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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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How to Give Her Multiple Orgasms - Alpha Male Nation

How to Give Her Multiple Orgasms

Do you want to give your lady the best time of her life during sex? Have you ever wanted to make her come so hard that she repeatedly forgets how to speak in amazement? Do you want to show her an entire night of unforgettable pleasure just because she deserves it? Though the female body can sometimes be a source of great mystery for most men, there are actually a few simple and highly effective tricks that could help you understand how to give her multiple orgasms in no time at all.

It’s no secret nowadays that having an accomplished sex life can not only be a great source of happiness for both people involved, but it can also strengthen their bond and reveal the amount of trust they have for each other. Nevertheless, the pleasure balance can sometimes be unfair for the ladies, since they presumably take longer and more ‘effort’ before climaxing. Even so, a true man will tend to his partner’s needs and desires, aiming to make her satisfaction as much of a priority as his own. In addition, women have the advantage of getting multiple orgasms, meaning both more pleasure and more pressure for the man to perform adequately. Understandably, this can lead up to a lot of stress for any individual, which then translates into the opposite case of performance issues.

This shouldn’t be the case during intercourse and it absolutely doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be pretty simple for a man to show his lover the time of her life by playing along with her body’s natural response to foreplay, main erogenous zones, and recovery time after orgasming. Thus, to make sure your times in bed are as good for her as they can be for you, here are the top 7 tips on how to effortlessly make your woman orgasm more than once during sex:

