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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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How to fix a patchy beard - Facial Hair Tips - Alpha Male Nation

How to fix a patchy beard

The easiest thing to get a beard is in the period in which it grows, those great weeks without shaving, watching and awaited the chin hair to grow longer, richer and fuller. Meanwhile, wellbeing flourishes and fills you with a warm glow, especially around the chin.

However, there are some problems in growing a beard. There are those hairs under the skin and itching that is inevitable, but once they pass, the biggest problem is how to prevent food and other items to be caught in your bushy beard.

Tips to fix patchy beard

First, you have to be patient. There is a short-term process, so need to be persistent to get the perfect beard. Although at first you feel the urge to mow your beard or a stylize it the first 4-6 weeks, it will become something that “you must not touch”. The reason is simple: hairs do not grow all the same – some grow faster, others slower. If you let the beard grow a little more, it will be easier to choose the right style for the length that you want.

Match your beard according to your face shape. After the first month in which you let the beard grow is the time to choose the right style for you. Guide yourself by the following:

  • If your face is round or has squarish features, let your chin hair longer and shorter on the sides;
  • If you have a long face, let your hair longer and shorter the edges on the bottom;
  • If you have an oval face, above both styles suit you and you can choose the one you prefer.

Currently on the market are produced only about 5 beard products that actually work: beard oil, beard conditioner, beard shampoo, beard wax and mustache wax. I will try to explain very briefly and for everybody about what each does and how to use it. I must say again here that in my view that an oil and a beard shampoo are essential to have a healthy beard.

  1. Beard oil

The main role of beard oil is to moisturize and nourish the beard. A beard hydrated and healthy in time will be more easily molded, will arrange more easily and unsightly hairs will easily begin to disappear. Be careful not to understand that beard oil has a styling role as it doesn’t stylize the beard at all, but hydrates it.

  • Try to make your own beard oil! You need three base oils: castor, jojoba and tea tree. In addition, you can add one for the smell. Castor oil is known for its beneficial action on the hair. It nourishes and helps in faster growth. Jojoba oil, also helps the feeding of hair and in addition helps to regulate sebum excess. It can be replaced with coconut oil. Tea tree oil is an excellent antibacterial and antiseptic, cleanses and purifies the hair, and skin. For some smell, you are free to choose from a very diverse range. From classic strong smell of mint, oregano, rosemary or cinnamon to the smell of lavender or almond. Here you choose according to your beard personality. Note, however, that such oils are highly concentrated, a few drops are sufficient to flavor a large amount of liquid. I have not met a particular recipe. Depending on what you want from the oil you prepare, establish the proportions. If you need to grow your hair faster, put more castor oil. If instead you are dealing with excess sebum, you can put more jojoba oil. The only thing which I recommend is to consider the oil odor. Do not put more than 3-4 drops. It is usually highly concentrated and you do not need too much of a strong odor. Otherwise you risk not distinguish other smell. I advise you to try at home preparation of such oil. Your beard will say thank you and you will be happier. You’ll be able to arrange it the way you want, it will be softer and more pleasant to the touch. Besides, oil is good for the skin and the beard area.
  1. Beard conditioner

Basically beard conditioner do the same fix as oil, the main role being to hydration. It has the form of a cream, the conditioner also stylizes a little the beard, but in a very small extent. Beard conditioner is especially suitable for use on large beards and as compared to oil, it can be spread more easily throughout hair. To moisturize a big beard with oil you will probably need 2-3 pumps, while balm once heated in the palm, it can spread all over the beard, and requires a much smaller amount.

  • Action: stiffens the hair, keeping it in shape. Beard turns into a true work of art!
  • Usage: rub a little balm with your fingernail, rub it in your palms until it “melts” and apply on the beard. After application, the beard is arranged as desired. Does not require heating.
  • Appearance and consistency: unlike other similar products on the market, the balm has a caramel brown color. Why is the color like that? Because a yellowish white conditioner can leave traces in the beard, while a dark fabric is much less visible, being suitable for any color of the hair.

Balm for the beard, softens and disciplines the beard, with an anti-static effect. The beard will be pleasant to the touch, with a natural and smooth touch. It prevents skin dryness and irritation.

