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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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How to treat shaving cuts? - Alpha Male Nation

How to treat shaving cuts?

Men encounter problems when they shave, no matter their experience. Whether it is a bad day or you are simply in a hurry, it seems that disposable razors just don’t listen to you. Shaving cuts are common and you don’t have to worry if it happens to you often. You can be more attentive next time, hoping that it will not happen again.

Even though you try to prevent cutting when you shave, it can happen when you less expected. The best thing you can do is learning how to treat shaving cuts easily and effectively, so they don’t cause you problems.

Natural ingredients for shaving cuts

It is incredible how many home remedies you can use for different purposes, including for treating shaving cuts. Most of these home remedies are found in every kitchen so you don’t have to make desperate efforts to procure them. They are handy and act effectively on treating shaving cuts, as if they were never there.

If the average women will spend about 1,728 hours from her life shaving, men needs 3,000 hours to shave, according to a report in Huffington Post. Therefore, both men and women spend a lot of time shaving and shaving cuts are common for all of them. Fortunately, we can find different ways to treat cuts easily.

Really useful is to apply ice to the cut immediately, because it will stop the bleeding. The cold has a remarkable effect of promoting clotting and shrinking the blood vessels. It really works fast, so you don’t have to experience unpleasant bleeding or pain. Do you have at hand some witch hazel? It is perfect for applying to the cut, because it is a natural astringent, which will contract the blood vessels and reduce the bleeding.

Many of the home remedies you can use for treating shaving cuts help slow down the bleeding, which is important. For instance, lip balms can be used to stop the bleeding from cutting and promote blood clotting. Also, they are good for protect the cut from contamination, because they contain different types of wax, like bee’s wax. As you probably know, bee’s wax can be used in different ways, even in homemade creams.

You can also use a tea bag to stop the bleeding, the perfect choice being a cold tea bag, which will protect your skin and will reduce the damage, due to the antioxidants effects. Very helpful is to apply Vitamin E, which is known as a powerful antioxidant. This will reduce the appearance of scars. It is necessary to apply it for several times a day.

Vitamin E is great, especially since most of us fear of scarring when cutting. Vitamin E helps to sustain a fast skin recovery and prevents scarring, due to its powerful antioxidant properties. Because sometimes it is impossible to avoid cutting when shaving, it is good to have our own after-shave lotion, which can be extremely handy from time to time.

All we need, in order to prepare our own after-shave lotion, is to mix a half cup of witch hazel with dried comfrey leaves and dried calendula flowers. You keep this mix for two weeks and then strain and combine a quarter cup of the remaining solution with a quarter cup of rose water. WE add a quarter teaspoon of vegetable glycerin, some drops of lavender essential oil, and some sandalwood oil. It is recommended to shake this solution before using. It is easy to prepare and effective, because it contains natural ingredients, which can calm the skin, reduce irritation and treat shaving cuts. Moreover, it smells great, because it contains lavender essential oil, which has a pleasant fragrance and a powerful calming effect. Your skin will be thrilled by this treatment.

Even though you are always in a hurry, make time to prepare a fruit mask. It helps your skin recover better, not only from shaving cuts, but also from the entire process of shaving, which can irritate the skin. You need to prepare a mask, using two strawberries and one teaspoon of sour cream. This mask is easy to prepare. You need to smash the berries in the sour cream until you get a fine paste, then apply it on the affected skin and keep it for ten minutes.

Everyone should have Aloe Vera in their homes, because it is one of the best home remedies for treating skin problems. Using Aloe Vera will help you sooth the pain and moisturizes the skin, in order to improve the healing process. It is better to apply it immediately after you cleaned your wound. You can use the gel obtained directly from the plant or you can buy it, because you can easily find natural gel of Aloe Vera to buy.

If you have aspirin, you can dissolve a tablet in a glass of water, and then apply it to the cut. Aspirin will soothe the pain and improve the healing. Home remedies are a smart choice of treating shaving cuts, but you can also buy different products that will help you.

Other ways to treat shaving cuts

The most popular way to treat shaving cuts is to use toilet paper, by applying a small piece of toilet paper to the area and wait it to stop the bleeding. This method works like a charm, but sometimes it needs more time to stop the bleeding. If you have nothing else at hand, it can help you a lot.

If some people recommend holding a towel with cold water against the cut, to stop the bleeding, others think is better to hold a cloth with hot water. Hot water can also stop the bleeding, because it cauterizes the wound. It seems that Vaseline is also good for stopping the bleeding, because it has a waxy texture.

