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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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How to train like a navy seal - Alpha Male Nation

Learn how to train like a navy seal on alphamalenation

In English, the term “seal” sends directly to the seals, the lovely mammals of the oceans. But when you discover the SEALs initials in any context, well it is when it comes to some of the best special forces in the world – perhaps the most dangerous opponents to US enemies. They are frequently called wolves of the sea, of the air and of the land. On his full name United States Navy’ Sea, Air and Land Teams, or simply Navy SEALs, this unit is the most important and effective intervention force from the Naval Special Warfare Command. Their famous acronym is derived from their capacity to operate at sea, air or land, regardless of hostile weather conditions or other dangerous factors of the mission. Since its establishment until now, the unit SEALs was sent almost exclusively in missions with the highest risk, like rescuing hostages, anti-terrorist interventions, unconventional conflicts, kidnapping suspects, reconnaissance missions into the enemy’s territory, intervention in the military frontline or domestic operations. The efficiency of the members of the SEALs made the Special Action Division of the CIA to recruit staff from among the members of this elite unit of the US Navy. This unit has its origins at the end of the Second World War, when the Navy ordered the establishment of an elite corps ensuring reconnaissance missions on sea coasts where they had to carry landing troops and military equipment and defense purposes of their own coast. A first outcome resulted in the emergence precursor SEALs, Navy formations Scouts & Raiders, who began training in 1942. A year later was founded the Naval Combat Demolition Kingdom.

The three parties were grouped into what came to be known as the last precursor SEALS, OSS (Operational Swimmers of the Office of Strategic Service). Baptism of fire was done under the orders of President John. F. Kennedy, who recognized the need of sending special troops to act as a countermeasure if the Vietnamese guerrilla attack. The unit was immediately noticed for its efficiency and its fighting spirit unmatched compared to other US military units. Fact which convinced the CIA to appeal to the soldiers of Navy SEALs, for a series of murders started by the agency in 1963, killings of which victims were numerous officers of the North Vietnamese Army, along with the supporters of the Viet Cong. Navy SEALs have put the fear into the North Vietnamese troops, fearing that relate to them as “devils with green faces,” direct expression of camouflage paint color used by SEALs in the jungle commando sites. After the failure and the withdrawal from Vietnam, the dangerous adventures of the most successful US intervention units would continue with the invasion of Grenada, with the occasion of the Urgent Fury operation. Their South American career was marked then with the US invasion of Panama, when the teams 2 and 4 of Navy SEALs had successfully attacked the port of Balboa and the unit called PAPA conquered the airport Paitilla and destroyed the personal plane of outgoing President Manuel Noriega.

Washington’s military operations in the Persian Gulf, like the attack and the invasion of Iraq, were leaded largely to success by the US Navy elite. Neither Afghanistan did not escape their presence. Immediately after the attacks of 11 September 2001, the SEAL units were stationed at Camp Doha,  where they were ordered to make an intervention in the country ruled then by the Taliban regime. The teams stationed in Camp Rhino managed to capture the Mullah Taliban called Said Wali Khirullah Khairkhwa. Other SEALs teams were grouped in the K-Bar unit, after which they acted in some extremely difficult military operations in the huge caves in Zhawar Kili-formation. They also conquered the Kandahar, the city of Prata Ghar, alongside the immense territories in the south and the east of Afghanistan. Navy SEALs took intense part in the Operation Anaconda and Red Wing, commando actions that cost the lives of many American elite soldiers and officers.

They run clandestine operations behind enemy lines. Capture or destroy enemy targets in almost impossible conditions. They liquidated living targets when they considered themselves in maximum security. Save hostages when nobody believed in their chances.

What SEALs can do

These accomplishments, incredible for the common man, are based on the daily motto of the SEALs. Moreover, when their training and preparation have behind such a true motto “The only easy day was yesterday” understand the intensity and seriousness that is behind the creation of elite soldier of the SEALs. To succeed in being accepted in this elite unit, the cadet has to pass some of the most difficult and extensive medical tests imaginable. You must have completed at least the high school (or another school of equivalent level), but you also must have a native intelligence above the average of an ordinary person. Their work relies heavily on two strategic concepts: adaptability and teamwork. The training and preparing consist of 14 months of hell, during which the cadet who passed initial tests learns to fight underwater, to put mines and explosives in various conditions, skydiving, to target anywhere on Earth and to survive to all the types of environment. From a financial standpoint, they are being paid like any ordinary soldiers, plus however many dangerous increases and bonuses for their missions consistent. Besides these money, the SEALs soldier receives plus $ 15,000 annually just for that operating in this prestigious international unit.

