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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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How to Give Her the Best Orgasm Ever - Alpha Male Nation

How to Give Her the Best Orgasm Ever

What is an orgasm?

During intercourse the body experiences a state of arousal and pleasure that reaches levels so high that it ends in a climax called orgasm. It’s a physical reflex that tightens the muscles in one’s body up to a certain point, until returning to the per-arousal state. There’s an increased blood flow in the genital area and this type of arousal tenses the muscles all over the body. The process takes place as a series of contractions that have a certain rhythm. These contractions are felt in the lower part of the vagina, in the anus area, pelvic floor and uterus. It also includes a sudden discharge of erotic tension accumulated on the way.

Orgasm is experienced in different way, from person to person. There is a difference between these sensations and the physical contractions, but common things involve feeling of warmth, changes in breathing, sweating, altered state of consciousness, vibrations and urges for crying out or moaning. The endorphin’s released during orgasm into the bloodstream give feelings of happiness, satisfaction or sleepiness.

Although the male and female orgasms are kind of similar, the women experience slightly longer orgasms. Men’s average contractions are 4 to 6, while women have about 6 to 10 contractions. These occur at the same interval of time, which is 0.8 seconds, and they are felt in the reproductive organs, muscles of the pelvic floor and near the anus. This sensation can extend all over the body and it’s followed by a complete state of relaxation.

Ejaculation is usually associated with men, but about 10 percent of women can experience ejaculations that are produced in the Skene’s glands, in the urethra’s walls. The female ejaculation is sometimes confused with the need to pee, but the fluid is similar to men’s semen. For men, ejaculations and orgasms are not necessarily dependent on one another, because one can take place in the absence of the other.

Men need about 5 minutes to reach orgasms after the beginning of the act, but the numbers for women are longer, the average being of about 20 minutes. Some women have trouble reaching orgasms with a partner, but this is something that can be improved. The orgasms reach through masturbation are actually similar for both men and women, the average time being of 4 minutes. Things are a bit different with partners, where many other factors come into the equation.

More about the female orgasm

Women have different experiences regarding the orgasm and it continues to be somewhat of a mystery. Although men can have a great time during intercourse and women seem to be enjoying it just as much, there are many times when the end of the act leaves partners with differences of opinion because she hasn’t finished. It turns out the sex is not always enough for women to reach the climactic point of intercourse. At least, not the vaginal one.

Women present a great variety on the type of sexual activity that can lead them to orgasm. Penetrative intercourse is not always enough and the clitoris needs to be stimulated whether by the woman herself or her partner. This can be done as manual stimulation or through oral sex and it’s the most effective way to reach orgasm as a woman. With some imagination, you can help her reach the climax in a variety of ways, some involving toys, extra stimulation and attention at certain parts of her body or healthy sessions of cunnilingus. You can just reach down with your hand and stimulate her clitoris during the sexual act and that should help her finish.

Approximately one third of women can reach orgasm through vaginal penetration, but as the vagina and clitoris are situated very close and they are connected through muscular structure and nerve pathways, the numbers might be misleading. Therefore, exploration of a woman’s body is a requirement to help her achieve orgasm.

A big difference between men and women is about time. Men try to last longer, while women worry they need too much time to climax. The best way to overcome this issue is through relaxation. Eliminating stress out of the intercourse is critical for the best experience. As long as there is no pressure for neither of you, it’s easier and more satisfying to unwind and finish together.

Things to take into consideration before the sexual act starts

There are plenty of other factors which are of great importance for women when it comes to sexual pleasure. It can all starts with a look, a smile or humor. Make her laugh and she will relax around you faster.

You should also know that most women are self-conscious about their bodies, so if you want her to orgasm easily, let her know how much you appreciate the way she looks. If she feels embarrassed or ashamed it’s most likely that she won’t enjoy it as much as you’d like.

Never forget about foreplay. You might be tempted to think that nipples are easy to arouse, but you should rather focus on the top, bottom and sides of her breasts, which can be a lot more sensitive. Be gentle, at least in the beginning, and see how she reacts to your touch. You can try direct stimulation of the nipples after things heat up and more blood reaches that area. Don’t think of it as a slow start, but rather experiment and find out more about her in the process.

Another thing to remember is that women don’t always experience the same sensations given by the same moves. One day she might enjoy you touching her breasts, but the next she develops a preference for thighs. It’s up to you to find out want she’s into at that precise moment, but you should encourage her to share all the sensations she experiences.

Ways to make her orgasm

There are many types of penetration that you can experiment with. A change of angle, different kinds of stimulation, involvement of other parts of your bodies can all lead to a great experience. It’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to sex, because figuring out all of the things she likes is a real adventure for both of you. You can try to find her G spot, which is located 1-2 inches up the front of her vagina’s wall. It’s a spongy area that has the ability to swell during arousal. You can start by massaging the area very gently with your fingers and if she likes it, continue the stimulation for maximum of arousal. Always respect her preferences and simply move on to something else if she’s not aroused by what you’re doing.