  • Instructions: Take a small amount of product, apply and arrange the beard.
  1. Beard shampoo

Beard shampoo from my point of view is by far the most important product for the beard. It is extremely important that the beard is clean, leaving your decision then if you add a hydrating or a styling product. I often hear the question “What is the difference between a certain shampoo and a shampoo for the beard?”. The answer is very simple, the scalp tends to be oily much faster and louder than facial skin, which is why most hair shampoos have a high degreasing power. For this reason a beard hair shampoo applied will degrease including natural oils of beard, which will result in a rough and bristly beard. Therefore, if you do not have a beard shampoo is better not to use shampoo at all, just use water to wash the beard. You can try these recipes for homemade shampoo specifically for beard, it will not only maintain it, but also it will straighten it:

Here’s what ingredients you need for one of the three recipes for homemade shampoo:

  • Soap: 100 grams made from of olive oil.
  • 15 grams of rosemary.
  • 15 grams of sage.
  • 15 grams of nettles
  • a few drops of oil of lavender.

Preparation for homemade shampoo for oily hair: mix the plants in a jar with lavender oil. Boil 2 cups of water. Add the herb mixture then stop the fire, cover the pot and wait 30-45 minutes. Strain the mixture into a clean bowl. Finally, add soap in liquid form over infusion of herbs and mix well.

Here are the ingredients for the second one:

  • 1 tablespoon of natural soap flakes.
  • 1 tablespoon of borax( this product can be found in pharmacies).

Preparation for one of the three recipes for homemade shampoo for oily hair: mix ingredients in a bowl and then pour the mixture into an old bottle of shampoo.

Vinegar shampoo: homemade shampoo will not be as consistent as the purchased ones, but you certainly will have a perfectly clean beard. Here’s what you need for the last recipe for homemade shampoo for oily hair:

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda.
  • 450 ml hot water.
  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Preparation for the last recipe for homemade shampoo for oily hair: mix baking soda with half the amount of hot water and stir until it dissolves it. Separately, mix the remaining water with vinegar. Put each mixture into each bowl or into an empty bottle.

  1. Beard wax and mustache wax

These two products are particularly for styling. It takes some time until a beard will be so healthy that it will have an acceptable form which is why a number of styling products are needed. Their role is to arrange somewhat out of the beard rebel hairs providing a strong fixation of hair. They are mainly made from beeswax and does not cause any beard or facial damage.

  1. Advice for trimming beards!

When it comes to style facial hair we must take into account several factors such as age, conformation, professional environment. That does not mean you have to limit yourself to one style. Only by experiencing you’ll find something to your liking. The men who wear beards may look good as long as the facial hair is arranged. If you have areas where you do not grow facial hair then you need to shave. Not every man with a beard suits him, but we must remember a few rules. The beard must not exceed a few centimeters. There are many who look good with a beard of several days. If you’re young or have youthful features, beard will help you look more mature. This can be a benefit in many situations. In the first year of college, my colleagues have been asked almost every time if they have their ID when entering the club to verify their age. I escaped each time because of my beard. Such a beard can mask some imperfections such as marks, acne, etc.

To have this kind of beard a few days, it has to be maintained almost daily or every other day depending on how quickly it grows. All you need is a special trimming machine for your beard. Pay attention to the length of facial hair because the ultimate goal is to look mature and masculine.

Longer beard better suits older men. Beak with mustache can be attractive if they are maintained daily. Apart from the fact that we maintain it almost daily, remember that you have to shave almost daily in areas near it, so you will keep the same shape.

The nose and beard. There is a way to arrange your beard and that is to unite your  sideburns with your beak. This extension of the sideburn can be achieved by a thin line, but it is necessary to have a common facial hair and dark as well. You must have a short beard to look better.

Long sideburns. This kind of beard is the most difficult to maintain because this extension must be maintained and in addition you have to shave almost every day. This beard is not recommended for those working in the professional field. I do not recommend this kind of arrangement because it does not look good at work and beyond. In addition, there is no advantage.

How to arrange your beard if you have round face: for those with a round face, it is more appropriate to let it a little longer at the bottom of the chin to lengthen the face. The edges of the beard should be brief. Beard and mustache combination is more suitable for men with round face.

How to arrange your beard if you have a long face: it is the opposite of round face and you need a wide beard so that your face would not seem so elongated.

How to arrange your beard if you have a square face: if you fit into this category then a combination of a beard and mustache will be the lead.

How to arrange your beard if you have a small  face: if you fit into this category then the beard should be brief since it should be proportional to your face.

How to arrange your beard if you have an oval face: if you are in this category, then you can consider yourself lucky. Any type of beard will be nice. Do not forget that you have one face and so many opportunities.