Physical samples are particularly demanding. Thus, each cadet who plans to be among the US elite commando, must swim a minimum distance of 450 meters in 12:30 minutes to a 10 minute recovery, then make in the right way at least 42 push ups in only 2 minutes. Without a pause, the test continues with 50 squats in 2 minutes. Then he must do 6 tractions in 2 minutes. It will rest 10 minutes, then have to run three kilometers in 11 minutes.

The controversial identification and execution of the most wanted terrorist of the planet has brought to public attention the SEALs famous bands. According to the statements of the officials, Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan on May 2, four years ago, as a result of the start of the Operation of Neptune Spear (reference to Neptune’s trident emblem of the SEALs). The operation was ordered by US President Barack Obama, and was in the smallest details planned by the CIA. But those elected to lead in the end with the mission were some soldiers from a team of the Navy SEALs, the ex SEAL Team Six team, renamed DEVGRU. The team took off from Afghanistan and the rest is recent history seen by millions on the Internet or on screens news stations. The Delta Force, Navy SEALs’s traditional rivals, they looked so bitterly the superiority recognition of their Navy colleagues. Also, the SEALs were charged with the disposing of the body of bin Laden in the Indian, in a location that will remain secret for a long time. The criticisms and suspicions have reached the peak after the mysterious helicopter crash in Afghanistan a few weeks later after the episode of bin Laden’s execution. The accident resulted with the death of 40 soldiers commandos from DEVGRU, all the accident’s victims were involved in the assault and killing of bin Laden.

Some SEALs facts might be: US Navy SEALs operate normally with 8 intervention teams, SEAL Team numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10. The maximum age to apply for admission among SEALs is 28 years. SEALs has headquarters and training camps in Virginia, California, Florida and Hawaii. Navy SEALS holds some of the best trained and multi-skilled people in the field. Christopher Cassida, commander of a team of direct intervention, was selected for a mission aboard the space shuttle Endeavour on July 15, 2009, becoming with this occasion the human number 500 sent by NASA into space. The soldiers here are nicknamed ‘Frogs people’ based on their qualifications of divers fight. Navy SEALs staff is less than 1% of US Navy personnel. The first victim of fallen SEALs in Iraq was the officer Marc A. Lee, killed and then beheaded by the insurgents in Ramadi. Another SEAL in Iraq was Michael A. Monsó, who threw himself on a grenade pulled by an insurgent. Through his sacrifice, saved the lives of four comrades. 11 agents SEALs were killed so far in Afghanistan. The total number of SEALs is 2,300 soldiers, but the Navy intends in future to increase their number by another 500. No woman is received, currently among Navy SEALs.

The US special forces, the SEALs are known in the world wide, but a little part of the population known the details about training soldiers of the special units. The exercises are so tough that only 30% of apprentices finish the training. Although not yet officially confirmed by the US Navy, it is known almost certainly that the commando team that managed to kill one of the world’s number one terrorist, Osama bin Laden, was part of the SEALs. SEAL is an abbreviation of the English words Sea Air Land (water, air, earth). According to White House spokesman Jay Carney SEAL team that landed in Osama’s hideout in Abbottabad had permission to kill Al-Qaeda leader, if not surrender willingly. “People who have led this operation were … the elite of the elite. Navy SEALs were part of a team that has passed the toughest military training in the world. They practiced almost non-stop, to be sure that whatever would happen, they will be able to take their mission to finish, ” said team member SEAL Eric Greitens, quoted by AP. “During the training they are forced to flee with backpacks of 18 kg back at night, run in the sand on the beach, and they are asked to swim two miles into the ocean. They wake up in the night in small boats on rubber sharp rocks . They all shall do these difficult workouts, demanding to push the limits of endurance in mental, physical and emotional” revealed Eric Greitens, a retired lieutenant commander of the Navy SEAL.

A former’s military units, Eric Greitens, said the workouts are so heavy that only about 30% of the soldiers fail to complete courses and obtain permission to join the commandos. “The irony is that many give up from mental reasons. I mean, people succumb to these workouts because of fear, fear of what will happen,” said Greitens. The name of SEAL special forces members who took part in the operation of killing Osama bin Laden will not be made public. They will be honored for heroic efforts in private. According to Greitens, the SEAL members are not motivated by public recognition. The US military officials have said that twenty four soldiers SEALs who participated in the operation were turned back at the American base. The US officials have already begun to study the documents, memory sticks and DVDs that you have raised in the house where Osama bin Laden was hiding.