It is impossible not to have a deodorant or an antiperspirant. Next time when you cut yourself while shaving, apply deodorant to the cut. Most of the deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum chloride, which can produce blood clots and stops the bleeding. When you have a small cut, you can sprinkle a little sugar onto the wound. This is another effective way of stopping the bleeding.

Another ingredient you can use to treat shaving cuts is Listerine or mouthwash. Listerine was initially used as a surgical antiseptic and it is sufficient to splash a little mouthwash on the cut, in order to clean the wound and stop the bleeding. If you have eye drops, like Visine, it can be used, because it contracts blood vessels and help stop the bleeding.

Don’t forget to use styptic pencils, because they contain titanium dioxide, potassium alum or sulfate formulation. These ingredients help produce the blood clot and stop the bleeding. All these are easy to use and really helpful for those who want to treat shaving cuts.You can choose the easiest way for you and see how it works. You could also try to more attentive, to prevent shaving cuts if you hate seeing blood or if you are afraid of scars formation. Either way, your skin will look great if you are providing a proper care, with natural and effective products.

How to prevent razor cuts?

Prevent is always better than treating. Therefore, it is better to prevent cutting than to try to treat it and to stop the bleeding. The best thing you can do is to have a warm shower before you shave or to wash the area you are shaving with hot water for a few minutes. This way the skin will be prepared for shaving and will make easier for you to shave without hurting yourself.

Wet shaving is the best for reducing the risk of nicks and cuts. All you need to do is to use a gentle soap, which will not dry out your skin. Another way of preventing shaving cuts is to make sure we change our razor blade regularly. You can reduce redness, irritation and the growth of bacteria, with may produce infections.

Also, it is more comfortable to shave with a good razor blade than with a dull one. It is true that stop buying gel or cream for shaving will help you save some money, but it will make difficult for you to shave comfortably. Therefore, it is better to avoid shaving dry, because it reduces the risks of cuts and nicks and your skin will be smoother.

Every time we are using our razor blades, we need to clean them properly. We are not all professional when shaving, but it is important to hold the razor properly, if we want to reduce the risks of cuts and shave comfortably. So, it is better not to press to hard on the razor, because this will only increase the risks of cutting. Also, it is not gut to tap the razor head against the sink or the shower.Sometimes, we are cutting because we are using the wrong type of razor. So, if you notice that you cut often when you shave, you could try a different razor or even a traditional shaving method.

How to take care of shaving cuts?

Depending on how deep is the wound of a shaving cut, it is recommended to provide a proper care, in order to prevent irritation and infections. You can start with rinsing the wound under cold water, because it will stop the bleeding and allows you to see how deep the wound is. Next thing you need to do is to apply pressure on the wound, using a tissue, a towel, or a piece of toilet paper. It is necessary to apply pressure on the wound for about 5-10 minutes.

It helps if you try to elevate the body part of the wound, in order to be positioned above the heart. Probably the most important thing you need to is to clean the wound, after the bleeding stops. You can use hydrogen peroxide, an antibiotic cream, or iodine, which will prevent the infection.

Don’t forget to bandage the wound if it is necessary, because this way you will protect the wound from the contamination with bacteria. When the cutting is no severe, you can remove the bandage after a few days, which will increase the process of healing. In some cases is necessary to seek the medical attention, especially if the bleeding doesn’t stop or you notice symptoms of infections.

So, if you can’t stop the bleeding or you notice irritation or redness, it is best to visit a doctor. Even though it seems a superficial wound, it can be serious than you think, but a doctor could help you and make a proper evaluation.

We hate shaving cuts, but they are common, no matter how much we try to prevent them. Even people with a lot o experience in shaving are forced to treat a shaving cut once in a while. The important thing is that there are so many easy ways to treat them, especially if the wound is superficial and we don’t have to go to a doctor. Even if we need to visit a doctor, he will be able to help us to treat the shaving cuts immediately.

Shaving is never easy, especially when are in a hurry or when we feel extremely tired or we just one to see our beard disappear. If men has a ritual of shaving, they may also have a tradition is treating shaving cuts, because it seems impossible to avoid them.

Along with shaving cuts treatment, we don’t have to forget about after shave-lotions and creams, which will reduce the irritation that may appear after shaving and will make our skin smoother. So, not only that is good to have something at hand with which to treat shaving cuts, it we cut ourselves while shaving, but also it is also good to have products effective in ensuring a proper skin care after shaving.

Taking care of our skin is essential, because a healthy and smoother skin will influence our overall look. If we are having skin problems, it is better to solve them, even if these problems are just minor shaving irritations or redness. Fortunately, there are natural ingredients and home remedies for almost everything, including for skin care before and after the shaving.