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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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How to Shave with a Straight Razor - Alpha Male Nation

How to Shave with a Straight Razor

We have access now to different products for shaving, one more impressive than the other does. Although we may think that there is no other way of shaving our face than by using an expensive and modern product, made by famous brands, you can get better results by shaving us like our grandfather used to do – using a straight razor.

Our skin will look smoother and we can consider ourselves real alpha males, because using a straight razor involves a little more courage than by using a safety razor. The important thing is that we can easily remove unwanted hair for our face, in order to enjoy a smoother and perfect skin. Also, it is easy to use, less expensive and environmental friendly.

Why should you use a straight razor?

Do you want to be closer to your grandpa style of life? Using a straight razor can help you feel like you are living in a different era. Straight razors were popular before the 1900’s and now came into our attention because they are really good. Men who use straight razor can notice how fresh and smooth their face will become.

If you choose a high-quality straight razor, you can use it for years. All you need is the right straight razor, a hone to make the blade sharper, a strop for aligning and straightening the edge, as well as a brush. You need to use a brush for opening up your pores and naturally exfoliates your skin. If you have this product and an effective shaving cream, you can start shaving with a straight razor and see how great it works.

It is a waste of money to buy cheap razors, because it will irritate your skin and cause you only problems. A high quality razor is easier to use and last for years. You will find used razors you can buy, but if you have no experience, is better to buy a new straight razor.

When buying a straight razor, you should check the steel’s quality. If a razor is made of good quality steel, it sharpens better. Also, look for a razor with 5/8 size, because it is easier to control than a razor with a wider blade.

The steps of shaving with a straight razor

It needs a little patience to shave with a straight razor. It is not complicated, but it requires a lot of focus and attention, because you don’t want to cut yourself. Even if is more likely to cut yourself when you are using a straight razors for the first time, thing will change when you will be shaving next time. Sooner, you will learn the proper technique for a safer shaving with a straight razor, just as our grandparents did.

You need first to prepare your beard, in order to soften your whiskers, because it will cause less irritation. You had better shave right after you get out of the shower, because the hot water from the shower will soften your beard. You can also hold a hot towel against your face. Soak a small towel in hot water and hold it against your face until it gets cold.

Once your beard is prepared, take a small amount of shaving cream and put it in a cup. Add hot water in the cup and soak your brush. After you get a thick lather, apply the cream on your beard in circular motion using your shaving brush. With a hot towel, remove any extra lather and allow the moisture to penetrate. Now you need to hold your straight razor, but there are different grips that depend on your experience and personal preference. Some users prefer to use the three or four fingers grip, while others frame the scales between the pinky and ring fingers. You should grip the razor the way is more convenient for you.

Start to shave slowly in the direction of your beard growth and hold the blade between a 20-30 degree angles. Make sure to hold correctly the blade, in order to prevent cutting yourself. Also, is recommended to stretch the skin as you shave and to pull the area on your skin on which you apply the straight razor.

If you are right handed, is better to star with the right side of your face. When you finish shaving your right side of the face, continue with the second side, using your left hand or continuing to use your right hand. When you finished shaving the right side of your face, move to the right jaw and after that, when you finish with the last side of your face, shave the left side under the jaw.

Next, you shave the upper lip, by drawing the upper lip down as much as you can to tighten the skin and shave downwards. You need now to shave the chin, by drawing your lower kip up as much as possible, so that it will be easier to shave the whiskers underneath your lip and on your chin. All you have to do now is to shave under the chin and your job is almost done.

Do you want to have a smooth skin after you shave? Then you have to do multiple passes with your straight razor across and against the hair growth. It is better to shave with the grain, shave across the grain, and then shave against the grain. If you are a beginner, it is easier to shave only with the grain because it is easier and you are not risking cutting yourself.

When you decide to do multiple passes for a smoother skin, wash your face and re-lather after each pass. Once you shaved your beard with a straight razor, you rinse your face off with cool water and apply an aftershave on your face. Aftershaves will reduce the skin irritation.

Sometimes cuts and nicks cause problems, but these can be prevented. The risk factors for nicks and cuts are as follows: an incorrect grip of the razor, the use of a dull razor, using a razor that is too hollow, shaving in a hurry, and shaving against the grain. Chances are you will cut yourself when you are shaving with a razor for the first time, but you don’t have to be disappointed, because it is normal to happen.