The exercises you can try at home

In the next part of the article I am going to show you some similar workout that you can practice at home or at the gym, by yourself, not as rough as the original one, of course. This workout inspired by Navy SEALs special forces is not for the faint of heart. It requires courage, persistence and iron will. Most of the workouts are done in the room, but not in the way they do bodybuilders. Emphasis will be put on the strength, on the endurance, on the speed and on other factors that facilitate useful functionality and capabilities every day. This workout can be considered a first step toward physical conditioning needed to be among such special troops. Again, it is only the first step for those who have no physical condition. A true military training would be 100 times more difficult. But for the most, this workout will be hell on earth!

For the beginning, we will start with some ‘workouts for the real world’. To push more breast or a bar with many hardships Flex is a good way to impress others in the gym. But if you want to move faster, to get tired hardly, to jump up difficulty and raise any difficulties more effectively, those exercises will not help you. For this you need a specific list of variables; and their order is important:

Speed ​​and agility: the ability to achieve a top speed and quickly change direction of travel, and then return to that speed, it is important to convince your body to conserve energy and run like a well-oiled machine.

Power: Called agile, the power is the ability to move a weight with greater speed and efficiency as well. It is the ability to create explosive force through proper use of biomechanics.

Strength: Called slow speed, the ability to move a weight of point A to point B. It is usually done by pushing motion, compression or flexure.

Hypertrophy: Or so called ‘to simplify’ it is said that it means adding muscle hypertrophy. But actually it means to recruit, to tear and to fatigue the muscle fibers in order to induce the thickness of the muscle fibers.

Muscle Endurance: One of the most important skills, the muscular endurance is the ability to repeat as much as you can some muscle contractions. For example, a large number of sets of pushups or crunches repetition.

Cardiovascular Endurance: You need sufficient and cardiovascular endurance – how efficiently the body uses oxygen for energy.

Some notes to have in your sight might be the followings: Besides the above mentioned variables, training here will address too to other common weaknesses, like strengthen the chain back and increasing the strength of pressing the overhead, stabilizing the median section, equalizing the power between the right and the left side of the body and strengthen the entire body from the top to the bottom. You have to do something rehabilitation and mobility exercises. Without them you will not recover 100%. Be patient a few weeks to start to see some results. You will need to make a dynamic heating before each workout. Be careful to cadences and to the rest periods that are indicated. Also, doing the exercises with the technique is the best possible execution. If you can not finish a workout then you have to begin to reduce the volume and to increase by a little every week.


How the Navy SEAL do their training

Next you are going to read in which consists the Navy SEAL training. The main purpose of the training is to take physical condition and functionality, not to be sexy and slim. But these two aspects, they will result from the training as a “side effect”. You will be even stronger, more balanced and with a great physical condition. You will also be able to perform better in any physical activity you intend. You will be truly a beast both indoors and outside!

Again I say that is a preparatory training program – is not officially used by Navy SEALs. Each training session will be held once a week. The program includes a training weekend optional, but it is recommended only if you want to get the maximum results. At the end of any training you will have to do some movement towards, for mobility or some stretching, especially for your lower back, for your hips and for your shoulders. Instead of doing cardio for heating, you can do dynamic stretching or heating dynamics. Before every training session you have to do, without any doubt, some heating exercise. Make one or two rounds. After workouts consume 30 g of whey protein, of course 3 g of omega-3 a day and make sure you eat enough protein and also make sure you sleep enough. As a warning I have to say that such a training program does not match the very low carbohydrate diet. Follow the workout for six weeks and then take a break of at least 4 weeks before we resume. For the optional training first you have to do only 3 rounds, with no rest between exercises (you can rest when you can not go on, when you are exhausted, but the break has to be like the time you need to get your breath back – the aim is to advance from workout to workout to be able to do 3 rounds without breaks between exercises) and 1- 2 minutes rest between rounds. While you can move the 5 rounds.

I guess, to be a soldier, is one of the most beautiful jobs a man can have. You fight for your country, you fight for liberty, for justice, you fight for your people, for your loved ones as much as you give your life away to save the ground you grew on. This spectacular job, a job for the heroes, is as beautiful as dangerous that is why you need such a rough training before you go out there, on the military frontline. More then soldiers, that is what the Navy SEALs troupes are. They are the best, like they can do anything to win. Thus their training are a lot harder than the usual ones. This training that I was talking you about. This training is like a rough adventure, but in the end you are prepared for what is the worst. If fear is not one of you ‘qualities’ I think you are going to start something that perfectly fits for you. There is no place for weakness in this ideal you have chosen. There is no place for fear or for hesitation, there is no looking back and there is no even time for thinking. In my opinion you need such a wonderful courage, a lot of strength and 99 percent will to manage to go on with this training until the end. I think that only the brave ones are able to finish with this training and only the best from the best manage to get in the special forces team, in the Navy SEALs!