can conquer the world and you don’t worry much about anything. Then, as a teenager, you meet low self-esteem and start wonder about your potential and your targets in life while at times you feel like you just own the world. As an adult, drifting between the two extremes is almost like a daily task. Staying close to high levels of self-confidence is actually a learned habit as some people would put it. And if you give it a bit of thought, you’ll see it is so indeed.

Train your mind to focus on the positive things in your life, your abilities, your achievements and one day you’ll be surprised to see that your mindset has shifted from a land of anxiety and pessimism to one of positive ideas, hope and trust.

Find that activity you’re good at

Here’s one important move in getting one step closer to unlocking your confidence. Do the things that require the use of your abilities. Identify the things you’re good at and you like to do and make them a priority. Turn your passion into your job. Seeing great results at school or at work is one of the best ways to build your self-confidence. Reach your potential by trying various things. It might take a bit but, eventually, you will surely find at least one field you’ll be a master at. Stick to that one.

Now, don’t overdo it. Give your mind and body time to relax and renew!

Ok, so you’ve found that field you master. Congrats! Don’t overdo it, though. Divide your time into work time and relax time. Rest is of utmost importance in keeping a calm mind and a body in a tip-top condition. Tiredness will only make you vulnerable and irascible. Therefore, take good care of your mind and body.

You might not see the connection between rest, relaxation and self-confidence now but keep this piece of advice in mind, treat your mind and body respectfully and things will appear in a new light afterward. Plus, include exercises in your weekly to-dos. Exercise as much as possible and pay attention to your diet. A healthy lifestyle will trigger healthy results and self-esteem is among them.  

Laugh, laugh, laugh!

It is a cure indeed. This one tip is directly connected to the previous one. Laughing means mental purge and relaxation. Go for activities that disconnect you from your daily worries. A good comedy, time spent with cheerful people or a good book will help you relieve all the tension you accumulate. A peal of laughter a day will keep the doctor away.

Do charity

If we’re to be truthful, the basic reason for doing charity is the feeling it gives. To give is to receive and whoever did a good thing in this life knows the reward is richer than the things offered. To put a smile on a gloomy face is among the highest moral achievements. Therefore, include charity works into your life.

You might achieve a good social and financial position and still feel that your life is hollow. One reason why that happens is because you still need to get a moral and emotional achievement. Charity makes one feel noble and adds meaning to one’s life.

No matter how small your contribution to the happiness of people, be it a $1 you give to a beggar or a bottle of water you give to a homeless person, the returns are far greater than the inputs. Start you day with doing charity and you will feel great all day. This will consequently lead to a higher self-esteem. Doing good to other people means doing good to yourself and after all, loving oneself through loving others is one of the best things you can do in this life. Charity deeds will bring you mental, emotional and spiritual satisfaction and will enhance your soul and mind. All of them are highly important in keeping a good self-esteem.


To meditate means to still your mind. In order to cope with all the challenges of life, you need time and space just for yourself. Sitting in silence and stilling your mind is a great way of getting in touch with your true self and boost your energy. Plus, meditation helps you to see your problems in a clearer light and thus, find a solution to them. Problem-solving will get you more confidence both in the short and the long-term.

Focus on the positive things in your life

Appreciating what you have and achieved so far is also part of the fuel you need to unlock your confidence. Focus on what’s positive and beautiful in your life and learn to love yourself unconditionally. Find your own recipe of feeling good. Happiness is relative but there surely are things, activities and people in your life that make you feel good. Focus on them. Dedicate time to them and, last but not least, love yourself with both your flaws and your qualities.

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