  1. Things to consider when you desire your perfect beard

Invest in a decent beard trimmer. In the early stages of beard, it can stimulate hair growth while keeping a uniform and pleasant aspect. It is recommended to use the trimmer in this phase of beard as often as possible because as it grows, will be harder to trim/cut. When the beard catch a shape and it begins to grow in size is recommended to cancel the trimmer and to start making roads to the nearest barbershop. Avoid those barbershops where the barbers do not use scissors, because a big beard must be trimmed most by scissors.

Care products. Do not overdo with the care products. It may seem strange from a barbershop to say this but excessive use of these products may harm the beard. Below we present five simple steps on how to use care products for your beard.

Step 1. Wash your beard with a beard shampoo 2-3 times a week. Rub the shampoo so well to reach the hair roots, leave it on for a few minutes to act and rinse with warm water and wipe with a towel.

Step 2. After drying, apply a few drops of beard oil. It helps to nourish the hair and hydrate. Like in case of shampooing you insist until it reaches the roots.

Step 3. Comb your beard. Do this from the outside and from top to bottom using a comb that is anti-static, wooden items are preferred.

Step 4. If the beard is somewhat larger( 2-3 cm), apply a small amount of beard wax or beard balm. These products keep the beard in the desired shape and have an attachment role.

Step 5. Do not play in the beard. These products are absorbed by the hair, a slightly longer time playing in the beard, you risk that your fingers will take all the oils from the products.

Other things to consider. You will never have a healthy beard without a healthy lifestyle. Avoid as much as can products with high sugar content. Instead eat products with high content of natural fats like avocados, nuts, olive oil etc. You can also use and various supplements such as Omega 3 or a multivitamin complex.

  1. Reasons to wear an impeccable beard!

Facial hair – a natural barrier against harmful sun rays. Apart from highly regarded sunscreen, beard could provide additional protection against the harmful effects of sunlight and prevent men from the dreaded skin cancer, says a study conducted by American researchers.

Whiskers that are in the lower area of the nose, can act to prevent the penetration of allergens in the airways, and thus prevents the inhalation of these particles to the lung by improving those asthma symptoms.

Beard slows premature skin aging. Facial hair can help maintain skin hydration, while protecting it from the wind and cold, which can disrupt the skin barrier protection and can dry it. Hair follicles from skin helps create an optimal environment for the sebaceous glands to secrete protective oils, which aim to balance the skin’s pH.

  1. How to create a balbo beard

Creating a beard Balbo:

  1. With such a style of beard, the easier it is to shave your mustaches first. If you have a beard, you can let your hair around the mouth and chin to grow long: otherwise, you can trim it evenly( at a length of 3-5mm) with a trimmer.
  2. An accessory can create a precision contour for the balbo beard, which should be wide, 2-3 cm below the center of the lower lip, then it will descend on a curved shape and will extend on 6 inches in chin’s sides.
  3. Carefully start to shave the outer edges of your beard and moves inward to remove hairs in between the corners of the mouth and goatee. This creates a rectangular shape that is also found in the outline style. Make sure you leave a rectangle in the middle of the beard, which connects the lower lip and goatee.
  4. Still using a precision accessory creates a small space in the middle of your mustache. Then, clip the mustache top at an angle that follows the natural lip line, to the corner of the mouth. Leave a strip of hair of 5-10 mm wide. Finish the handlebar mustache combing it outwards, and twisting the ends, using wax.
  5. Shave your full cheeks and chin with a device with rotating head by line, circular movements. Use a little shaver to remove hairs around the edges of the beard and mustache.

Arranging / care the balbo beard

You’ll have to shave regularly and keep your beard contoured edges with a razor precision. Daily arrangement with wax is also required.

It is hard not to admire the craftsmanship needed to create a Balbo beard. The Balbo beard is actually a combination între goatee, a contour beard and a mustache in a handlebar shape. Only true masters, dedicated to the art sculpture of facial hair, should try a style Balbo unaided. You will need to have a sufficiently large beard before you start. Remember that the chin with the beard Balbo will be accentuated, so it will fit best to square or round figures.

And as a final advice from doctor Allan Peterkin: Beard should be washed regularly, as often as you wash your hair. For the cleaning of the beard, you can use the same products that we use for the scalp, although they should have an average concentration to reduce the risk of irritation and excessive drying. There are products specifically designed for facial hair.

 If you have a problem with the beard dandruff, anti-dandruff shampoo, slightly diluted, it can be helpful. Using a sufficient amount of shampoo, massage your beard until you get enough foam. Massaging your skin will release debris and dry skin, will remove grease and will tone your skin. Rinse thoroughly, making sure all the shampoo has been removed. Insufficient rinsing will cause itching, dry skin and create a clogged appearance. If you want, you can apply conditioner and rinse thoroughly.

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