  1. Talk about it first – whether you’re married, in a committed relationship or just looking for a casual hook-up, communication is always key towards achieving sexual pleasure for both partners, but especially for her. Unlike men, women require more care and attention in order to climax, so make sure you will know in advance how to cater to all her needs and desires before actually getting her into bed. Don’t be shy about it ask her questions about what she likes or, more importantly, doesn’t necessarily like, inquire for directions on how she wants her body to be touched, etc. Not only will this give you an idea of how you should actually be making love to her, but it will further increase the level of confidence and closeness between the two of you. And we all know how very important it is for women to feel safe and understood with their partner, since this is the only way for them to really enjoy intimacy, thus ultimately leading to better sex and intense, repeated climaxing. So take your time to know her better and you’ll both only have to gain from this.
  1. Make sure you have a romantic setting – as previously stated, women need to feel surrounded by a pleasant environment and caring partner in order to peak sexually. As a result, you should put some thought and effort into all the parts which precede, include, and come after sex. For example, hold her in your arms, whisper into her ear, offer to give her a massage, pay attention to the way in which her body responds, and only then work from there. In addition, using the soft light of candles can really make it special, but also heighten your senses (both visual and olfactory). If you want to go all the way, sprinkle some rose petals over the bed to completely charm and entice her. It might seem like too much trouble ‘just for sex’, but remember that her pleasure means your pleasure as well. What is more, don’t presume that, if you’re already turned on, she is too – a little patience can go a long way, particularly when it comes to achieving orgasms, since all that built up tension will most definitely become a source of enjoyment later on. So wait for her to initiate intercourse rather than somehow force it onto her, otherwise climaxing might be completely off the table… for the both of you.
  1. Pay attention to foreplayif you consider yourself as being a true man, then you must surely know by now that women don’t climax solely from vaginal penetration. In fact, how you act during foreplay greatly influences how long you’ll actually last in bed and whether your partner will get multiple orgasms during intercourse or not. Thus, it is of the essence to know what her best erogenous zones are and to then stimulate them properly. These ‘sweet spots’ vary from woman to woman, but the most sensitive are the breasts and nipples, thighs, nape, the back of the ear, etc. While some women are really easily turned on by touching and making out, others take longer to ‘get in the mood’, so try different techniques. For instance, don’t jump directly from kissing to sex – instead, try stimulating her clitoris and G-spot (situated on the uppermost part of the vaginal entrance) with your hands and/ or tongue. Through this type of manual and oral stimulation, you will bring her to the brink of climaxing, but not all the way yet, which means you are more likely to offer her more than one orgasm during intercourse. In addition, you will have all the control over her satisfaction, with gradually intensifying moans and body language being your cue to deciding if she likes it or not.
  1. Build up the sexual tension – now that she’s properly relaxed and aroused, it’s inevitable for sexual pressure to accumulate, thereby leading up the way towards climaxing. Though your first impulse would be to continue down this path and make her reach that big “O” face, refrain from doing so. Instead, continue teasing her for a couple of times, by almost bringing her to the peak, then slowly reducing your stimulation rhythm, only to start all over again. Whisper nice things into her ear, hold her firmly by the waist, tease her breasts, lick the inside of her thighs, caress her collarbone and hips, maybe even grab a handful of her but while you’re at it – in short, get her on the verge of peaking, but not quite there yet. Why, you ask? Because, by bringing her to the edge of orgasming and then postponing that moment of release, you are actually helping to build up more pleasure for her actual moment of climax. As a result, her orgasms will not only be following more in a row, but they will be even better and more intense the more tension there is to be released.
  1. Switch around positions and techniques – they say that being adventurous in bed can only bring you good outcomes, but only if you and your partner actively communicate in deciding what is both comfortable and pleasurable for the pair of you. From the classic ‘missionary’ position to the more ‘risky’ Kama Sutra-style body placements, there are numerous variations to be explored during sex before then repeatedly getting that big ‘O’ face going on. It stands to be noted that you don’t have to have the biggest penis around to bring her pleasure – more importantly, it’s how your work it (and other additional techniques) that really matters. Also, the idea of mixing it up goes for other aspects of intercourse as well, such as oral and manual stimulation. Case and point: if you’ve found out that she’ll get a quick orgasm through vaginal/ G-spot/ clitoral arousal, then use that knowledge to your advantage and try using a different approach in order to make her come more than once. If any of these sweet spots is tender after climaxing, then give it some time to recover and focus on stimulating another area, because the nerve terminations can become particularly sensitive and even uncomfortable to further touching. Consequently, play around with different options and see what gets her ‘ticking’, so as to ensure multiple orgasming sessions.
  1. Don’t be afraid to use lubricants and sex toys – while the female vagina is designed to become adequately lubricated when aroused (to then naturally facilitate penetration), not all women will be able to maintain this level of ‘wetness’ during intercourse, especially if she’s climaxing more than once. Nevertheless, there are a variety of products currently available on the market to keep you both going all night long, from clear and simple lubes to scented and even flavoured ones. Word of caution: be careful when choosing a lube if you’re using a condom during sex, since some products might interfere with it (just to be sure, use water-based brands to avoid condom tearing or breaking). If you’re still on the mend about using lubricants, remember that any soreness occurring in the vaginal area can and will affect the quality of your sex, not to mention the likelihood of peaking for male and female partners alike. In which concerns sex toys, these could help you cover up more areas of stimulation at once; consider, for example, G-spot stimulators or vibrators to really get her going. You could even turn buying these items into a fun little adventure for the two of you, thus further assuring her that you are very dedicated to ensuring her pleasure and ultimate climaxing are reached.
  1. Take it slow and steady – as previously pointed out, having sex is more of a process than an accomplishment, with the real ‘prize’ being her climaxing, as well as your own. And, because she can experience multiple orgasms in one session, you should really consider putting on that extra effort in tending to her pleasure. Besides leaving her extremely satisfied and even more attracted to you than ever, you can bet that she will have no problem in ‘returning the favour’ and making sure you get only the very best out of sex too. So be on the lookout for both her verbal and non-verbal cues and leave your ego aside if need be. Allow her to recover after one orgasm before going in for the next one by doing some pillow talk, complimenting her appearance and performance equally. In the end, you’ll have her under your control more so than you’d have by means of pounding away into her vagina. In addition, you will definitely get your share of arousal while building up her tension, particularly if you’re turned on easily by seeing her body respond to your touches or her moaning out your name.

At this point, it’s safe to say that no man wants to find out a woman has faked an orgasm with him in bed, but all real men want to make sure their partner climaxes at least once during each intercourse session. In the end, it should be perfectly natural to want to make sure your lover is getting as much pleasure out of this as you are, especially since she has the ability to recover quickly and orgasm repeatedly during lovemaking. Nonetheless, this might become a source of extra pressure for men when it comes to performing between the sheets, but it really shouldn’t be. It turns out that giving her multiple orgasms is not a struggle as much as a form of collaboration between the two of you, one which will only end up in bursts of pleasure and satisfaction for both sides. The secret relies heavily in communication, observance, and dedication towards making her ‘O’ face one of your primary goals during sex.

Women’s bodies aren’t that much of a mystery as some make them out to be – all you have to do as a man is listen to what your female partner is saying, equally in words and in body language. Go slowly and patiently, mimic her body’s desires, and gradually learn what she likes and what makes her turn into a ball of tension and lust. By doing this and following all the guidelines carefully detailed above, you’ll have her screaming your name in no time…and more than once too!