Achieving experience in using a straight razor is the key to a safe shaving. Surely, the next time you will shave with a straight razor everything will turn out just the way you want.

The advantages of shaving with a straight razor

A straight razor is also known under the name of open razor or cutthroat razors. It is the perfect razor if you want to enjoy perfect shaves and a smoother skin. Your skin will look great, smoother, and fresh, like the skin of a baby.

You may think is more expensive to use a straight razor, but it not true. Even though you will spend some money buying a high quality straight razor, you will be able to use for years. All you need to buy is a tube of shaving, but nothing else. Therefore, you can say that is cheaper to use a straight razor than other safe types of razors that are more expensive, because you have to change them or to buy razor cartridges.

Modern razors are not environmental friendly, because they create a lot of waste that affects nature. After you finish using a cartridge, you are forced to throw it out, but using a straight razor allows you to protect the environment. You will create only biodegradable shaving scum, but not any type of waste that endangers the nature.

Lost but not least, straight razors are manly and will help you feel more masculine. As you can see, this type of razors offers us many advantages, because they help us save money and enjoy a smoother skin.

You will make no compromise by using a straight razor that is for sure. Also, it is important that we can protect the environment, because everything we can do to protect the nature helps us live in a better and healthier environment. There are so many products we use every day that affect our planet, but we continue to use them, because they are comfortable.

Living in a healthier environment is more important than anything else. We can start protect the planet by using straight razors, as well as organic soaps, creams and different products.

Be a real man by using a straight razor

straight_razor_shavingThere is no doubt that using a straight razor requires some courage and many men feel that using a straight razor is a statement of their manly qualities. Some users prefer straight razors because it offers them many advantages, but others think that is something all men should practice. It is seen like the first step towards becoming a man. It is definitely not wrong to use a straight razor, no matter your reasons. Today you can use better straight razors than the ones used centuries ago. During the 1500 and 1600’s, the straight razors were made by blacksmiths and were extremely difficult to use. Before 1800, straight razors begin to evolve design and the ease of use. After 1800’s straight razors evolved into what we are using today.

For some men, there is an art of shaving that can be kept alive by using a straight razor, just like our ancestors did. We see in TV commercial how good electric shavers are, because they are easier to use, safer and faster. Men begin to rediscover the pleasure of old-fashioned wt shave, with straight razors and natural soaps.

Using this type of shaver, you may feel like you turn back time. Saving with a straight razor can be like a ritual that is getting us close to our history and make us feel good. If you use this instrument carefully, it is not dangerous.

You can spend a lot of money on disposable razors when a straight razor can be sharpened for re-use for years. It is also cheaper to recycle the razor than the disposable blades. People begin to shave from the early Egyptian times not only their beard, but also their head, as a way of preventing body infections and diseases.

Because straight razors blades are made of steel, you can be sure that they are safe to use. There are many straight razors on the market you can choose from. Dovo is a known manufacturer of straight razors, perfect for both beginners and experienced user. Dovo manufactures a stainless steel blade and a comfortable grip, which are the perfect features for a high-quality razor.

If you need are an experienced user, you can use Boker King Straight Razor, because it is a professional blade, with which you can enjoy a great shave. The important thing is to choose the perfect product for you, even if you prefer a safe razor.

Facial hair bothers many men, while other prefers to wear beard. No matter your style, there comes a moment when you need to shave your beard and with a straight razor you can do so easily. It is true that requires focus and a certain ability, but with time you will discover the secret of the art of shaving.

Moreover, using a straight razor it will get us out of the comfort zone, which is great. An important part of being real mean is to be strong, with a tough mind. If we do only the things that we enjoy and make us comfortable, you will never know how strong we really are and what are our limits. Therefore, you can see the use of a straight razor as an opportunity to know as better and to discover new things about ourselves.

As many users of straight razors confessed, it helps us feel more masculine, because this type of razor is definitely manly than any other type. When you will shave with a straight razor, you will feel like you perform a special ritual natural for men, just like you are entering in another stage of your life. Why not enjoying it as much as possible and have a fresh and a smoother skin.