If you increase the amount of contact with the sensitive parts of her body, you have all the chances to increase her pleasure. If you need a hint on how to do that, here’s one. Ask her to stretch out her legs while she lies on her back. Climb on top of her and as you support yourself with your elbows, curl your arms around her. Then move your chest up by her chin. Here you want to make contact between the base of your penis and her clitoris. As you start to thrust slowly, focus on the up and down movement instead of penetration.

If you move your pubic area in a circle or in up and down movements down against her clitoris, you will be able to stimulate her very intensely and she’ll certainly enjoy the attention.

If you want her to have an orgasm as you give her oral sex, don’t hurry into it. Kiss her thighs, the outer lips and touch her with your hands while doing this. Gently work your way inside with your tongue and use firm and broad strokes. If she likes it, her hips can be your clue. Notice other signs, like a subtle deepening color of her labia caused by intense blood flow or keep your hand on her stomach to feel how her muscles tighten right before the orgasm. Listen to the sounds she makes and learn how to sense her pleasure. Experiment with different techniques and you’ll soon become a master at giving her pleasure.

Changing the rhythm and switching things up midway to orgasm might stop her entire arousal. In your case, as a man, once you reach the point of no return, there’s really no going back and you will climax no matter what. Therefore, when you find something she truly likes go all the way until the finish line without making any changes.

Having simultaneously orgasms is an admirable goal, but not always possible. If your partner has a sensitive clitoris, you might want to consider her finishing before you. Rubbing her clitoris for a prolonged time can desensitize it and it can even become sore. You can consider the alternative of an orgasm before the intercourse and it will actually be easier for her to reach the climax through penetration a second time.

Extending her orgasm to 60 full seconds of intense pleasure

The human body not only has the capacity to have orgasms, but it can also be extended over the average number of contractions stated above. It takes commitment and a bit of practice, but results will astonish both you and your partner. Men can prevent ejaculation while they enjoy multiple waves or orgasms. For women is actually a simpler process because there isn’t any connection between orgasms and the final of the sexual act.

The most important factor is complete openness and communication between partners. This will enhance the sexual experience and the orgasmic sensations for both of you. You need to focus entirely on her while attempting such an act. So, if you want to provide a prolonged orgasm for your partner that will reach a full minute, you’re in the right place.

The ideal way to start is to relax her. This is the key for success, because if she’s truly aroused she has more chances of having a long orgasm. You can set the mood by giving her a massage touching her entire body and ease her into a laid back state of mind. Eliminate all possible distractions and focus only on the time you spend together. This means no cell phones, locked doors and low light; add music and candle lights.

You can encourage her a bit with compliments and by telling her all the kinds of things she enjoys hearing from you. Compliment her body, the way she moves, the way her skin feel when you touch her. It’s a great way to help her relax and to get comfortable. Don’t let her insecurities stay in the way of orgasmic experiences. When she gains confidence you will see it in the way she moves and how aroused she gets. The chances for deep orgasms are even higher. You should tell her how much she turns you on and show her by your actions. Kiss her and linger your fingers on her body with gentle movements. Communications is very important and you can even start to take things to another level at this point. Intense arousal opens the way for dirty talk, so you can tell her the things you know she likes.

Teasing her is an absolute necessity when you want to take her on high rides of orgasmic pleasure. You can do that in a number of ways. Teasing can start during the day, when you send her messages with some of the things you’d like to do to her. You can make her anticipate the moment you meet. During intercourse, you can repeatedly bring her on the brink of orgasm, just so you can gently take it away. This leads to a bigger and extended climax when she’s finally allowed to reach the finish line.

Pleasure is the goal you need to keep in mind. Don’t rush things and try to take things slow. If you start with oral sex you have great chances to tease her and to make her more and more aroused. You can go down gently and see how she reacts at your actions. You will feel that she’s close to an orgasm when her breath starts to intensify and when her muscles get tensed all over her body. If you slow down at this point, her breath will slow down as well. You can repeat this process and watch ask for more. When the time comes, let her get her big orgasm.

A single session can include more sexual acts and that can be very helpful for prolonged orgasms. It creates tension and arousal for both of you. You can go on to penetration and let her sit on top of you so she can have better control of the pressure and depth. While she moves you can use your fingers to rub her clitoris. Before reaching the climax, the clitoris is extremely sensitive and a gently touch will extend the pleasure to a whole minute.

The whole purpose of this act is pleasure. You and your partner will be more connected and she will see how much you want her to feel good in such moments spent with you. You will have a lot to gain, but orgasms are guaranteed. Always remember to focus on her and to watch her reactions. If you pay attention you will discover her and everything she enjoys. The sexual act will be an improvement with these things in mind and there’s no limit of what sensations you can achieve when you are open to new experiences.

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