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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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How to tell your girlfriend to keep diet - Alpha Male Nation

How to tell your girlfriend to get on a diet

Your girlfriend has started to put on some weight and she doesn’t seem to care about it… Find out how you can make her realize that it’s time to take action without hurting her feelings.

Your girlfriend has started to get a bit round? Clearly, you can’t just come out and say it to her face; you know very well that age and weight are taboo subjects for women… There’s no guarantee that she’ll respond immediately after you’ve used all the strategies we suggest below – because some women are comfortable with their bodies, and others lack the necessary motivation – but they are surely worth a try!



How to tell your girlfriend to get on a diet



Step 1. „Baby, don’t you think I’ve put on some weight?”

If she’s the one to ask you this question, is better to shut up and not lie to her, because truth will not be easy to accept. The best approach is to be a step ahead of her. Choose the right moment, when you’re absolutely positive that she’s paying close attention to you, because you can’t repeat this question more than three times! When you let your guard down, she might see in you a reliable partner and the fight with the scalewill not seem so hard.

Step 2. „Since that hot new fitness trainer came, the gym is very crowded…”

There is a possibility that she’ll tell you to stop going to the gym, but it is more likely that she’ll immediately sign up for a subscription at your gym, where she’ll see how many women are concerned about their weight, even though they look like magazine models! She’ll start a secret competition with herself which she might even win!

Step 3. „Don’t you think we eat a lot of unhealthy foods?”

Of course you’ll say it half-hardheartedly, thinking that you’ll have to say good-bye for a while to fatty foods, flour, and sweets (at least when you’re home), but it wouldn’t harm you to start eating salads, grilled meat and natural juice. If the suggestion to begin a diet comes from you, then everything may become a serious couple program.

Step 4. „Honey, did you see how bad Whatshername looks since she’s gotten fat?”

Even though it might not be true and the girl in question might look sensational, your girlfriend will compare herself to the other one and become more aware of the fact that she needs to lose some weight. In other words, a new idea will get stuck in her head: “if she’s fat, this means I’m… fatter!”

Step 5. „I don’t know why, but this pants don’t look so good on you anymore… maybe they shrunk?”

„That’s a possibility…”, she’ll think, but she’ll realize immediately that it’s impossible that all her clothes miraculously shrunk. At least for the sake of those cute little dresses that made her look so sexy once (you said that yourself so often), she’ll take immediate action! The important thing is that she doesn’t buy new things… in larger sizes!

Step 6. „I bought you something… I’d like to see you wearing it tonight!”

The following scenario might seem a bit harsh, even somewhat misogynistic, but sometimes you need to take extreme measures to get the desired results. This strategy will also earn you some good points, because women love to be spoiled with gifts. Buy her a something to wear (not something extra-stretchy!) according to her size before she put on weight, or even a size smaller. Of course, she will be very disappointed that she can’t fit in that gorgeous dress or negligee, but this will only stimulate her ambition(especially since it was a gift from you).

Step 7. „There’s something different about you, but I can’t figure out what it is!”

When we ask men whether they notice something different about us and all we get in reply is a shrug, we are extremely disappointed. At first, she will be pleasantly surprised about your attitude and she’ll surely want to proudly answer next time “I’ve lost some weight!”

What strategy would you use to let your girlfriend know she should get on a diet?