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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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How to tell if someone is using steroids - Alpha Male Nation

How to tell if someone is using steroids

It’s no news that many people focus (sometimes dangerously) heavily on the way they look. Nothing bad as long as the way you look is a result of a healthy lifestyle, which means that you eat healthily, exercise on a regular basis and have no bad habits. When you desperately want to have that cover magazine body type and you resort to unhealthy methods of seeing that coming true, the chances of dealing with unpleasant side effects are quite high. Like bodybuilders who take too many steroids and end up looking disproportionate.

Many guys take steroids. It’s nothing new or out of the ordinary.  And it’s not to be judged. It’s more than OK to be OK with your body. So, if you want to develop muscles faster and your diet and exercises don’t get you the results you want, you are very likely to go for steroids. The thing with the use of steroids is that they might get you some unwanted results that are visible. Here is a list of signs that will help you know if that big guy has gone for some pharmaceutical help in order to change his size.

Bloated stomach and big guts

You might have noticed guys with a bloated stomach and a big gut. Some veins that seem to pop out everywhere too. Well, it’s highly likely that the guy has taken what is known as HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which leads such results. Although HGH is not technically a steroid per se, it is a close cousin to steroids.  Therefore, make sure you think twice before going for any such cocktails. You want to look good but you might end up looking bad.

Stretch marks

Guys take steroids to develop their muscles. And that’s what happens. Muscles grow. They might grow significantly in a short period of time  and the skin is not always elastic enough to accommodate for these sudden gains. The spots where the skin failed to adjust will get stretch marks which are usually permanent. They often occur around the sides of the chest, the biceps and the upper lats.  Take this one particular aspect into account too when embarking upon the steroids journey.

Body acne

Acne is rare among adults. Bodybuilders who go for steroids might get body acne. There are even  cases of serious acne. This happens in light of the extra testosterone that the steroids produce. Testosterone can affect the way  the sebaceous organs work, prompting more body skin break out – particularly on the back and shoulders. It is disturbing both physically and visually. One more side effect you surely don’t want to meet. Again, think twice before jumping to steroids.

Increase in muscle mass

Fast muscle gains aren’t necessarily the result of steroids. There are many guys who have put lots of hours of workouts and a strict and healthy diet into the way they look. Still, steroids are taken for the increase in the muscle mass they lead to. And sometimes the increase is just too big. And you can tell when a guy is taking steroids.

Then again, there is a breaking point to the amount of muscle a natural guy can get in any given month. For a moderate lifter, putting on 1 pound of muscle a week would be a great achievement. On the other hand, steroid users can put on even 20-30 pounds of muscle only in a couple of months.

Disproportionate muscles

A characteristic weight lifter has a tendency to have a definite proportionality. It’s true that a few muscles may be more pronounced than others  but this depends on the genetics of the individual as well as his training history. Still, a natural bodybuilder won’t have those cartoon like muscles. Steroid users though will regularly have huge back, shoulders and traps. This is one of the signs that some guys get their muscles thanks to steroids.


Gynecomastia is one of the side effects of steroids no bodybuilder wants and still the use of these muscle-boosters lead to such effects. Gynecomastia is an enlargement in breast tissue. It is generally believed that is caused by an adjustment in the proportion of testosterone to estrogen in a man’s body. A man ordinarily has around 20 times as much testosterone as a woman, while a woman has around 5 times as much estrogen as a man.

The use of steroids leads to aromatization, a process in which the exogenous testosterone that gets into the body turns into estrogen.  This further on leads to an increase in breast tissue.

Final thoughts

It’s nothing wrong in wanting a good-looking body. Pay attention though to the way you get that body. Instead of going for aggressive methods that will mess with your health and get you unwanted side effects, it’s better to start with seeing your health expert or nutritionist to get a diet plan designed to meet your nutritional needs. You can then start to work out. Make sure you don’t work too hard at first. Increase the weights gradually and, very important, be patient. A healthy and strong body needs time to build.  You can’t look like an Adonis overnight.

Following these rules will get you a healthy, strong and good-looking body. If you go for streroids or other drugs, you may end up with side effects as the ones we’ve mentioned in today’s post. You know the side effects, it’s all up to you now.